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Playthrough: “Ruminate” from No Light Escapes!

Drummer Michael Bagchi from Vancouver heavy hitters No Light Escapes shows us how it’s done, filming, editing and mixing a playthrough video for “Ruminate“. The cut is one that takes pride of place on “The Purity of Grief”, produced by Tim Creviston (Spiritbox, Misery Signals), the first after the band rebranded themselves having begun life

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Metal Christmas Songs!

After some tunes to help you breathe more easily while you make a coffee and escape the family for a few precious moments? Here are five classic Christmas Metal cuts that you can annoy the family with on the Bluetooth speaker when you return to the present unwrapping madness!

Playlist: MetalNoise.Net 5th Anniversary One Dayer!

There has been a momentary glitch in the matrix. Please do not adjust your smart phone settings. In a single week break from our usual Vs Tuesday offering, courtesy of the man, the myth and the legend that is Chis Underhill from My Latest Failure, we have for your listening pleasure a playlist of tracks

Playthrough: “A Face Without Features” from Beyond Extinction!

Now that the fires of Bloodstock Open Air Festival have died down Essex Death Metallers Beyond Extinction look set to continue their their rise to World domination although vocalist Jasper Harmer would settle for a US tour opening for Fit For An Autopsy. Guitarist Jude Bennett has taken a few minutes out of his busy

Playthrough: “Psychosis” from Diamond Construct!

It has to be said that we found the title “pedal playthrough” for this clip from guitarist Braden Groundwater of Tech-Metal inspired Metalcore quartet Diamond Construct hilarious until pushing play. At that point witnessing him stepping up and down on his DigiTech Wammy V5, Boss Harmonist Ps-6 and MXR Carbon Copy Delay while playing a

Playlist: Vexed “Kill Tape” compilation!

April will see Vexed joining Dyscarnate in supporting Whitechapel in the Death Metal titans European Tour. Frontwoman Megan Targett has put together a “Kill Tape” of her Top #10 most streamed tracks of the moment that cuts across the genres and appears at least to be the first part of a series put together by

Playlist: UK Tech-Fest 2019!

We’ve taken a moment to compile a playlist that features a track from (almost) every band appearing at UK Tech-Fest 2019! Available on both YouTube and Spotify! They’re not 100% the same playlist to keep you on your toes! The Festival will be taking place at Newark Showgrounds starting on Thursday!

Playlist: Hunt The Dinosaur!

We’re fans of Dallas Texas Deathcore crew Hunt The Dinosaur. Not only because they’re heavy but because Hunter Madison’s vocals are insanely fun and mixing that with Bryce Butler’s blast beats for days and those crushing guitars and we’re there. Not only do they have insanely good material of their own but they have some

NEWS: Kerrang! Movie Soundtrack Mania!

Kerrang! Magazine have released their “15 Most Metal Songs on Soundtracks ever!” list earlier today and while there are very few exclusives on the list, it does make for an interesting read. No space for “I Stand Alone” by Godmack from The Scorpion King or even “On My God” by Guns n’ Roses from Arnold

Playlist: The Best New Music In METAL!

Music is full of opinion. It brings people together but it also creates division. Who’s better than who? Who’s the best at this? Who sounds better than that? Metal Hammer produced a list of their “best new music” from rock and metal in the last 14 days which… frankly, we disagreed with. We’re Metal Hammer