Playlist: A Tribute to Faith No More

You get bands… and then you get bands. Faith No More have long been one of those bands. For each of the songs on this playlist there were many choices, Hellaween and Five Finger Death Punch have both done decent versions of “From Out Of Nowhere” for example, to name just one and Machine Head “Jizzlober”. But ultimately it comes down to which band nailed it that little bit more and put there own twist, without taking away too much from the original. The creepy dark vocals, the off-kilter music, the nostalgia. A massive influence on so many bands.


01. Raunchy – From Out Of Nowhere
02. Atreyu – Epic
03. All Shall Perish – Surprise! You’re Dead!
04. Ill Nino Ft. Chino Moreno of Deftones – Zombie Eaters
05. Trail Of Tears – Caffeine
06. Disturbed – Midlife Crisis
07. Between The Buried And Me – Malpractice
08. Tub Ring – Mouth To Mouth
09. 36 Crazyfists – Digging A Grave
10. Enslaved – Jizzlobber
11. Papa Roach – Naked In Front Of The Computer
12. Pat Callahan (ex-Seether Guitarist) Ft. Ravi – Last Cup Of Sorrow

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