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Playthrough: New Spoil Engine riffs!

Amazingly, the change to hear some new Spoil Engine material has been provided to us by of all people Gojira. The Frenchmen launched their new Neural DSP plugin and passed it to Steven ‘gaze’ Sanders, the sole remaining founding member of the Belgian Groove Metal act, the first from their nation to sign for Roadrunner

Playthrough: “Death ‘n’ Destruction” from Soul Dragger!

Romans Soul Dragger have been working their way through their self titled album in playthrough video form with sticksman Flavio “Imperatore” Leone regularly in the practice room for dedicated drum cam footage. This weeks choice is “Death ‘n’ Destruction” from the Time To Kill Records released album which will reach its first Anniversary next month.

Playthrough: “Sworn Oath” from Sepultura!

Dedicated drum cam footage of Sepultura sticksman Eloy Casagrande performing “Sworn Oath” in Dublin Ireland on 15th March 2018, from his personal archive has surfaced. The song appears in original form on the bands fourteenth studio album “Machine Messiah” which has reached its fourth anniversary milestone. Sadly as yet there is no UK date on

Playthrough: “Temple of Talgaroth” from Distant!

Bone crushing Rotterdamn Downtempo Deathcore collective Distant are continuing the promotional cycle for their Unique Leader Records album “Dawn of Corruption” with a guitar playthrough for “Temple of Talgaroth“. Former Rising Conflict guitarist Eise Smit joined the band alongside new drummer Jan Mato, formerly of Shrill Whispers early in 2020 and both deliver impressive displays

Playthrough: “Void” by Bloodbather!

Bareknuckle Pickups Warpig Ceramic Bridge on an ESP Limited Edition Black Metal guitar with 10-52 gauge strings and the STL Putney SIM is how Rise Records Broward County Californian Deathcore act Bloodbather achieve the tone they used for October 2020 EP “Silence“. Here’s a playthrough for single “Void” for they can show you how it’s

Playthrough: “Forgotten to Rot” from Aois Innealan!

Rewinding the tape back to October 2020, South African Industrial Black Metal solo act Aois Innealan has chosen “Forgotten to Rot” from debut EP “Colossus” for the first playthrough video from the project. A fine choice, despite not one but two singles appearing subsequently and if you missed our recent chat with Daniel Botha, feel

Playthrough: “Negative Creep” from Cultus Black!

Back in August 2020 a band said to feature former members of Motogrator going by the name Cultus Black premiered a beefed up cover of “Negative Creep” by Nirvana while recording a debut album with producer James Paul Wisner (Underoath, Hands Like Houses, Paramore). From out of nowhere the masked men have premiered a bass

Playthrough: “Damnatio Memoriae” from Soul Dragger!

Self styled Italian Thrash n’ Heavy mob Soul Dragger have been entertaining us with a selection of classic covers of songs by Slayer, Iron Maiden and Lamb Of God of late so the return of their Roman Centurion sticksman Flavio “Imperatore” Leone back to the practice room for this dedicated drum cam footage of their

Playthrough: “Blessed Be” from Faces of Eve!

Having treated us to playthrough cover of “Harm” by Humanity’s Last Breath a couple days ago, Faces of Eve bassist Owen Morris is back with his take on “Blessed Be” by Spiritbox. He’s using and Ibanez BTB705DX 5 string sized with .160 .120 .90 .67 .50 in F, C, F, A#, D# tuning on Darkglass

Playthrough: “Wearing Thin” from Hollow Front!

Brandon Rummler and Dakota Alvarez from Grand Rapids Michigan Metalcore outfit Hollow Front have got together for a bass and guitar playthrough of “Wearing Thin” from their album “Loose Threads” which is available as the bands first vinyl pressing until 25th February 2021. They’ll be back in the studio in March to record a new