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Exclusive Interview: Veridian talk “Pavement”!

Reading Alternative Rockers Veridian, fresh from a pair of November dates with Palmist and of course the “The Night Of The Living Dred” support slot for Skindred, have shared a follow up to recent single “Halo” in the form of “Pavement”. As they have new music on the way, we took a few moments to talk to

Exclusive Interview: Litost talk Projections!

Earlier this week we had the pleasure of reviewing a covers EP entitled “Projections” from duo Litost (pronounced “lee-toast”) that is a mighty fine piece of work. Multi-instrumentalist John Rackowski and vocalist Matt Smith make the songs their own, a crucial part of any covers in our eyes so we figured it would be nice to

Exclusive Interview: More Than Machines talk “Paradigm”!

Dublin, Ireland Tech-Infused Metalcore quartet More Than Machines unveiled their labour of love “Paradigm” in October and we had the pleasure of reviewing it before it was available to the masses. After hearing it, we had a few questions for the band so here’s what they had to say… The American accented clean vocals, that

Exclusive Interview: Jaakko Yli-Sorvari from Dimman on “152”!

Earlier this week we had the pleasure of reviewing “152”, the sophomore EP from Dimman that saw them add female vocals from new member Jenna Kohtala to their Melodic Death Metal sound. After the review we were lucky enough to speak to Guitarist and song writer Jaakko Yli-Sorvari about the bands work… How did the

Exclusive Interview: DAO on “Worthless”!

Having skipped any thoughts of an EP to test the waters and released their debut full length “Worthless” on 27th September, Leeds natives DAO have given us tinnitus from listening to it in the best way. Far too loud. Seeing as they were kind enough to let us review the album before it landed everywhere