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Bootleg: “Taxed Slaves” by Suffer!

They’re probably not going to thank us for this, but from their debut live show in Birmingham at The Flapper & Firkin, here’s “Taxed Slaves” from Wolverhampton Beatdown Deathcore collective Suffer. 3rd April 2020 will see the follow up to debut EP “Slerm” entitled “Heavy Silence” drop big and crushingly heavy! They’ll also be appearing

Bootleg: “Checkmate” from Lamb Of God!

Last week saw Lamb Of God debut the first new song from their self titled album which will see the light of day on 8th May, shortly after their “State Of Unrest” Tour with Kreator and Power Trip in April. They debuted new song “Checkmate” live at the House of Vans in Chicago Illinois on

Bootleg: Dealer at Chain Reaction!

Last week saw Australian Gloom Metallers Dealer surprise release a sophomore EP entitled “Saint” via Stay Sick Recordings and damn but it’s good. Here’s a full set from “The Root Of All Evil Tour” at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California as they continue to tour with Spite, Varials, Orthodox and Unity. The set sees new

Bootleg: Orthodox in Anaheim California!

Earlier this month we reviewed “Let It Take It’s Course“, a downright evil album from Nashville Tennessee’s Orthodox that is full be full of twists and turns with some outside the box thinking that combines Hardcore, Metal and even Nu-Metal revivalist stylings with feral vocals. Here’s a full set from them at the iconic Chain

Bootleg: “Pharmaceutikill” from Lost In The Current!

Filmed at Digital Tour Bus’s favourite hang out, The Forge in Joliet Illinois on 15th February 2020, here’s the Deathcore Groove Metal of “Pharmaceutikill” from Lost In The Current. They delivered the goods with EP “Suffocate The Wake” on 31st December 2019, which we love so much we reviewed it. So if you like this,

Bootleg: “Hail Destroyer” from Cancer Bats!

So Oxford Hardcore Punks and HUGE Cancer Bats fans MSRY went on hiatus a couple weeks back, much to our disbelief. Their trio of EPs had each been a step up from the last and frankly we thought they were on the verge of greatness. Hopefully they’ll be back before we know it. They covered

Bootleg: Spite at Chain Reaction!

Pro-Shot at the iconic Chain Reaction in Anaheim California on 15th February 2020, here’s a full set from Spite courtesy of 197 Media. The Bay Area Deathcore heavyweights have “The Root Of All Evil” out now via Stay Sick Recordings. How they made Alternative Press up and coming Deathcore acts after 5 years and a

Bootleg: “The Moth” from Death Angel!

Isn’t it great when a long established favourite band brings out a new album that defies the odds and is a step up? May 2019 saw Death Angel land “Humanicide” via Nuclear Blast and it probably earned them their place on The Bay Area Strikes Back Tour. From the Helsinki Finland stop on 10th February,

Bootleg: Meshuggah at Summer Breeze 2019!

Needing no introductions, the founding fathers of DJent Meshuggah were undoubtedly one of the highlights of Rockplast Summer Breeze 2019. Here’s a Pro-Shot full set including “Straws Pulled At Random”, “Future Breed Machine” and “Born In Dissonance” from the band who have performances at Jera On Air (Netherlands), With Full Force (Germany), VOA Heavy Rock

Bootleg: Jesus Piece in Adelaide!

Following Knocked Loose down under for Invasion Fest 2020 were none other than Philadelphia, PA’s Jesus Piece and the pair joined forces for some off date shows including at the Enigma Bar in Adelaide, Australia 13th January 2020. We’re anticipating 2020 will bring a follow up to their debut full length “Only Self” which is