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Exclusive Interview: Crostpaths talk “Mutated”!

When it comes to hybrids, Kent quartet Crostpaths have got it down to a fine art and with their sophomore EP “Mutated” set to open not only doors but windows of opportunity as well when it drops on 27th November 2020. You might call them Nu-Metal, Rap-Rock or even Alternative Metal but does it really

Exclusive Interview: Huminoid talk “All Hell Broke Loose”!

Indonesia. Between India and the Pacific Ocean it consists of more than 17 thousand Islands of varying size and is famous in Olympic circles for its medal haul in Weightlifting and the country’s staple food is rice. But we’re not here to talk about any of that. We’re here because after reviewing the Huminoid EP

Exclusive Interview: Mask Of Insanity talk “Damnation Is Eternal”!

Mask of Insanity are a beast that rose from the black depths of Lelystad Netherlands in 2015 to conjure Blackened Melodic Death Metal around an axis of Gildor van Mourlik (bass, vocals) and Vincent Klien (guitars) who were joined by Cor Vos (guitars) for their debut album “Damnation Is Eternal“, which spent some five years

Exclusive Interview: Malfested open up on “Shallow Graves”!

What more reason that post mortem boredom could you have for forming a new Death Metal band in the middle of a plague? Yet to leave to sanctuary of the mortuary are Malfested, a new Death Metal band from Kortrijk, Belgium who take influence from 90’s Death Metal acts like Deicide and Bloodbath to forge

Exclusive Interview: Windchimes talk “Enervation”!

“This album is the accumulation of our negative energy directed into a form of art. We used the experience of writing and self-recording Enervation as a cathartic release of what we were all going through during that time. We hope you hear what we say, and can relate to these feelings” ~ Windchimes

Exclusive Interview: Solarhead talk “Orbital Decay”!

Duo Jason Emry (vocals) and Bob Hamilton (guitars) are seasoned musicians who have been writing together for many years. Previously released an album under the moniker Abominaut in 2018 with Michael O’Brien on bass and Ben Resler on drums, they’ve invested their time in something new in 2020 and the results of that writing axis

Exclusive Interview: Wyrmhaven talk “Delirium”!

Tucson, Arizona Melodic Death Metal quintet Wyrmhaven who comprise Ryan Daily (lead guitars), Keith Huffman (bass, also in Decayer) alongside Nick Cowan (guitars), Stephen Majalca (drums, also in Annarbor) and Alex Parra (vocals) dropped their debut EP together in August entitled “Delirium“. The core of the quintet have been friends for 10 plus years, having

Exclusive Interview: Force Of Mortality talk “New Dark World”!

Oxford isn’t just the home of a World famous University. A thriving music scene in a multicultural environment and a good number of solid Metal venues makes it a place for bands to grow and a number have risen to prominence. Residents Force Of Mortality spent most of 2019 recording their debut full length album