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Bootleg: “Apocalypse” from Lacuna Coil!

Filmed in their home town of Milan Italy at the famed Alcatraz Club, Italian metal giants Lacuna Coil have announced the release of a new live album, entitled “Live From The Apocalypse”, to be released on 25th June via Century Media. The show was one originally a live streamed event that saw them perform current album

Bootleg: Slipknot in Sioux Falls, South Dakota!

Things have been quiet on the Liberated Tape Archive front for a while but today is different. They’ve unearthed a previously uncirculated full set from Slipknot that took place at Sioux Falls, South Dakota on 7th July 2000 at Sioux Empire Fair Expo Hall as part of their “World Domination Tour“. It’s a twin cam (Barricade,

Bootleg: Mudvayne at Rock Am Ring!

There has been a lot of talk about a possible return for Mudvayne pretty much since forever and now that 2021 is set to see them reunited for at least a US Festival run in the summer, it seems like the nostalgic love for them will finally reciprocated. For us, the first two albums when

Bootleg: “Overthrown” from Dakesis!

After the premier of “Ends Of Time (Part II)” cut from their recent live in the studio session a few days ago, Birmingham Progressive Power Metal act Dakesis have gone back for not one but two more. Their choices are “Overthrown” and “By The Fading Light” as they continue to support their album “Fractures” and

Bootleg: Drakh at Caminhos Metalicos!

The first ever live performance from multi instrumentalist António Couto and vocalist Luís Franco sees Drakh at performing a trio of cuts from there EP “Volcano One” at Caminhos Metalicos online festival. Hailing from the Azores, Portugal, the duo are inspired by Cosmicism, Existentialism and the insularity of their home, pushing it into Death Metal

Bootleg: “Snakes” from Hounds!

Given the chance to shed their skins in the love arena once more, Hounds graced the stage at KK’s Steel Mill in Wolverhampton for the UK Metal Merger “All Killer No Filler” live stream event on 1st May. The Metallic Hardcore outfit have taken “Snakes” from that set and combined with with some behind the

Bootleg: “Ends Of Time (Part II)” from Dakesis!

Also performing live in the studio are Birmingham Progressive Power Metal act Dakesis. They’ve given us “Ends Of Time (Part II)” from their current album “Fractures” with a split screen video. That record was four years in the making, the follow up to “The Dawn“, from a group of perfectionists, known for electric showmanship and

Bootleg: “The Diseased Heart of Society” from Solitary!

Returning to rehearsals after 207 days due to… should be nerve racking enough but adding to the pressure by turning the camera on in your rehearsal space and then placing something online, well that’s a new level of bravery. So straight out of Thrash lockdown Solitary have thrown down the guantlet and given us the

Bootleg: “Home Sweet Home” from Lindemann!

The question on the lips of the fans of Lindemann is where does Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann take the project now that Swedish multi-instrumentalist Peter Tägtgren (Pain, Hypocrisy) has exited stage left. The problem being that the Swedish-German Industrial supergroup created sweet, sweet music together with two albums in 4 years. That is something we’re

Bootleg: Testament in Poland!

The titans of creation that are Thrash legends Testament were at Poland Rock Festival in 2019, caught on camera by Kreciola TV as they smashed through a set which took them from “Brotherhood of the Snake” through “Into The Pit” to “Alone In The Dark” and we’ve got no doubt that they’re itching to get