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Playlist: UK Tech-Fest 2019!

We’ve taken a moment to compile a playlist that features a track from (almost) every band appearing at UK Tech-Fest 2019! Available on both YouTube and Spotify! They’re not 100% the same playlist to keep you on your toes! The Festival will be taking place at Newark Showgrounds starting on Thursday!

Playlist: Hunt The Dinosaur!

We’re fans of Dallas Texas Deathcore crew Hunt The Dinosaur. Not only because they’re heavy but because Hunter Madison’s vocals are insanely fun and mixing that with Bryce Butler’s blast beats for days and those crushing guitars and we’re there. Not only do they have insanely good material of their own but they have some

NEWS: Kerrang! Movie Soundtrack Mania!

Kerrang! Magazine have released their “15 Most Metal Songs on Soundtracks ever!” list earlier today and while there are very few exclusives on the list, it does make for an interesting read. No space for “I Stand Alone” by Godmack from The Scorpion King or even “On My God” by Guns n’ Roses from Arnold

Playlist: The Best New Music In METAL!

Music is full of opinion. It brings people together but it also creates division. Who’s better than who? Who’s the best at this? Who sounds better than that? Metal Hammer produced a list of their “best new music” from rock and metal in the last 14 days which… frankly, we disagreed with. We’re Metal Hammer

Playlist: We Came As Romans

In tribute to the fallen Kyle Pavone, who tragically passed away at just 28 a few days ago, here are a collection of some of the best songs that We Came As Romans released. Current album “Cold Like War” is a real return to form for WCAR so if you haven’t already, it’s well worth

Playlist: Howard Jones Guest Appearances!

What can we say that hasn’t been said about former The Blood Has Been Shed, Killswitch Engage and Devil You Know frontman Howard Jones? New band Light The Torch is doing well, he’s got a phenomenal vocal range and he’s a great wordsmith. So seeing as it’s Monday, here are 12 guest appearances he’s made

Playlist: Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed, Kingdom Of Sorrow, Jasta)

Sponsored by one of the national beers of Cyprus, Keo. Jamey Jasta has to be considered an icon. Not just for his work with HatebreedĀ or for his solo work with Jasta, Kingdom of Sorrow and numerous guest appearances but also as a TV show and awards host. Here’s a trip through 30 of his guest

Playlist: Joey Jordison

Joey Jordison is a drummer of legend. His run with Slipknot is one thing, but repeating it with Wednesday 13 in Murderdolls, with OTEP on “House of Secrets”, in Scar The Martyr, VIMIC & Sinsaenum is another. That’s no to mention the numerous guest appearances in the live arena, including saving Metallica‘s Download performance after

Playlist: Fat Lip Fest 2018!

In celebration of a glorious Fat Lip Fest in Bristol this past weekend, here’s a playlist to put the Monday morning blues to bed. All the bands from the Adnams Stage at The Lanes plus, of course the song the event takes its name from! Going since 2013, this years event marked the 5 year

Playlist: Frankie Palmeri Guest Appearances!

A few weeks back we did a Monday playlist of guest spots from Knocked Loose frontman Bryan Garris so today we’ve turned our attention to Emmure‘s Frankie Palmeri. There will always be naysayers for any frontman and Palmeri has had more that his fair share of those over the years, but there is no denying