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Documentary: “No Lasting Memories” #21 from Weaponry!

It’s Sunday, which can mean only one thing. Roast dinner. Sunday beers. Weaponry t-shirt. Oh and the latest episode of “No Lasting Memories“. So with the band dropping their new single “Something I Lack” on the 4th December, the band have taken the opportunity to take us behind the scenes of the video shoot, which

Documentary: Behind “Devoid” with Carcosa!

Perhaps with Angelmaker working on a new album, Canadian Deathcore project Carcosa will take a back seat until Johnny Ciardullo has more time, but it hasn’t stopped guitarist Andrew Baena from sharing this behind the scenes video from the video shoot of recent single “Devoid“. It was shot by Ravencraft Creative with the track being

Documentary: First Concert Ever with Necrophobic!

Just because the shows in their native Chicago have been put on hold doesn’t mean that the Digital Tour Bus Cameras have stopped rolling. In this latest tale of the life changing first concert, guitarist Sebastian Ramsted from Blackened Death Metallers Necrophobic talks about his experience attending an Iron Maiden show in Stockholm Sweden in

Documentary: Slaughter To Prevail new album #1!

Recording and Filming on Skylark Recording Studio, Slaughter To Prevail have shared a documentary about tracking the drums with sticksman Evgeny Novikov for a new album in Russian but does have subtitles you can turn on in the YouTube Settings. Judging by the background music as it plays out the as yet unnamed and undated

Documentary: Lionheart EU Summer Tour Diary Episode #4!

This time out West Coast Hardcore Heroes Lionheart play the game of games that is Uno, get haircuts and film some music videos for “Valley of Death” while in Germany as their festival run continues. They reach Tells Bells Festival in Villmar where they are joined by their Canadian friends in Get The Shot. This

Documentary: Fallujah unveil new Guitarist!

There are new band member announcements and then there is what Fallujah have done, a full on documentary about the welcoming of guitarist Nico Santora. If you’re not familiar with the name, he’s had stints with Suicidal Tendencies, The Faceless and Lillake and has been in writing sessions for the follow up to “Undying Light“.

Documentary: “No Lasting Memories” #20 from Weaponry!

As the sands of time drain from one side of the hour glass to the other and the 4th December approaches, for some reason our boys in Weaponry decided it would be a good idea to get soaked to the bone taking some promo shots in the p***ing rain first thing on a Saturday morning.

Documentary: Are Metal Heads “Anti-Conformist”?

For many Moons, we have howled and begged for a satisfaction to the blood lust that is all consuming… oh wait. Wrong article. In this new video, Canadian legend Black Metal Werewolf discusses whether or not metalheads make a conscious or subconscious decision to be anti-conformists. Is it in our DNA? Everyone who likes something

Documentary: Cane Hill “Power of the High” behind the scenes!

If October single “Power of the High” from Cane Hill didn’t get you high enough, the band have given us the opportunity to relive their experience making the music video for the track which they created with DreamSeeker Productions with a behind the scenes featurette. We’re hopeful that this is the first of many with