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Bootleg: Signs Of The Swarm in Lakewood Ohio!

As the album release party tour for “Absolvere” was in full swing with Signs Of The Swarm joined by Worm Shepherd before they hook up with Born Of Osiris next month, their set at The Foundry Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio was caught on camera by Leo Sypniewski. Including such delights as “Cesspool of Ignorance“,

Bootleg: “Slayer Of Holofernes” from Venom Prison!

Back at the Ronnie James Dio main stage at the 20th anniversary of Bloodstock Open Air Festival earlier this summer, Welsh Death Metallers Venom Prison were in fine form having spent their time away from the stage re-recording their early EPs into and album called  “Primeval” as well as creating a whole new record from

Bootleg: “Aerials” from Enquire Within!

One of the favourite haunts of Enquire Within seems to be Leo’s Red Lion and on 2nd October they joined the likes of Siderian at SarcomaFest to raise awareness for sarcoma and hopefully some funds for Sarcoma UK. So during their set the London Metallers decided to play a crowd pleaser from their lockdown covers

Bootleg: “Sweet, Sweet Lies” from Infected Rain!

On the final stop of their US run in Los Angeles California members of their tour mates Butcher Babies and Stitched Up Heart with their crew joined Infected Rain on stage while they were performing their last song in a less than conventional way and all this at the end of a week that saw

Bootleg: Knocked Loose in Philadelphia!

For those who don’t know, on 13th October Oldham Kentucky Metallic Hardcore homewreckers Knocked Loose dropped an anvil heavy new EP called “A Tear In The Fabric Of Life” alongside a disturbing animated featurette. In the 3 days that have followed on Spotify alone the EP has racked up 646,668 streams, which goes to show

Bootleg: “The Phalanx” from Trivium!

After showing off their new base camp, a fully equipped hanger with practice space, streaming stations and a studio that they plan on using to write and record their next album earlier this week, Trivium have shared the live premier of new song “The Phalanx“. It was recorded in Orlando Florida on 14th October as

Bootleg: Strangled in Chicago!

From 2019 to July 2021 Oklahoma Pure Slamming Hate crew Strangled were known for pure annihilation in the live arena. Their final show took place at the WC Social Club in Chicago Illinois as they shared a stage with Starletta, Dead/Awake, Capital Vices, Erabella and Sleep Waker at VCTMS album release show for “Numb The

Bootleg: Evile unleash hell at Bloodstock!

After the usually preceding hype building single tracks cut from the set earlier this week, much to our delight, the organisers of Bloodstock Open Air Festival have finally released the full pro-shot set from Northern Thrash Gods Evile that took place upon the Sophie Lancaster Stage. The 20th Anniversary of the festival may have been

Bootleg: Kharma at Chain Reaction!

Armed with incendiary fresh material from their latest outing “Most Dangerous Game“, recorded and mixed with Andy Nelson (Weekend Nachos) at Bricktop Recordings in Chicago, Metallic Hardcore monsters Kharma were caught on camera by 197 Media at the iconic Chain Reaction in Anaheim California on 6th October. The Flatspot Records signings bring tales from the Hard

Bootleg: “Head Of The Demon” from Evile!

As if the return of Huddersfield Thrash quartet Evile after eight years wasn’t big enough, to return to the stage for their first live show with a new line up and a new album in “Hell Unleashed” at the 20th Anniversary of Bloodstock… well that’s doing it in style. Cut from their set is “Head