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The Black Map #265: Veridian from Reading! (Reading Rising IV Edition)

Earlier this week the addition of Reading Alternative Rock bands Veridian and Our Fate to an already stacked line-up for this years incarnation of Reading Rising Festival found us doing a double take like say… what?! How have they achieved that?! There are officially 62 days before 18th November when the one dayer will take

The Black Map #260: Helestios from Basingstoke!

“It’s the return of the… “Ah, wait, no way, you’re kidding. They didn’t just say what I think they did, did they?”” yeah we did. Almost a calendar month after our last entry in the black book of the United Kingdom Underground Metal scene that we call The Black Map, we return to the long running

The Black Map #259: Fall of Saturn from London!

A feature dedicated to sharing the knowledge about bands in the United Kingdom Underground Metal scene, The Black Map returns for it’s 259th not quite as consecutive as we’d like week to talk about Fall Of Saturn. Hailing from London, the Groove Metal quartet announced themselves to an unsuspecting World in August 2020. However due