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Documentary: Imperial Triumphant on Bus Invaders!

Having escaped the clutches of Alphaville and found the Spirit of Ecstasy, Imperial Triumphant hit the road Zeal & Ardor and Sylvaine ensuring that Avant-Garde ways are given a much needed airing. While at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago Illinois on 19th September the Digital Tour Bus cameras were rolling for another episode of the

Documentary: Summer Touring with Beyond Extinction!

Ahead of a trio of December shows with Glower, Essex Death Metal upstarts Beyond Extinction have shared a featurette documenting their first ever headlining tour this past summer. Shot and edited by Josh Wagner of Wagner Visuals it sees them raise hell across the United Kingdom with cuts from “The Fatal Flaws Of Humankind“.

Documentary: Behind The Scenes of “My Sphere” with Omega Diatribe!

A couple of months ago Hungarian multi-award winning Extreme Groove Metal pioneers Omega Diatribe celebrated their 10th anniversary with the release of a compilation EP in “My Sphere“, mixed, mastered and co-produced by the legendary Danish Metal producer Tue Madsen (Heaven Shall Burn, Meshuggah, Cold Snap) at Antfarm Studios. The title track was given the full

Documentary: The Making Of “Shrine” by Bleed From Within!

They may have released “Shrine” back in June but Glaswegian Metalcore heroes Bleed From Within have been holding something back. Now, ahead of their December European tour with Humanity’s Last Breath and Allt that finishes in London with a sold out show at The Dome, the band have shared a full 31 minute making of

Documentary: Decayer on Bus Invaders!

2nd September saw Deathcore enthusiasts Decayer roll up to Reggies in Chicago Illinois to open for Upon A Burning Body, Signs Of The Swarm and Vulvodynia. We’re sure you can guess based on the location alone what happened next. That’s right. The Digital Tour Bus cameras were rolling for another episode of their iconic Bus

Documentary: Metalhead Arrogance from Black Metal Werewolf!

After the Halloween season and alongside the  recommendation of “The Great Heathen Army” from Amon Amarth comes a fresh documentary from Canadian Black Metal Werewolf about Metalhead Arrogance and how people take their love of something to the nth degree. The kind of featurette that will leave you to question your surroundings and pause for

Documentary: WristMeetRazor on Bus Invaders!

Not content with bringing us footage of Kirk Windstein going through his live rig for their Gear Masters series, those amazing people at Digital Tour Bus have delivered another episode of their iconic Bus Invaders series as well. This time out WristMeetRazor take us through the  vehicle they used to support “Replica of a Strange

Documentary: Crowbar on Gear Masters!

There are iconic guitar tones and then there is the sound of NOLA Sludge Metal pioneers Crowbar. The legend that is Kirk Windstein reveals all from the Amp to the Pedal Board as he goes over the gear he uses on stage in this latest episode of Gear Masters from Digital Tour Bus. Filmed on

Documentary: Oceans Of Slumber on Digital Bus Invaders!

Chicago Illinois maybe the home of the Deep Dish Pizza but it’s also the place where the Digital Tour Bus cameras are rolling and for any Metal band that happens to enter the city, there are dues to be paid. This latest episode of their iconic Bus Invaders series finds us outside Reggies on 8th