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Playthrough: Obscura signature ESP guitar demo!

They maybe expensive but when an artist gets the opportunity to do a signature model with a manufacturer, it’s a career milestone. Here’s a video of Obscura guitarist and vocalist Steffen Kummerer demoing his new ESP Custom Guitar. For those not in the know, Kummerer saw a mass exodus of members a the end of

Playthrough: Full set from Earth Crisis!

There are underrated seminal bands and then there is Earth Crisis. Don’t get us started; but lets say this. Earth Crisis are one of the bands who created the Metalcore sound; lets leave it at that. Here’s dedicated drum cam footage of  Dennis Merrick from the bands set on 21st December 2019 at Reverb in

Playthrough: Full set from Jesus Piece!

Another set of dedicated drum cam footage of Jesus Piece sticksman Luis Aponte has appeared, this time courtesy of hate5six. The show took place on 21st December 2019 at Reverb in Reading, PA with a seperate full show bootleg already out there. We can not wait for a follow up to 2018’s “Only Self” to

Playthrough: “F*** You In The Head” from Sore Teeth!

That’s right. By special request, Sore Teeth guitarist and vocalist Ross Walker has recorded a guitar playthrough video for “F*** You In The Head“. The bands infections crossover style has seen two albums and an EP since 2017 with “Revolution” being the one that this song appears on. How much Thrash Impact do you get

Playthrough: “Anthelion” from Every Hour Kills!

Sometimes when a guest who isn’t a vocalist makes an appearance on a bands track, it can be hard to tell what they are putting down. So to get around that, Threat Signal guitarist Travis Montgomery has recorded a playthrough video of the solo that he laid down for “Anthelion” for Every Hour Kills. The

Playthrough: “Present” by Carcosa!

When Canadian Deathcore collective Galactic Pegasus dissolved, no one expected the core of the band to return so soon. The axis of evil that is 8 string merchant Andrew Baena is joined by Johnny Ciardullo of Angelmaker fame in Carcosa and if you’ve not heard their music before, this playthrough of “Present” from their debut

Playthrough: “Inadequate” from Rings of Saturn!

When it comes to an initiation into a band, there can’t be many longer than that of Mike Caputo. He’s been playing drums live with Rings of Saturn for two years before finally being announced as a full time member of the Technical Deathcore brutes. So he’s popped the cork on a bottle of Champagne

Playthrough: “Overlord” from Buried Realm!

When it comes to multi instrumentalists and virtuoso Guitarists there aren’t many better than Josh Drummer with his project Buried Realm. He’s recorded this guitar playthrough video for “Overlord“, the album version of which appears on “Embodiment of the Divine” and features a guest appearance from Andy Million of Mors Principium Est.

Playthrough: “Silence In The Age Of Apes” from Avatar!

Believe it our not, our eyes were opened to the Avatar World thanks to the recommendation of one Matt Heafy of Trivium fame. His praise for the band turned us onto their new album “Hunter Gatherer” and the rest is… well history. It may not be part of their sick riffs series but this new

Playthrough: “It Lives, It Breathes” from Dweller!

A couple of weeks back Rory Bond and Andy Holt aka the guitarist duo from Melbourne Australia’s Dweller gave us a guitar playthrough video for “Ravenous” and now they’re back. This time out, the pair have chosen “It Lives, It Breathes” from their EP “White Rabbit” which was Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Dunne (Wage