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Playthrough: “Restricted” from Alpha Wolf!

Once again raiding the archives that you get unlimited access to if you sign up for their Patreon, Australian Nu-Metalcore Kings Alpha Wolf have picked a playthrough video for “Restricted” for our viewing pleasure. Here’s a rig rundown for the guitars: Sabian Lynch plays an Ibanez RGD61ALET with Ernie Ball 10-74 strings in FDGCFA tuning

Playthrough: “Ruthless” from Nonpoint!

As Fort Lauderdale Florida Nu-Metallers Nonpoint continue with their plan having gone independent, drummer Robb Rivera has been given the license to break out with a playthrough video for the first single of this new dawn in “Ruthless“. The latest wave of show announcements from them sees dates with Saul, Dropout Kings, Any Given Sin,

Playthrough: “Pest” from Decapitated!

Dedicated drum cam footage of James Stewart blasting his way through “Pest” with Decapitated on stage at Louder Fest Open Air 2021 just a couple of days ago is music to our ears and you shouldn’t need us to tell you that the band have their 25th Anniversary next year. That will be celebrated with

Playthrough: “Ape” from After Smoke Clears!

Following the journey of destruction to self realisation that is debut album “Edification“, After Smoke Clears guitarist Alessandro Legname has tried his hand as “Ape” by Jinjer, perhaps trying to persuade the other members of the London Groove Metal outfit that it is one they need in their set. Their next outing will be at

Playthrough: “Unsympathetic Intellect” from Rings Of Saturn!

Proudly endorsing Scorpion Percussion Sticks, Footblaster Kick Trigger and Czarcie Krypto Pedals, Mike Caputo has shared dedicated drum cam footage of his performance of “Unsympathetic Intellect” from the set of Rings Of Saturn that took place in February 2020 at Manchester Rebellion during the “Gidim” European tour. Having witnessed the onslaught ourselves at London’s Camden

Playthrough: “Boy” from Ten56.!

Switching the Symphonic Death Metal of Betraying The Martyrs for the Nu-Deathcore of his own project ten56. may have come as something of a surprise move from vocalist Aaron Matts but having landed a two killer cuts in “Diazepam” and “Boy“, it seems that trusting his gut instinct and taking the path less traveled was

Playthrough: “Artificial Breath” from Orbstruct!

Following the announcement earlier this week that Ukrainian Death Metallers Orbstruct have set 22nd September as the release date for their sophomore album “Deimos Falling“, the band have shared a guitar playthrough video for a new song to follow first single “Mercury Turn“. Filmed at Creature From The Deep Studio, the video sees Goreon and

Playthrough: “Spreading Lies” from Deathcraeft!

Celebrating inking a deal in blood with WormHoleDeath Records for the re-release of their album “On Human Devolution“, Deathcraeft have allowed drummer Christos Doukas out of his straight jacket to perform a playthrough video for “Spreading Lies“. The Greek Thrash infused Death Metallers created the album as a concept release influenced by H.P. Lovecraft’s writings

Playthrough: “High Tide” from No Light Escapes!

Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, No Light Escapes changed their name from Technical Damage before releasing their recent album “The Purity Of Grief” which was recorded by Tim Creviston (Spiritbox, Misery Signals). Taking the title of single “High Tide” literally, they’ve filmed a playthrough video for the song that has an incredibly high string count

Playthrough: “Messiah” from Red Method!

Red Method have let guitarist David Tobin out of the basement for a guitar playthrough video for “Messiah” using the STL Tones Amphub Plugin that was edited by Quinton Lucion. They’ve announced The Devils Trident tour for November and December this year that will see them reciting the mantras of “For The Sick” while being