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Playthrough: “Glass House” from Fallujah!

Powerhouse sticksman Andrew Baird delivers the goods on “Undying Light” and especially on “Glass House” which he’s recorded a drum playthrough for that Nuclear Blast have released today. They’ll be upon our shores with stops in Manchester and London as part of the 25th Anniversary of Darkest Hour European Tour!

Playthrough: “The Modern Rage” from Kadinja!

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? Amazingly it’s been almost twelve months to the day since French DJentlemen Kadinja released “Super 90” and guitarist Quentin Godet has returned to it for a playthrough of “The Modern Rage“. That wasn’t all for Kadinja in 2019 however as they paid homage to the Nu-Metal era with

Playthrough: “Serenity” by The Uncharted!

Guitarist duo Josh Finch and Joe Pronini from Gloucestershire Progressive Melodic Metalcore outfit The Uncharted have been filmed for a playthrough of the bands latest single “Serenity“. They’ll be on the Amped Road Trip in March with Cabin Boy Jumped Ship and Red Method (in conjunction with the release of their debut album “For The

Playthrough: “Diluvium” from Obscura!

Gearing up for a February European Trek, Germans Obscura have let drummer Sebastian Lancer out of rehearsals to record a playthrough video for the title track of their current album “Diluvium“. The Progressive Death Metallers are going to be recording a follow up once this run finishes in March and we can’t wait!

Playthrough: “Russian Roulette” from Alpha Wolf!

Australian powerhouse Alpha Wolf are back in the studio and having landed an “Fault” on our Top #5 Best EPs of 2019. We’re hopeful of a full album. Pro-Shot during their run on the Impericon Never Say Die! Tour in Leipzig Germany on 17th November, here’s drum cam footage of Mitch Fogarty performing the brilliant

Playthrough: “Crown of Nails” from Signs of the Swarm!

What price the return of Alex Kohler to Deathcore? The triangle would be completed with CJ McCreery now out of Lorna Shore to if Kohler made a surprise return to replace the man than replaced him in Chelsea Grin. Now that would be something, wouldn’t it? Rebuilding with David Simonich after CJ McCreery left them

Playthrough: “Antler’s Decay” by Unprocessed!

Germans Unprocessed will surely be back on the European Festival circuit this summer, continuing their rise to prominence and bolstering the sales of Long Branch Records. Perhaps with “Covenant” and “Artificial Void” underneath their belts they may settle for a tour in the US in support of a major player like Dream Theatre or Periphery.

Playthrough: “I Am God” from Bite The Goat!

Saint Petersburg, Russia is home to Bite The Goat, a Progressive Deathcore act that embrace Technical aspects with their full length October 2019 released debut “Goatapocalypse” which is available over at bandcamp. They have put together this 8 string festival of a guitar playthrough for “I Am God” to demonstrate the power of their inner

Playthrough: “Forever Marked” from Currents!

When May and “The Death Of Me” tour lands it’s Viking Long Ship upon our shores, we’ll be honest and say we don’t know which of the bands on the bill we’re looking forward to seeing the most. Polaris, Varials, Currents and Alpha Wolf has to go down as an impressive collection in anyone’s book.