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Documentary: The Making Of “A Valediction” #7 with Obscura!

There has been and will continue to be a lot of talk about the upcoming sixth studio record “A Valediction” from German Progressive Technical Death Metallers Obscura. That will be 19th November via Nuclear Blast and if for no other reason than after the critically acclaimed “Diluvium” mastermind Steffen Kummerer has ripped up the script and re-tooled

Documentary: K is for… for My Latest Failure!

“Faster than the flying fists of Bruce Lee! More powerful than an Atomic Bomb! Able to leap off stages at a single bound! Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a flying guitar! Incoming!” It’s been nine long days since the last confession of My Latest Failure but if you

Documentary: “Guided By Evil” from Nervosa!

Celebrating one year since their single “Guided By Evil” appeared before us like a ghost in music video form, multinational female metalheads Nervosa have shared a full making of featurette from behind the scenes of the shoot. It appears on the bands current album “Perpetual Chaos” that will see the retooled outfit joining Warbringer to

Documentary: Annisokay in the Czech Republic!

A feature length documentary from German Metalcore merchants Annisokay finds the band in the Czech Republic for not only Rock For The People Festival but also Pell Mell Festival. The shows come as the band build on their reputation with “Aurora“, their first album with new vocalist Rudi Schwarzer that saw them forced to reschedule

Documentary: J is for… for My Latest Failure!

Another piece of midweek madness sees London Hardcore injected Punk favourites My Latest Failure continue their A-Z of failures that are delivering the history of the band in short bursts set of hilarious video. We’ve already reached episode #10 of #26 which means we’re already wondering how we’re going to spend our precious time once

Documentary: The Making Of “A Valediction” #6 with Obscura!

Also being released on 19th November via Nuclear Blast is “A Valediction” from German Progressive Technical Death Metallers Obscura and as we strike off another day in the countdown to the highly anticipated sixth studio record, the band have given us part six of their making of series. It focuses on the music video for

Documentary: “The Pandemic” with Exodus!

Taking a side step from their making of “Persona Non Grata” series, Bay Area Thrash titans Exodus have taken a 223 seconds to talk about what happened when they had to abandon their “The Bay Strikes Back” European tour in 2020 with Testament and Death Angel as the Global Pandemic struck. The bands eleventh studio

Documentary: Behind The Scenes of “Wallflower” with Jinjer!

Not the album of course but the music video for the third single and title track from it that was premiered on 25th August and has currently amassed an incredible 837,292 YouTube views. The behind the scenes featurette comes courtesy of the person behind the grassy knoll, Alina Chernohor rather than the video director Shah

Documentary: Making “Persona Non Grata” with Exodus #3!

After part one saw Guitarist Gary Holt in front of the camera and part two saw drummer Tom Hunting do likewise, part three of the making of “Persona Non Grata” sees bassist Jack Gibson who returned to Exodus 20 years ago at “Tempo of the Damned” take his turn. The record is due out on