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Exclusive Interview: Drowning In Blood talk “Crush The Weak”!

Who doesn’t like a Thrashing in the snow? Montreal Canadian trio Drowning In Blood gave it their finest when shooting a music video for “Death Of Democracy” from their brand new shinny EP “Crush The Weak” and made it look easy. The band were gracious enough to talk to us after we reviewed the record,

Exclusive Interview: Mortyfear talk “My Dystopia”!

Last month we shared our top #5 albums of the year that was 2021 in the middle of our Listmainia awards season between Christmas and New Year and upon that list was none other than “My Dystopia” by Seinäjoki Finland based Metal act Mortyfear. Let out of the asylum to create something eclectic and heavy,

Exclusive Interview: Whipworm talk “In The Throes”!

A little bit ago we spoke to the man, the myth and the legend that is Travis Weinand (Titan, Burden, Tetsuo), a multi instrumentalist and vocalist who conjoined with drummer Dave Ferrara (ex-Cemetery) have been creating some really intriguing Thrash inspired Death Metal. They released their third EP “In The Throes” I’m November, just 17

Exclusive Interview: Inexorable talk writing and recording “Immortal”!

Taking inspiration from bands like Dying Fetus and Dimmu Borgir vocalist Matt Alleger and multi instrumentalist Dustin Smith to joined forces in Inexorable and unleashed an old school Death Metal demo tape style EP that you might consider Blackened by their love of Black Metal in “Immortal” last month. As is usually the way, we went creature double feature

Exclusive Interview: Kaali talk “Alone”!

It’s not every day that you come across a band of ex-pats living in Vietnam who have joined forces to to form a Blackened Hardcore outfit; but Rich Peto (Guitar), Sergey Bochenkov (Drums), Cerrin Hendricks (Bass) and Viktor Nagradic (Vocals) who hail from Chi Minh City have done exactly that with Kaali. They enlisted the