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Bootleg: Suicide Silence in Rialto California!

Touring plans for the foreseeable future my have sunk like the Titanic but Deathcore titans Suicide Silence will be joining an online Festival called Slay At Home. Organized by Frank Godla of Metal Injection, the two-day livestreamed event over 29th & 30th May which promises previously unseen performances, cover song collaborations, commissioned music, guest appearances

Bootleg: Enemy Mind in Philadelphia!

26th July 2019 saw Pittsburgh Beatdown Death Metallers¬†Enemy Mind at the Franklin Music Hall in Philadelphia playing a set that includes “Watch Yourself” and “We Hate You” from their biting “Killer Beef” EP. It’s got a werewolf beast man on the cover, you can not go wrong. Their next show is at Motor City Fest

Bootleg: Machine Head in Chicago 2000!

Back in the year 2000, “The Burning Red” from Machine Head received a mixed bag of reviews but has aged well, unlike the album that followed it. Filmed at The Metro in Chicago Illinois on 20th February 2000, here’s a full set from the band before they did the “evening with” shows, Primer 55 and

Bootleg: Bun Dem Out in London!

Having dropped new single “Treason” a couple of weeks back, now seems like the perfect time for a full set from London Hardcore crew Bun Dem Out. Filmed by Sean Pitcam at London’s New Cross Inn on 16th November 2019, with Christmas lights clearly up, the band show the natives how it’s done. You can

Bootleg: Slipknot at Rock In Rio!

That would be a freshly released pro-shot full set including “The Heretic Anthem“, “Liberate” and “The Blister Exists” from Rock In Rio 2011. The set includes former drummer Joey Morrison’s infamous 360 drum kit rotation after the classic that is “Surfacing” so hold on to your hats for that. It wouldn’t be Slipknot any other

Bootleg: Parkway Drive in Tasmania!

Filmed on a tour sandwiched between “Don’t Close Your Eyes” and “Killing With A Smile” at the brilliantly named Batman Faulkner Inn in Launceston Tasmania Australia, here’s a full set from Metalcore titans Parkway Drive. That was 11th May 2005 with bassist Shaun Cash in the fold, midway through his two year stint in the

Bootleg: Judiciary in Louisville Kentucky!

Courtesy of 197 Media here’s a full set from West Texas Hardcore merchants Judiciary. The set was filmed at LDB Fest in Louisville Kentucky back in February with Jacob Michael Scott mixing and mastering for superior quality audio. Speaking of audio, their Closed Casket Activities album “Surface Noise” reached its one year anniversary back in

Bootleg: Chimaira Christmas 2000!

Liberated Tape Archives have been doing us proud of late with the resurrection of older shows from memory lane from VHS to stream. So from Cleveland Ohio at The Odeon on 28th December 2000, here’s a Christmas show from Chimaira. This was the era of the band before “Pass Out Of Existence” was released on

Bootleg: Jesus Piece at Reality Bites Festival 2018!

Jesus Piece traveled 3871 miles across the North Atlantic Ocean from their Philadelphia Pennsylvania home to Germany for Reality Bites Festival in Eisenbahnhalle, Losheim. That was nearly two years ago on 1st July 2018 and courtesy of Ulle Media, here’s the full set, pro-shot and complete with tracks from their album “Only Self” which is

Bootleg: “The Summoning” by Soulfly!

Nuclear Blast have released an official live video of Soulfly performing “The Summoning” at The Gramercy Theater in New York City on 11th February 2019. It’s the opening track from their brand new 27 minute, 7 song live EP entitled “Live Ritual NYC MMXIX“, which is streaming over on Spotify here