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Review: “Dead End Pt. 2” by WarCall

“Overall, the two EPs together are a collection of 9 songs, 9 stories about struggle. We have let the events of 2020 influence the process and the mood of the two EPs, while still aiming for a timeless production that will age well in time. The title and artwork represent the doom and gloom of

Review: “Concordance” by Varius

While it has been done previously, most notably perhaps by DJentlemen Periphery with their record “Clear“, the concept that Varius have chosen for their sophomore EP “Concordance” remains a fascinating one. The Niagara Falls, Ontario based quartet who comprise Joel Tassillo (Bass), Joey Scaringi (Vocals), Vladimir Prokhorov (Drums) and Patrick Forlin (Guitar) have gone the

Review: “Beware The Snake” by Alera

Its often said that fashions and trends happen in cycles and that things get re-invented in a nostalgic and yet in some ways superior form years after the pioneers who created them have had their time. In the case of Australian Post Hardcore quintet Alera who have grown something of a cult following with a

Review: “Midnights Abyss” by Neverworld

Following a brief period of rest an rejuvenation, the return of Neverworld with a new line up and a new EP is just the beginning as the lead single from “Midnights Abyss“, one called “The Other Side Of Midnight” serves as the first offering from a new as yet untitled album set for the spring

Review: “Alone” by Kaali

They say expect the unexpected, don’t be surprised by an unusual event because frankly anything could happen and probably will. So when reading the bio of Kaali, a Blackened Hardcore outfit from Chi Minh City, Vietnam we shouldn’t be surprised that the band is comprised of a group of expats. But even so, it seems

Review: “Glamorise Demise” by Headwreck

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered in-house by Headwreck guitarist and vocalist Jamo Benadie, ‘Glamorise Demise’ is something of a concept EP that takes a journey through the stages of initial symptoms, false diagnosis and then dealing with the dissociative disorder of  Depersonalization and Derealization suffered by vocalist Connor Hickman. They are joined by drummer Colby

Review: “Cosmos” by Navian

“We started out talking about the vision we all had in mind of what we wanted to do this time around. How we wanted the instruments to sound, the way we wanted to orchestrate and arrange the music, how we wanted it to be played, what kind of energy and landscape we were looking to

Review: “Moonflowers” by Swallow The Sun

During their 20 plus year career, Swallow The Sun have been slowly but surely building a Doom-Death mountain, the like of which has been unparalleled with six studio albums before 2019’s Emma Gaala-nominated (Finnish Grammys) “When a Shadow Is Forced into the Light“. How do you surpass the qualities of something so widely held in