Where Are They Now? #1: The Arusha Accord

Having returned from the ashes in 2017 with two new singles “Vultures” and “Blackened Heart”, and a slew of live shows we spoke to The Arusha Accord‘s guitarist Tom Hollings at UK Tech-Fest last summer. The word was a new four track EP would be appearing in 2017 from the band via Basick Records featuring those two new songs.  Not only that, but more impressively, a deal had been inked for 4x 4 song EPs over 5 years with the band playing around 30 live shows per year keeping the band alive as a passion project. So where are Reading’s Mathcore heroes now? The band have fallen silent since December, having been forced to pull out of Euroblast Festival in September due to family reasons. Hopefully it’s just a delay before the band re-appear as the 7 year gap from the bands debut full length and last summer’s shows was too long.

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