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Bootleg: Gideon at Chain Reaction!

It’s time to get the popcorn ready as courtesy of 197 Media here’s a pro-shot full set from Stetson loving Metallic Hardcore heavyweights Gideon. Filmed at the iconic Chain Reaction in Anaheim California on 9th March it finds the band hammering out the cuts from new album “More Power. More Pain.” for near fifty minutes.

Bootleg: “Nail Them To The Cross” from Dark Funeral!

The 30th anniversary of the existence of Swedish Black Metal act Dark Funeral is upon us this year with guitarist Mikael Svanberg, better known as Lord Ahriman being the last man standing from the band that first appeared in 1993. 2021 album “We Are the Apocalypse” brought them to Bloodstock Open Air Festival last August

Bootleg: Zulu in Baltimore Maryland!

It has to be said that “A New Tomorrow” by Flatspot Records signings Zulu is one that completely blew us away. Loaded with samples, intriguing melodies and crushing Death Metal masquerading as Hardcore with a little bit of Hip-Hop, it’s one that will leave you wondering exactly what you just heard. Pro-shot at the Baltimore

Bootleg: “Devotion” from Fraktions!

We were lucky enough to catch the almighty Fraktions at Suburbia in Southampton during their co-headlining shows with You Win Again Gravity and so if you couldn’t quite believe our review of that show then here’s a little evidence for you. The band, once a Progressive Death Metal outfit and now a fully fledged Piano

Bootleg: Bleed From Within at Wacken!

Arguably the biggest of the European Festivals, Wacken Open Air Festival saw Glaswegian Metalcore Kings Bleed From Within make their presence felt as this pro-shot footage of “Stand Down“, “Levitate” and “The End Of All We Know” from the event demonstrates. Having taken the death defying gravity ignoring leap of faith from long time label

Bootleg: Get The Shot at Ieperfest!

Fresh from “Merciless Destruction“, Canadian Hardcore heavy hitters Get The Shot were caught on camera at Ieperfest in Belgium doing exactly what they do by Nick Tronckoe Media. So here’s the oven fresh pro-shot full set that everyone can enjoy in multi cam style – and if you enjoy this one, we recommend you check

Bootleg: “Vespera” album release show from Godeater!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. A pro-shot full set from Scottish Death Metal act Godeater and the album release show for their new record “Vespera“, mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman (In Flames, Obscura, Architects) no less. In has arrived courtesy of David Tan and Matthieu Gill. It

Bootleg: “Guile” from Harbinger!

Filmed live and raw from the stage by Connor Mason at the Limerick stop of their Irish tour on 17th February, Death Metallers Harbinger crush with “Guile” from their current mini album “A Letter To Anguish“. The band have announced their participation in this year’s incarnations of Mangata Festival in Nottingham and Derby Alt Fest

Bootleg: Street Soldier at Ieperfest!

Courtesy of Nick Tronckoe Media here’s a pro-shot full set from Belgium at Ieperfest 2022 which saw York Beatdown Hardcore crew Street Soldier have their say in how much blood, sweat and beer got spilled in the pit. There they went toe to toe with Terror, Knocked Loose and to name but a few and

Bootleg: “Suicidal God” from Sophie’s Threat!

Following the arrival of single number four in “Poison” from Sao Paulo Brazil based Melodic Death Thrash enthusiasts Sophie’s Threat, live footage of their second offering to an unsuspecting World in “Suicidal God” has surfaced. Filmed at Carnarock 2023 the song is based on the story of the American schizophrenic psychopath Joseph Kallinger and this