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The Black Map 77: Death Remains from London!

Going back to an old favourite of the UK Underground Metal Scene for this week’s entry in The Black Map, we stay in the capital and talk about the one and only Death Remains. They announced new bassist Si Sheppard in May after he’d had the trial by fire of a run of shows, as

The Black Map 77: Malign from Manchester!

Heading from London to Manchester for some Northern Hate, it’s the turn of 6 piece Beatdown Hardcore crew Malign to take their place on our Black Map of the UK Underground Metal Scene! As you might expect, they’ve shared stages with the likes of Gassed Up and MTXS over the past 12 months but also

The Black Map 76: Selfworth from London!

Taking the journey from a place that not that many folks have heard of back to London it’s time to check out Selfworth. A quintet who strive to promote a positive outlook on the World with their message and a cathartic writings, they’ve delivered three singles over the past 12 months in “Paperskin”, “Scissors To

The Black Map 75: Parallax from… Biggleswade?!

Let’s get the Elephant out of the room before we talk about this week’s entry in our Encyclopedia Britannica of the UK Metal Underground Scene otherwise known as The Black Map. Where the @#©$ is Biggleswade? With an estimated population of 25,000 on the river Ivel, 11 miles south-east of Bedford is the Market Town

The Black Map 74: The Colony from Glasgow!

Formed just over a decade ago in Glasgow Scotland, The Colony have consistently released an album every 2 years since their debut EP “Romper Stomper” in 2011. That has taken the 5 piece Metal act on journeys into the Eastern Europe and Ireland with festival appearances in Romania so name but a few. 28th September

The Black Map #73: Hundred Year Old Man from Leeds!

When some people talk you just listen and take heed of what they have to say. So when someone as important as Employed To Serve frontman Justine Jones, who also happens to be the label Manager Holyroar Records dropped 5 must hear British Metal bands for Kerrang Magazine, we were all ears. One of the

The Black Map #72: Creak from Newcastle!

Heading North from Birmingham to Newcastle for this weeks entry in the Black Map of the UK Metal Underground scene, it’s time to check out Creak. Calling themselves a Grove orientated Nu-Metalcore band they’ve dropped a pair of singles in the past 9 months with “(W)retch” featuring Loathe guitarist Connor Sweeny clocking up more than

The Black Map #71: Ill Vision from Birmingham!

After a week off, it’s time to get back on the road and head to Birmingham for this week’s entry in The Black Map of the UK Underground Metal Scene. This week’s edition is sponsored by Carlsberg’s Danish Pilsner, which isn’t the best Lager in the World, it’s just a Tribute. But we digress. As

The Black Map #70: Deadthrone from Manchester!

Heading from Milton Keynes and FLÜX to Manchester and Deadthrone is an entirely chalk and cheese experience. The Melodic Metalcore quartet comprising Chris Bissette with the unclean vocals, James Bolton with guitars and clean vocals, Sam Clough on second guitar and Benj Speight on drums are getting ready to unleash the dragon with their debut

The Black Map #69: FLÜX from Milton Keynes!

Seeing as it’s Sunday and the day after Radar Festival, we’re going to cheat a bit on this weeks entry in The Black Map and bring your further attention to a band we saw in action only yesterday. Why? Because we can and they were different and interesting. FLÜX are a trio comprising Guitarist Timfy