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NEWS: Novelists feel like… “Somebody Else” (Again)?!

Shot on the first half of their current tour run with Being As An Ocean and edited on the tour bus by Alexis Fontaine, Parisian DJentlemen Novelists are streaming a video for the previously heard “Somebody Else”. The track will appear alongside the debut single “Head Rush” upon the bands 24th January third album “C’est

NEWS: Kataklysm streaming “The Last Breath I’ll Take Is Yours”!

From their 13th studio album “Mediations” out now via Nuclear Blast, Kataklysm are streaming “The Last Breath I’ll Take Is Yours”, complete with John Carpenter inspired artwork. They’ll be headlining this year’s incarnation it the MTV Headbangers Ball Tour which will decimate the Camden Electric Ballroom on 5th December!

NEWS: Cutting Teeth sharpen up for Black Tongue!

Tick, tock goes the Grandfather Clock. It’s counting down the seconds before Leeds Hardcore quartet Cutting Teeth hit the road with Black Tongue at the end of November and the beginning of December. Before that happens their new 5 track EP “Fracture/Decompose” will be out on 22nd November just in time for you to get

NEWS: Once Human take the Sledgehammer…

After Logan Mader completes the 25th Anniversary Tour for “Burn My Eyes” with Machine Head, it will be back to the daily grind. Though when your 9-5 is a band of the stature of Once Human, it can’t be all bad, can it?! They’re teasing new material for 2020 with a single and music video

NEWS: It’s a Wrong Move if it ends up with a Slow Death!

Albany, New York Hardcore act Wrong Move has been the local band on the bill for the likes of Vein, Terror and Hoods of late, their story beginning on 2016. They write fast aggressive tracks without the abrasive Deathcore leanings of some of their heavier counterparts. Here’s single “Slow Death” for your listening pleasure. Here’s

NEWS: Artificial Pathogen tap up Ben Mason!

Artificial Pathogen, a 5 piece Deathcore Slam band hailing from Glasgow, Scotland and Canada have “The Plagueborne Chronicles” in the works for an early 2020 appearance. The album has been Mixed & Mastered by Bound In Fear Guitarist Kier Campbell. Perhaps they used him to get into contact with Ben Mason who appears on first

NEWS: Deathless share “The Prophecy”!

Seven long months ago, Winchester Virginia Melodic Death Metallers Deathless shared the first glimpse of what their debut full length album “The Prophecy” would be like with single “Into Depravity”. A couple of months after that we got “Departure” in lyric video format and finally, coupled with the news of the 6th December release date,

NEWS: Taylor Dory Trio get lost “East Of Eden”!

Sometimes it just takes longer than anyone could have anticipated to get something done. 2015 saw the debut EP from the Tylor Dory Trio and since in recording their full debut “Unsought Salvation“, they’ve taken years. For the first single off the album, ‘East of Eden’, the trio have put together a video featuring their adventures in

NEWS: Suicide Silence just want to be loved…?

Now calling themselves “Extreme Metallers” rather than “Deathcore titans”, Suicide Silence are now in Latin America with Revocation for a run of dates that will see them debut new music from their upcoming new album “Become The Hunter“. Valentine’s Day, 14th February is the date they’ve got in mind for their sixth studio offering with

NEWS: Old Wharf want a bit a little bit of respect!

Continuing the steady flow of singles since their debut EP “Reside”, Wolverhampton Beatdown Hardcore crew Old Wharf have landed the haymaker that is “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” and no, no, no it ain’t no version of the Aretha Franklin hit penned by Ottis Reading. As hilariously funny as that would be.