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Bootleg: “Own Life” from Across The Swarm!

A rare breed, “Projections” by Italian Metallers Across The Swarm was one that we reviewed prior to the Pandemic only to have to hold onto it, unpublished until the rescheduled release date. It comprises seven deadly sins recorded at Domination Studios by Simone Mularoni and Simone Bertozzi (Gory Blister, Rhapsody, Labyrinth) and mixed by Steve

Bootleg: “Lock & Key” from Intervals!

Filmed at the Théatre Fairmount in Montreal Québec Canada on 17th December here’s “Lock & Key” from Intervals with Aaron Marshall’s Progressive Metal outfit finishing last year on a high around their 2020 magnum opus “Circadian“. They’re set to land upon our shores in August for this years incarnation of Arctangent Festival that will see

Bootleg: Frozen Soul in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

Once again crawling from their crypt of ice, Frozen Soul took to the stage on 8th December 2021 at Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania bringing that famed Texas heat and in your face Death Metal to the audience. Here’s a pro-shot full set from the band who last year saw their 2019 EP “Encased

Bootleg: “bleed4you” from Alpha Wolf!

Away from the talk of Novak Djokovic in Brisbane Australia on 15th January Nu-Metalcore Kings Alpha Wolf took to the stage at The Tivoli and welcomed on stage Lizi Blanco from The Beautiful Moment for “bleed4you” and caught on camera by Wall Of Sound. The song itself appeared in December in Lo-Fi remix version as

Bootleg: Last Wishes in Glasgow!

Promising a breakdown heavy album in 2022 which may see recent singles “Escape” and “Unified Through Hatred” on the track list, Irish Hardcore crew Last Wishes have been caught on camera at Glasgow Audio Lounge by Kathryn McBride. That was 18th September 2021 with dedicated drum cam footage of Adam Kelly adding to the atmosphere

Bootleg: Wage War in Atlanta!

The Tabernacle in Atlanta Georgia was the venue and 13th January was the date that saw Wage War deliver “Stitch“, “Alive” and “Circle The Drain” as captured in this fan filmed footage. For those keeping track, that’s one from last year’s “Manic“, one from 2015’s “Blueprints” and a song that has achieved the better part of

Bootleg: Kublai Khan in Philadelphia!

Another pro-shot full set from the mighty Texan Metallic Hardcore heat bringers Kublai Khan, this time from 15th December at The First Unitarian Church is exactly what we want to see as “The Hammer” fast approaches 8 million Spotify streams since it’s 2017 appearance. If it goes ahead then they’ll be upon our shores with

Bootleg: “Leech” from Sylosis!

Rightly celebrating 7 years of their album ‘Dormant Heart‘ the band that is now Sylosis have shared ‘Leech‘ from their “Live At: Lite Up Studios” set from June 2020. Complimented by members of Bleed From Within and Conjurer they of course dropped “Cycle Of Suffering” via Nuclear Blast as Josh Middleton reactivated the group during

Bootleg: Downpresser in Los Angeles!

Courtesy of 197 Media, here’s a pro-shot full set from Metallic Hardcore specialists Downpresser at the Echoplex in Los Angeles California on 11th December. The set was part of the For The Children charity show with the bands 2019 album “The Long Goodbye” reaching it’s second anniversary shortly thereafter. That was some six years in

Bootleg: Splitknuckle in Glasgow!

Pro-shot by Kathryn McBride at Audio Lounge in Glasgow on 18th September 2021, here’s a full set from Essex Hardcore crew Splitknuckle with the band riding high a pair of cuts from their December 2020 split with Settle For Nothing titled “If You Want Peace...”. There is even dedicated drum cam footage of Matt Bullis