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Playthrough: “A Valediction” from Obscura!

Ahead of their US tour German Progressive Technical Death Metallers Obscura have taken a moment from their busy rehearsal schedule to let mastermind Steffen Kummerer record a playthrough video for the title track. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be able to play the cut after watching the video, the band have

Playthrough: “Deadlock” from InVisions!

All too often we use phrases like highly anticipated but when it comes to “Deadlock“, the third album from York Deathcore collective InVisions, never has a truer word been spoken. Friday 11th February is the date for diaries with the band sharing a guitar playthrough video for the album title track that sees them use

Playthrough: “Colossus” from Jinjer!

Brand new footage of Eugene Abdukhanov performing “Colossus” during soundcheck in Nashville, Tennessee stop of the tour that saw Jinjer break the shackles of lockdown in December 2021 at take the US by storm with a tour that saw them joined by Suicide Silence and All Hail The Yeti? Absolutely! Eugene comments: “Colossus is one

Playthrough: “Silence The Sorrow” from Befell!

One of those records that we can’t speak highly enough of is “Grave Of The Condemed King” by Befell, one released on New Year’s Day via Kingside Records (Sore Teeth, Hounds, Deadwood), it sees the Metalcore merchants rise to a new plain of existence. We’ve got a couple of exclusive interviews with them in the

Playthrough: “Godeater” from Moon Reaper!

Some 5 months after they released the music video for it, Bristol Doom, Black, Death, Groove, Post, Sludge and Hardcore act Moon Reaper have shared a vocal one take playthrough video with 7 string guitarist and vocalist Morgan Cradick tearing down the walls of “Godeater“. In November they announced the amicable departure of their drummer

Playthrough: “The Forbidden Land” from Deathless!

Armed with a Schecter C-1 Artists Limited Edition a Seymour Duncan JB Jazz pickup set, D’Addario 11-56 XL strings and a gravity sunrise 2mm plectrum, Winchester Virginia Melodic Death Metallers Deathless have shared a guitar playthrough video for 2021 single “The Forbidden Land“. Uniquely available as a guitarists bundle over at bandcamp that  includes accurate

Playthrough: “Carved Out” from Rituals!

It’s been a meteoric rise for Newcastle quartet Rituals since 2019 with a trio of impressive singles putting them firmly on the map before  their EP “Awake” landed, a Metalcore ripper with a few embellishments of Post-Hardcore for good measure. They’ve given their drummer a moment in the limelight for a playthrough video for “Carved

Playthrough: “Tartarus” from Karybdis!

Inspired by Gustav Holst’s ‘The Planets’ suite, “Order and Chaos” explores classical themes and melodies reimagined through a Death Metal lens as seen by London Kings Karybdis  for what a supreme concept record. They’ve shared a playthrough video for “Tartarus” that demonstrates the prowess of drummer Mitch McGugan who also plays the violin. If you

Playthrough: “Damaged Art” from Hidden Figures!

Celebrating their most recent single “Damaged Art” which features Ricky Armellino of Ice Nine Kills fame, Hidden Figures have dropped a guitar playthrough for the track from their Worcester Massachusetts home. Armellino worked with the band in the studio for the recording of their debut album “For The Both Of Us“, which also includes a guest