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Documentary: Periphery North American Tour 2020!

…with the help of Randy Edwards who shot and edited the footage, Periphery have recapped their North American tour with Plini and Arch Echo in some style. As good as some of these are from some bands, it’s nice to have one that is more than 60 seconds long. “Hail Stan” is out now, the

Documentary: Building a custom drum rack with Lamb Of God!

So we all know that the new self titled Lamb of God album will drop on 8th May and we’ve all heard the first single from it which goes by the name “Checkmate“? Well, what you might not know is that drummer Art Cruz recorded his parts at the Foo Fighters iconic Studio 606. In

Documentary: Sylosis make “Cycle of Suffering” #3!

“Cycle Of Suffering” the new album from the retooled Sylosis is an absolute winner and our highest scoring review of the year so far. Now that the album is out in the World, the band have thrown at us the third and final part of their making of featurette which includes how Guitarist and Vocalist

Documentary: Man’n Sin Brutal Fest Aftermovie!

Rennes, France Groove Metallers Man’n Sin have got their sun tan lotion out in this aftermovie for their appearance at Brutal Fest in 2018. Their album “Garden Of Starvation” dropped in September 2019 after the band had clocked up a wealth of shows including of all places in Cuba.

Documentary: Drum Tracking with Oceans Ate Alaska!

During a period of relative quiet from Midlands Tech Metallers Oceans Ate Alaska, they’ve been in the studio working on album #3. Drummer Chris Turner has been stateside with Nick Samson and Drew Bender handling Production and Engineering. This video from Sabian Cymbals shows some of the new material with the trio talking about how

Documentary: Signs Of The Swarm in Asia!

Deathcore titans Signs Of The Swarm will be taking no longer new vocalist David Simonich to Japan via Korea and Thailand over the next few days to bring “Viral Deprivation” to the masses! Having previously been over to Asia in 2019, they’ve put together a montage of previously unseen footage to celebrate!

Documentary: The Oral History Of Periphery!

Guitarists Mark Holcomb and Jake Bowen got dragged kicking and screaming to the Alternative Press studios by director Bobby Makar to present an Oral History of Periphery, from “Periphery I” to “Hail Stan” in just 38 minutes. How is that even possible? The Progressive Metal icons cut more than a few corners but needs must.

Documentary: Judiciary on Bus Invaders!

Also recorded last year and released today, this time on 20th November 2019, the Bus Invaders cameras entered the touring machine belonging to Judiciary outside The Empty Bottle in Chicago Illinois for this episode of Digital Tour Bus long running series. The band were on the road with Gatecreeper in support of their current album

Documentary: Machine Head create “Circle The Drain” #2!

5th February saw part #1 of a documentary about the making of a new Machine Head song entitled “Circle The Drain” with no release date inked and just snippets of the track in the video. Valentines Day, 14th February will officially see the track released on all your favorite streaming sites with a pre-save link