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Review: “Time To Pass Away” by Dantalion

Releasing an album almost every two years since their 2006 debut “When the Ravens Fly over Me“, the return of Galician Atmospheric Black Metal outfit Dantalion with an album recorded among sanitary lockdowns should come as no surprise. What does is the return of Sanguinist to the role of vocalist after seven years in the

Review: “Devastating Synergy” by Mariner

Originally released digitally back in May, on 30th July Spirit Coffin Publishing will be releasing the debut EP from Tokyo, Japan based sci-fi Thrash Metal act Mariner on limited edition cassette tape. Entitled “Devastating Synergy” it features cover artwork from the legendary Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste, Skeletonwitch, High On Fire) as well as having been mastered

Review: “Creatio ex Nihilo” by Grohot

Forged in the fires of a Romanian summer in Comanesti, Bacău County in 2019, Black Metal trio Grohot chose the title of their debut EP “Creatio ex Nihilo” which translates from Latin “Creation from nothing” and represents the aesthetics of their project which tells of myths and symbols from both Romanian folklore and Universal Culture.

Review: “Songs and Tales of Grievance” by Dimman

In October 2019, the debut EP “152” from Finnish Melodic Death Metallers Dimman was fresh from hell’s gate, the band having moved from a quintet to a six piece to accommodate a second vocalist in Jenna Kohtala. She had originally been brought to the project as a guest but the band found that the ability

Review: “Descent” by Moon Reaper

Hailing from Bristol, Moon Reaper have been ploughing the fields with seeds of Progressive Blackened Doom Metal since 2018 with works as dark as the Earth during a solar eclipse. Comprising Morgan Cradick (Vocals and Guitar), Aidan Rutter (Bass), Zack Esposito (Drums) and Noah Burns (Guitar), they wear at least some of their influences upon

Review: “Sandmine” by (hed)p.e.

Last years well received “Class Of 2020” which was released on the 20th Anniversary of their seminal album “Broke” was supposed to be their last record in a while but when drama hits, (hed)p.e. frontman and mastermind Jared Gomes gets inspired and we’ve certainly had plenty of that. Recorded at Gomes’s home studio in Idaho,

Review: “Anguish” by Fraktions (5th Anniversary)

Our annual pilgrimage to Newark Showground for Tech-Fest began in July 2017 and we haven’t looked back since, the absence of the festival for two consecutive years due to the Great Plague considered a crime against humanity in these parts. So rather than cry into our collective empty pint glasses, we decided that to bring

Review: “Suffocating” by Mace

Last summer saw Calgary Alberta Canada’s Mace cut down their ambitions for a 7 track long player of Metallic Hardcore laced with Deathcore, Beatdown and Slam influences and instead unveil “Paranoia“, consisting of five blistering tracks including “Narcissist” that features a guest vocal appearance from Jesse Bartlet of Infidus. Eight months on and in the absence of

Review: “Exhumed Information” by Fulci

The seven year reign of terror of Italian Death Metallers Fulci continues with their third full length record “Exhumed Information“, recorded at Till Deaf Recording Studios by Ando Ferraiuolo before being mastered by to Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Cavalera Conspiracy, Tomb Mold) and bejewelled by cover artwork designed by SoloMacello (Sadist, Elvenking, Black Rainbows). For