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Playthrough: “Myoclonic” by Isolate!

It’s time for something of a celebration as Leeds Post-Metalcore outfit Isolate have got a LOT of friends together to learn the guitar parts of their recent single “Myoclonic” for a truly unique and special playthrough video. Who are they? Well aside from a clutch of guitarists not linked to a band currently, you’ve also

Playthrough: “EVLN” from Aristic!

The run of singles following debut album “Dimensions” from Aristic, the one man solo project of Swedish multi instrumentalist Niklas Runstad continued in February as he was joined by Lukas Andersson, vocalist of Zero Horizon for “EVLN” (short for “Evolution“) and it’s a Progressive Tech-Metal classic. So after a music video it’s only logical that a

Playthrough: “Invasion” from Rings Of Saturn!

Using tones from the Soldano SLO-100 Suite Plugin by Neural DSP, Rings Of Saturn guitarist Lucas Mann has given us a playthrough video for “Invasion” from the 10th Anniversary edition of “Embryonic Anomaly“. A live beast, the Aliencore act are set to decimate Dynamo Metal Fest in Eindhoven Netherlands at the end of August before

Playthrough: “You Are All You Need” from While She Sleeps!

With fifth album “Sleeps Society” out next weekend via Spinefarm Records, guitarist Sean Long has taken a minute to give us a playthrough video for “You Are All You Need” from the record on a custom Charvel guitar using EMG Pickups, 57/66, D’addario Strings and Marshall Amps in Drop D tuning (DADGBE) and incase you

Playthrough: “The Collection” from Signs of the Swarm!

Getting the throat of Kublai Khan vocalist Matt Honeycutt to guest on a track is one thing but getting him AND Nick Arthur from Molotov Solution is just a whole new level of pain for our eardrums to ensure but we love it and Signs of the Swarm know it. That’s why they’re in the

Playthrough: “Bloodthirster” from Angelmaker!

The return of Angelmaker to our shores with Shadow of Intent, Aversions Crow and The Last Ten Seconds of Life which was rescheduled for January 2022 means that the Melodic Deathcore outfit from Vancouver Canada will indeed be squeezing out a new album between now and then. The band have let guitarist Colton Bennett out

Playthrough: “Vermin” from Lotus Eater!

Now that the re-tooled Gloom Metal pioneers Lotus Eater have announced themselves with a brand new single in “Vermin“, drummer Cameron Humphrey has been caught on camera playing the track through as live in a single take and if you’re thinking there is something familiar about him, that Leopard hair style was once the choice

Playthrough: “Ringleader” from Stray From The Path!

If you missed it, a short while ago Beartooth announced a European tour trek with Motionless in White and Stray From The Path for February 2022 that will see the bands play some larger venues. So Stray drummer Craig Reynolds is keeping himself in shape and ready to go for when that happens with a

Playthrough: “Epiphany” from Vexed!

“There’s a war inside of me, it’s impossible to see how any outcome ends in victory” ~ Megan Targett As with first single “Hideous“, the sophomore one “Epiphany” has also been given the red carpet treatment with a guitar playthrough video from eight string Deathcore Merchant Jay Bacon. It comes as Vexed continue to build

Playthrough: “The Autopsy” from Profanity!

When we reviewed the Death Metal masterpiece that is “Fragments of Solace” by Profanity one of the more eyebrow raising things about it was that former bassist Martl Bauer inked all the lyrics as well as making a guest appearance on “Where Forever Starts“. So when it comes to the album, he’s like a ghost