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Documentary: Nervosa Introductions #2!

After last week’s introduction to new bassist Mia Winter Wallace (ex-Abbath), the now multi national all female Thrash Metal outfit Nervosa have chosen the only woman left standing from the original line up in guitarist Prika Amaral for the second of their video biographies. If you missed it, their new album and first together with

Documentary: “Bystander” from Sumo Cyco!

We’ve had the music video and the live stream so now it’s time for the behind the scenes footage from the video shoot for “Bystander“, the third single behind “Love You Wrong” and “Run With The Giants” from Canadian quartet Sumo Cyco. They set the date of 7th May for the release of the album

Documentary: Shroomhouse Double Feature with Mushroomhead!

Unveiling their own creature double feature, Cleveland Ohio’s Mushroomhead have paired a music video for “Carry On” and for “Madness Within” in a grind house style short movie for Valentine’s Day. Both cuts appear on the bands Napalm Records debut “A Wonderful Life” and bring together superstition and science fiction with their usual dark masked

Documentary: Nervosa Introductions #1!

As part of the promotional work around their new album “Perpetual Chaos” the re-tooled Brazilian Thrash quartet Nervosa have completed a collection of video biographies to introduce the new line up. The first of these sees new bassist Mia Winter Wallace, known for her work on “Outstrider“, the second studio album by Norwegian Black Metal

Documentary: Venom Prison Podcast #1!

In what they’re promising is the first of many, Welsh Death Metallers Venom Prison have put together a podcast style documentary in which they talk about life away from the road during lockdown, the fresh recording of their older songs that is “Primevil” and what the future holds for them. We know they are working

Documentary: Varials Recording new material #4!

After another three months of silence, Philadelphia Pennsylvanian Metallic Hardcore mob Varials have thrown us the fourth part of their life in quarantine series that sees them back in the studio. They’re working with Josh Schroeder (King 810, Gift Giver) on their as yet unnamed third album, the follow up to 2019’s “In Darkness” and this

Documentary: Riff Dissection #5 from Inferi!

“The skies have grown black, With infidelities that cannot be undone, Those who hide in darkness feel the solace of execution, Adversity has stormed the walls and gates that we adore, Descending fast upon us, Mere flesh to feed the steel of our swords…“ Dissecting the main riff from “Marching Through the Flames of Tyranny”