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The Black Map #235: Wall from Oxford

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop so what do you do when you’re already in two bands who regularly tour not only the United Kingdom but also Europe and love a Festival appearance but you’re bored in doors, chained to the radiator due to a plague sweeping the Globe? Well to prevent yourself from losing

The Black Map #234: Eyes Of A Nihilist from Peterborough!

Nihilism. A family of views and philosophies that rejects generally accepted or fundamental aspects of human existence such as social institutions, religion and morality… Which has to be the shortest definition known to man of a very broad subject but essential for the understanding of the concept that Peterborough Progressive Thrall act Eyes Of A

The Black Map #233: Deathfiend from Birmingham!

We travel from Belfast to Birmingham for this weeks entry in our Black Map of the United Kingdom Underground Metal scene and to a band who feature in their ranks John Pickering (ex-Doom, ex-Sore Throat). Infusing elements of Black Metal, Death Metal, Sludge, Doom, Crust Punk and Hardcore, Deathfiend have risen to prominence with their debut

The Black Map #232: Strangle Wire from Belfast!

The twelfth largest city in the United Kingdom just so happens to be the place that Psychological Death Groove Metal act Strangle Wire call home and with a population on 345,418 in 2021 they have a decent sized home town crowd to disturb. The band are comprised of a quartet of seasoned musicians for whom

The Black Map #231: Sobriquet from Sheffield!

Going from Southampton to Sheffield in one Incredible Hulk sized death defying, gravity ignoring leap is what The Black Map is all about, a feature that spreads the word like a gossip hungry wench about the great and the good of the United Kingdom Underground Metal scene. The south coast allowed us a moment to

The Black Map #230: Deference from Southampton!

From Birmingham and A Titan, A Deity we head to the south coast for this week’s entry in the encyclopedia of the UK Underground Metal scene that is The Black Map. Two hundred and thirty acts have appeared in the feature that continues to introduce new bands while celebrating older ones, something that makes it

The Black Map #229: A Titan, A Deity from Birmingham!

It’s funny how the English language evolves and things that have meant one thing for hundreds, if not thousands of years end up meaning another quite quickly with the evolution of technology. If you’ve woken up feeling like you’ve been broadsided by a freight train then chances are you might consider that infamous hangover remedy

The Black Map #228: Imperium from London!

It’s been emotional. After a week off for bad behaviour it’s time we the sipped some scalding hot coffee and talked about Underground Metal for a few minutes. For the purpose we head from Durham and Mortal Chains to the bright lights and dark corners of our capital city London, where we find a band

The Black Map #227: Mortal Chains from Durham!

After two weeks in University Cities that share a boat race that captivates a certain percentage of the populious for 20 minutes every year, we head North to Durham for this weeks entry in our Black Map. A feature that acts as a siren, calling those sailing the seven seas of Metal to some of

The Black Map #226: Nvmeral from Oxford!

Each week we take a more in depth look at a band from the UK Metal Underground scene who are deserving of some attention in this feature we like to call The Black Map and after #226 weeks it continues to be one of the most successful of those we have created. This week we