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Documentary: Varials Recording new material #2!

The second part of a behind the scenes of Varials recording new material with minimal actual recording going on has appeared from the band. It’s an 11 minute skit which sees them sinking beers, chatting fabreeze and listening to Oasis (who no-one gives a s*** about) while representing Orthodox (who everyone loves). It’s hilarious. Let’s

Documentary: Reasons to hate Metal?

Why would some people intentionally make up reasons to hate Metal? Some people hate what they don’t understand. Those people usually know nothing about what they’re hating on. After all, Metal is a broad church and the sounds of Linkin Park are as incomparable with Dimmu Borgir as Meshuggah. So in this latest episode, Canadian

Documentary: Monuments India/EU tour diary!

Comprised of snippets of footage of varying degrees of quality, Monuments new vocalist Andy Cizek has put together a tour diary that covers the bands run from India to the UK, starting in January 2020 in support of their 2018 album “Phronesis“. The band were rejoined by drummer Mike Malyan as Cizek replaced Chris Barretto

Documentary: Imonolith: Working Class Rock Stars?

Ever wondered what musicians get up to when they’re not on the road? Well, for any band that isn’t full time, there is a day job. In the case of Imonolith and Threat Signal frontman Jon Howard, he works at F Bass. 1 guess what they make. If you haven’t heard the Imonolith album “State

Documentary: Sanction & Typecaste on Bus Invaders!

In what must be one of the last episodes of Bus Invaders recorded before the lockdown, this one is a creature double feature. Seeing as both Sanction and Typecaste were in vans on their run with SeeYouSpaceCowboy and Vamachara when they reached the Cobra Lounge in Chicago Illinois on 12th March, both are crammed into

Documentary: Inferi Riff Dissection Episode #2!

American Technical Melodic Death Metallers from Nashville Tennessee Inferi have put guitarist Malcom Pugh in front of the camera once more. Why? To take apart a riff from “Gatherings In The Chambers Of Madness” and help you put it back together in the second episode of their Riff Dissection series! The track is of course

Documentary: Recording with Junkowl!

…with their debut album “Making Out With My Death” Out 5th June 2020, a slick combination of stoner riffs, hardcore energy, and groovy bass, this is party animal blues, Montreal Quebec Canada quartet Junkowl have given us just a glimpse of what it was like to record the beast. Included on that is the gritty

Documentary: “State Of Being”: Episode #1: Hollow!

Starting with “Hollow“, supergroup Imonolith (Threat Signal, Devin Townsend Project et al) have opened up Pandora’s box on their debut album “State Of Being“. The track itself was recorded before the album in Los Angeles California and went on to mark the bands first video with each member of the band discussing their memories of

Documentary: Tour Life with August Burns Red!

As new album “Guardians” is out now but struggled to get off the ground with those all important first week sales due to the current Global situation, August Burns Red have been keeping themselves by keeping the spotlight on themselves in a good way. Hitting up social media and you tube with plenty of new