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Where Are They Now?! Carried Weight

4 years ago, Pasadena California Metallic Hardcore crew Carried Weight were keeping some impressive company as their self-titled EP dropped and made waves as an Unsigned crew. While Traitors, Knocked Loose & Kublai Khan have gone from strength to strength and become household names in the current scene, regularly touring the World over, Carried Weight

Where Are They Now? #5 : Glass Cloud

Everything went quiet on the Glass Cloud front at the end of 2014’s “Our Endless War” Tour with Whitechapel and Upon A Burning Body. Equal Vision Records had backed former Sky Eats Airplane frontman Jerry Roush after stints in American Me and Of Mice & Men to start a new band. So in 2011, Roush

Where Are They Now? #4: The Agony Scene

Tulsa Oklahoma’s The Agony Scene have taken the scenic route back to us with a cryptic video that suggests that the band will be making a statement of some kind on 25th April. To think that the band first toured Europe in 2005 with Lamb Of God & Devildriver is amazing given where those bands

Where Are They Now? #3 Dry Kill Logic

Formed circa 1995 in Westchester County, New York as Hinge, Dry Kill Logic changed their name and rose to the main stage from humble beginnings. First creating their own label, Psychodrama Records upon which they released two EPs and spawned the unforgettable “Pork Chop Sandwich”. In 2000, they were picked up by Roadrunner Records for

Where Are They Now? #2 Gift Giver

Detroit, Michigan Nu-Deathcore crew Gift Giver astounded when they switched from their previous Deathcore sound to a heavier version of Nu-Metal with Deathcore leanings for their third album “White Devil” in 2016. Having already received plenty of attention for previous effort “Sh*t Life” and being signed to Centry Media after infamously being turned away by

Where Are They Now? #1: The Arusha Accord

Having returned from the ashes in 2017 with two new singles “Vultures” and “Blackened Heart”, and a slew of live shows we spoke to The Arusha Accord‘s guitarist Tom Hollings at UK Tech-Fest last summer. The word was a new four track EP would be appearing in 2017 from the band via Basick Records featuring

NEWS: American Head Charge bassist Chad Hanks passes away

In heart breaking news, American Head Charge bassist Chad Hanks has sadly passed away after a battle with cancer. He was just 46. There are some touching photos in tribute over on of his last moments. There are also details of a memorial fund to help pay for the funeral costs and final medical