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Documentary: Making “Become The Firestorm” with Machine Head!

Perhaps not so much a full making of but some time behind the scenes of a forthcoming new track which sees Navene Koperweiss (Entheos, Whitechapel, Animals As Leaders) getting a moment in the limelight and proving that people do take pictures of the drummer. He was gracing the drum stool for the pair of Machine

Documentary: Behind the scenes of “Trojan” with Another Now!

Five days after they released the music video for “Trojan” from their upcoming new album “OMNI“, Another Now have shared a behind the scenes clip from the music video shoot which took place in an old factory building. The album is due to drop on 16th June with th Nu-Metalcore outfit with “Parallax” also being

Documentary: Vocal recording sessions with Jinjer!

In the studio with Producer Max Morton (Sunrise, Grimfaith, Bare Infinity), Tatiana Shmayluk is the latest member of Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer to be filmed by Shah Talifta as part of the documentary series around their upcoming new album. The band have commented throughout that each member has smashed their parts out in double quick

Documentary: “The Devil Guitar” with Black Metal Werewolf!

The campfire tales of headless corpses might get a little bit old halfway down a bottle of Wild Turkey but the this eerie haunting number from Canadian Black Metal Werewolf as he retells the tale of Patrick Cross and his “Devil Guitar” certainly doesn’t. Why? Because it’s a little bit psychological and a little bit

Documentary: Iggor Cavalera on “Refuse/Resist” by Sepultura!

Another episode of “Beneath The Drums” from former Sepultura and current Cavalera Conspiracy drummer Iggor Cavalera sees him go in deep on an all time classic in “Refuse/Resist” from… Well an all time classic record in 1993’s “Chaos A.D.“, their third for Roadrunner Records. You only need ask Hatebreed vocalist Jamey Jasta about how important

Documentary: Episode #3 of the Making of “Ruthless” with Nonpoint!

Having gone independent and unveiled the blueprint that they are going to working from for their next release “Ruthless“, Fort Lauderdale’s Nonpoint have now shared the third (and final?) episode of a making of series that has documented everything they have gone through to get this far. This one sees the band talk with management

Documentary: Behind The Scenes with Erra #4!

Six weeks after the release of their self titled fifth studio album and first since changing label home from Sumerian Records to UNFD, Birmingham Alabama Technical Progressive Metalcore act Erra have given us the fourth episode of their making of series. In this one they talk about how playing the material live affects their recording

Documentary: Episodes #1 & #2 of the Making of “Ruthless” with Nonpoint!

Last week Fort Lauderdale Florida Nu-Metallers Nonpoint declared independence and have begun work on their eleventh studio record “Ruthless“. Reading between the lines of frontman Elias Soriano’s comments in both of the first two episodes of the making of documentary series directed and edited by Francesca Ludika, it seems as though the band have felt

Documentary: “Hyper Reels” Episode #3 from Maitreya!

After episodes one and two of the documentary series about the making of the upcoming album from Canadian Progressive Death Metallers Maitreya went in deep on singles “Catalyst” and “Departed“ discussing all the major plot twists it only seems logical that episode three would do likewise for third single “Summit“. So that’s exactly what they