Playlist: The Best New Music In METAL!

Music is full of opinion. It brings people together but it also creates division. Who’s better than who? Who’s the best at this? Who sounds better than that? Metal Hammer produced a list of their “best new music” from rock and metal in the last 14 days which… frankly, we disagreed with. We’re Metal Hammer fans but there is plenty of new music out there that deserves attention and isn’t on their list. So here are 10 top tracks from the past few months that if you haven’t heard, deserve some attention! Happy Monday people. Thanks Gecko!

  1. Lotus Eater – Break It
  2. Bleach – Anguish
  3. Hollow Front – Don’t Fall Asleep
  4. Jesus Piece – Curse Of The Serpent
  5. The Five Hundred – Bleed Red
  6. The Agony Scene – Ascent and Decline
  7. Skeletonwitch – Fen of Shadows
  8. Boris The Blade – Threnody
  9. Vein – Virus://Vibrance
  10. Perception – Defy Dismay

Here’s Metal Hammer’s 11

  1. Clutch – In Walks Barbarella
  2. The Fever 333 – Made An America
  3. Alice In Chains – Never Fade
  4. Carpenter Brut – Dance Macabre
  5. Pig Destroyer – Mt. Skull
  6. Bring Me The Horizon – Mantra
  7. Anaal Nathrakh – Obscene As Cancer
  8. Coheed & Cambria – The Gutter
  9. Disturbed – Are You Ready
  10. Skyharbor – Sunshine Dust
  11. Puppy – Black Hole

You can read more about the Metal Hammer 11 here

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