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NEWS: The Eternal hear the silence of death…

Introducing a new line up and a new album, Australian and Finnish Dark Metal act The Eternal have shared “Deathlike Silence“. It finds Amorphis drummer Jan Rechberger and former Amorphis and current Flat Earth bassist Niclas Etelävuori forming their new rhythmic backbone ahead of the 28th June release of album “Skinwalker“. It seems evolution is

NEWS: Eigenstate Zero read from the black book…

Having left an impression in Progressive Death Metal with debut album “Machinery Of Night” last year, Eigenstate Zero, the project of multi instrumentalist and vocalist Christian Ludvigsson have shared “Black Pages“. A new single and a sample as it were from his forthcoming album “The Malthusian” out 17th  May, the anticipation is of more with

NEWS: Amiensus reclaim their amplifiers?

US Progressive Black Metal band Amiensus, who feature in their ranks members of Ghost Bath and Chrome Waves, have shared a third single “Senses Amplified” from “Reclamation: Part 1“. An album which is limited to just 300 Turquoise Blue vinyl copies, it drops via M-Theory Audio on 26th April. Neither Daredevil or Ben Affleck were

NEWS: Esodic continue their reign of darkness…

Featuring guest appearances from Entheos vocalist Chaney Crabb and drummer Navene Koperweis alongside footage from The Devil’s Dozen under licence from Lions Gate Films in the lyric video, Esodic have shared “Reign” from their upcoming EP “De Facto De Jure“. The Middle East Death Thrash purveyors will be distributing that on 22nd May, reflect their

NEWS: Another disaster from Exodus?

One of a whole host of things that have never made much sense to us is why bands choose to relive their so called golden years and release a live album recorded more than two decades ago rather than one from their most recent tour. But never the less Thrash Metal overlords Exodus have decided

NEWS: Miruthan reach the barricades…

A second virgin sacrifice of four has been made from “Cult Of The Dead” by Australian Dark Folklore and Blackened Death Metal collective Miruthan. “At The Barricades” follows “Land of the Damned” out from hells gate, the lyrics serving as a gateway into a larger narrative, where comradeship thrives amidst the shadows of evil. No

NEWS: Daath begin the ascent…

Go big or go home has been the mantra of the returning Daath and with that in mind they have guest guitar solos across numerous tracks by Dan Sugarman (Ice Nine Kills), Jeff Loomis (Nevermore, Arch Enemy), Mark Holcomb (Periphery), Dean Lamb (Archspire), Per Nilsson, (Scar Symmetry, Meshuggah), and Spiro Dussias (Platonist), with renowned video

NEWS: August Burns Red go in search of rubber gloves…

There are going to be a few like us who get caught out by the name of this new cut because in this instance, “The Cleansing” isn’t a cover of a song by Riverside Californian Deathcore brutes Suicide Silence. Instead it’s a brand new cut and arguably the darkest from August Burns Red who are

NEWS: Its Gimmicks and Lies for Sunfall!

In what has to be something of a rarity, the album release show for “Les Morts Sont Nés Ici” (or “The dead were born here“), the debut album from Nu-Core masters Sunfall will take place at the venue the band first played a show in anger one day before the record drops. The show will

NEWS: In Hearts Wake: It’s Not Goodbye It’s Au Revoir?

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Josh Schroeder (Battlecross, Lorna Shore, King 810), a final song to feature bassist and clean vocalist Kyle Erich as part of Australian Metalcore powerhouse In Hearts Wake has premiered in the fittingly titled “Farewell“. Erich will step down after 12 years in the band at the end of an Australian