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Review: “Black Star Gnosis” by Demoncy

It has been eleven years since “Enthroned Is the Night” the last confession of Demoncy but one should never mistake silence for weakness as multi instrumentalist, founder and mastermind Ixithra has been plotting their return to the throne ever since. He is joined by guitarist and drummer VJS (Adaestuo, Nightbringer, Sargeist) who recorded and mixed

Review: “Made Of Stone” by Embrace Your Punishment

Having roots that go back nearly two decades to 2004 when they were known as C-Vice and were a predominantly Deathcore inspired outfit, Embrace Your Punishment now celebrate their third album “Made Of Stone” having contorted into offering something closer to Brutal Death Metal. The Valenciennes France based quartet are joined for the first time

Review: “Cold Epiphany” by Voice of Ruin

Fifteen years into their career in Melodic Death Metal, Swiss natives Voice Of Ruin have returned with their fourth full length album “Cold Epiphany“, a record said to be caught in the vortex between tragic reality and fiction. Taking lyrical inspiration from both the darkest episodes of history and an imaginary future, ravaged by disease

Review: “Self Titled” by Buried Shallow

“We wanted to create something that people could relate to on a visceral level. This EP is not just about our experiences; it’s about the shared human experience of facing fears, confronting pain, and emerging stronger on the other side” ~ Charlie White, vocals

Review: “The Silent Call” by Cryptosis

““The Silent Call” is a thought-provoking glimpse into a world where the lines between reality and artificial control blur, leaving individuals feeling lost and insignificant in the midst of sprawling, concrete jungles we call cities. A hauntingly introspective track that casts a shadow over our human existence. It’s a sonic journey that invites you to

Review: “Survival Mode” by Disorientation

Building on the foundation of gold and bones of their debut self titled EP from 2021, Montreal Quebec Canadian multi instrumentalist duo Disorientation have returned with “Survival Mode“. Mixed and mastered by Hugues Deslauriers at Roarrr Sound Studio, it finds partners in crime Marie-Claude Fleury (Vocals, Oboe, English Horn, Drum Programming) and Daniel Daris (Guitars,

Review: “Burnt Offering” by Pessimystic

A concept record that contemplates divine retribution and conjures the apocalyptic imagery enshrined in the human psyche, “Burnt Offering” sounds ominous before we get to the fact that the Blackened Death Metal band that created it are shrouded in mystery. What we can say is that the collective hail from Ottawa, Ontario Canada while the

Review: “Infernotes” by Tweedledead

One fleeting glance at the cover artwork should be enough to confirm that the works of Tweedledead is going to be dark. A vision with an analytical eye towards the current social drift and the decline of modern civilisation which has roots in ancient times, “Infernotes” is the blackened and gnarly creation of a multi instrumentalist hailing

Review: “Last Days” by Impending Doom

It seems strange to say it but “Last Days” marks the first independent record in the career of Riverside Californian Deathcore mainstays Impending Doom since their 2005 demo “The Sin and Doom of Godless Men“. Since they’ve released six albums, two splits and now this, their second back to back EP following 2021’s critically acclaimed

Review: “Lifeline” by Continents

“Lifeline is about being giving another chance and failing at suicide……don’t let the sadness and intrusive thoughts win. The artwork has a concept with 6 meanings. We’ve created a ghost figure as a simple way to represent six quite difficult concepts in mental health. The smiling mask represents the fake smile of a narcissist and