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Documentary: Creating a new album #1 with Storm The Empire!

They may have only released EP “Within Chaos, There’s Beauty“ in September but Canadian Melodic Metalcore outfit Storm The Empire are already back in the studio recording a full length album for our listening pleasure. The band who created “Leap Of Faith” are once again recorded independently with drummer Andy Ashley at the helm and

Documentary: R is for… for My Latest Failure!

After the madness that was the fan questions for Q, normal programming is resumed for R as Hardcore Punks My Latest Failure explain how they risked it for a biscuit with a cover that you might not have expected and no, it’s not “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber. It does however pose a question of its

Documentary: “Epigone” episode #1 with Wilderun

Two weeks after the stunning new Wilderun album “Epigone” landed in our laps via Century Media the band have shared part one of a documentary series about the making of the record starting out with a studio tour. The Boston natives chose Jens Bogren (Sepultura, At The Gates) for mixing the follow up to the critically

Documentary: The Making Of “A Valediction” #12 with Obscura!

We may have thought that with the arrival of “A Valediction” via Nuclear Blast back in November that German Progressive Technical Death Metallers Obscura were done with their documentary series documenting the making of the record but since they have managed to squeeze in a couple more episodes, much to our delight. The #12 episode

Documentary: “Halo” Episode #3 from Amorphis!

With the first two episodes going in deep on the drums, percussion and synths, for episode #3 of the behind the scenes documentary about the recording of “Halo“, the upcoming highly anticipated new album from Finnish Progressive Metallers Amorphis, it’s the turn of guitars and bass. Those sessions took place with the legendary Jens Bogren

Documentary: Making The Album #1 with Machine Head!

The first part of a journey that sees Robb Flynn and Jared MacEachern enter the studio in June 2021 to demo some ideas for a new as yet untitled 10th album has surfaced. The new axis of Evil writing partnership for Machine Head had previously worked with producer Zach Ohren and drummer Navene Koperweiss (Entheos,

Documentary: Q is for… for My Latest Failure!

…and so we’re approaching the final curtain for the A-Z of failures from My Latest Failure and our Hardcore injected Punk heroes have had some Dutch Courage and answered a collection of questions submitted by fans (including us) in the Q edition! That means nine to go (and an out takes blooper reel?) before the

Documentary: How We Wrote “Days Before The World Wept” from The Agonist!

After last week’s incredible “How We Wrote Anthology” from Carcosa appeared via Gear Gods, the latest in the series sees fellow Canadians The Agonist deep diving into how they wrote their recently released EP “Days Before The World Wept” produced by Christian Donaldson (Beyond Creation, Cryptopsy, Despised Icon). Last year saw the Montréal Québec natives

Documentary: “The Fracture Tour” from Bleed From Within!

They may not have made it over to mainland Europe but the United Kingdom leg of the Fracture tour saw Bleed From Within, Ingested and Kill The Lights play five sold out shows at the end of November and remind us what live Metal is all about. The shows had everything, all that was missing