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Review: “Severance Of Serenity” by Nephylim

A five member Melodic Death Metal band from the Hertogenbosch and Apeldoorn regions of the Netherlands, Nephylim have taken influences including Insomnium, At The Gates and Omnium Gatherum and looked to create their own sound following their 2015 debut EP “Torn“. The time between now and then has seen them replace vocalist Lisa van Dijk (ex-Solemnus)

Review: “Inter Vivos” by Dead End Finland

“Inter Vivos“, meaning a life-long commitment which only expires due to the death of the other party, is the name that Dead End Finland have chosen for their forth studio album, which has been an incredible three years in the making. It follows 2011’s “Stain Of Grace“, 2013’s “Season of Withering” and 2016’s “Slaves to

Review: “Lost Connection” EP from Chalice

Two years after full length “Ashes Of Hope” which saw them celebrate 20 years together, Beveren-Leie Belgium natives Chalice have returned with “Lost Connection“. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tony De Block at Midas Recording Studio in Lokeren with the band delivering a blend of Death Metal and Thrash that focuses on personal struggle and

Review: “Trail Of The Fallen” by Sometimes We Make Music

If you think that Sometimes We Make Music (often abbreviated to SWMM) have a strange band name, then it isn’t without good reason. Ivar Oftedal (lead guitar and composing), Danny Valle Johannessen (vocals and lyrics), Terje Martinussen (drums), Zlatko Kusmic (rhythm guitar) and Alejandro Roberto Sanhueza (bass) started SWMM in the spring of 2013 as a

Review: “The Mind Awakes” by Second Brain

Calling themselves a Freeform Thrash band, which in reality is shorthand for a blend of Thrash Metal, Death Metal,  Progressive Rock and Alternative Metal stylings, Second Brain from Roma Italy has originally slated their sophomore album and follow up to 2014’s “Synthesis” entitled “The Mind Awakes” for November 2019. For whatever reason, the quintet of

Review: “A Reptilian Dystopia” EP by Frogg

Frogg started as your typical high school band with founder Sky Moon Clark and co-founder at the time, Ryan Panny blasting off primarily Children of Bodom covers for fun. Frogg was later revitalized by Clark, during his time at Berklee College of Music. Experimenting  with different projects while continuing to funnel different guitar-centric song ideas

Review: “Belong” by L’Homme Absurde

A Post-Black Metal band that originally started out as a one man project in 2015, L’Homme Absurde are now a fully fledged 5 piece as they approach the release of their third album “Belong“. The Russian residents now comprise vocalist Alexey Slavin, guitarist duo Alexandr Safronov and Roman Savenkov alongside a rhythm section of bassist Pavel Gorshkov and

Review: “The Product Of Self Hatred” EP by Grieve

From five songs came three pre-release singles from a debut EP that features a trio of guest vocal appearances to ensure that Orlando Florida outfit Grieve not only get your attention with “The Product Of Self Hatred” but most importantly have fun doing it. Across the pre-release singles the quartet – vocalist Corbus, guitarist Dylan,

Review: “This Is Called Survival” EP by Pressure Cracks

The success of Fever 333 in Jason Aalon Butler’s post letlive World and with some commentators comparing their vibe to Rage Against The Machine, you might have thought that his other project Pressure Cracks might have fallen by the way side. But no this second supergroup of sorts, with Werewolf Congress guitarists Dan Bieranowski (The Mistake, ex-Scars Of

Review: “Day Terrors” by Sleepwraith

Incubated over the course of 20 years, the partnership of Seedy Mitchell and Ryan Biggs is based on a friendship that goes back to before either of them were playing music or even listening to Metal. Now that partnership has developed into a dark and dynamic collaborative undertaking that sees Mitchell bringing material to the