Category: Documentary

Documentary: 20 Years of Stick To Your Guns!

Condensing 20 years into 10 minutes and 25 seconds doesn’t seem to do Orange County Californians Stick To Your Guns justice but that’s exactly what’s happened for this anniversary celebration documentary premiered by Pure Noise Records. Our favourite album? At a push 2010’s “The Hope Division” because that combination of Melodic Hardcore and Hardcore Punk

Documentary: Album Analysis with Damnation Plan!

Having released “The New Horizon” last month via Inverse Records, Progressive Metallers Damnation Plan have shared an interview style analysis of the album in their own words. An interesting piece that gives the record a little more context, it finds the Southern Finland residents celebrating a decade together and was of course mixed and mastered

Documentary: The Making Of In Stasis with Monuments!

You’re going to want to grab some popcorn and a beverage of choice before tucking into this 75 minute documentary from Progressive Metal outfit Monuments. Titled “Metamorphosis” the featurette follows the bands line up changes, including the departure of guitarist Olly Steele, working with George Lever (Loathe, The Arusha Accord, Ursus) at G1 Productions who

Documentary: Annisokay at Olga’s Rock and Alcatraz!

Single “Throne Of Sunset” may have only surfaced from German Metalcore merchants Annisokay but that hasn’t stopped the band from continuing their series of Festival Vlogs. This time out they’re at both Olga’s Rock and Alcatraz, combining behind the scenes footage with moments captured during their sets. 22nd September will find label home Arising Empire

Documentary: Siamese on Bus Invaders!

After Trivium shared a home brew version of the iconic franchise earlier this week, the Bus Invaders series from Digital Tour Bus returns with Copenhagen Denmark R’n’B infused Metal entertainment Kings Siamese. The band were without their vocalist Mirza Radonjica due to the birth of this first child and we’re caught on camera outside Park

Documentary: “Terms Of The Saw Doctor” with Anomaly!

Returning to their 2014 debut EP “Terms Of The Saw Doctor“, Milwaukee Wisconsin quintet Anomaly have shared a director style commentary for the record from the original line up of the band that created it. That means that former drummer Sam Morrison, bassist Gus Thome and guitarist Stevie Schmidt join current and original members in

Documentary: European Tour Bus Walk with Trivium!

Taking a leaf out of the Digital Bus Invaders book, Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto takes us on a journey through the bands European tour bus ahead of an extensive United Kingdom tour with Bleed From Within and Orbit Culture. The run is naturally one in support of their current critically acclaimed album “In The Court

Documentary: Death Dealer Union open up “Vow Of Silence”!

A behind the scenes featurette offering a look at the “Vow Of Silence” music video is the latest burnt offering from Death Dealer Union, a band featuring the vocal talents of Lena Scissorhands of Infected Rain fame. Their debut album “Initiation” drops via Napalm Records on 22nd September. In separate news Infected Rain have been