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Exclusive Interview: Sailor Hunter talk debut EP!

It’s been a whirlwind two years for Gothenburg Sweden based Groove Metal quartet Sailor Hunter who have smashed out of the park seven singles seven deadly sins and then followed that up with a debut self titled EP which appeared last week via Inverse Records. Taking influence from the Mediterranean sea, the famed Gothenburg sound

Exclusive Interview: Nonsun talk “Blood & Spirit”!

A truly fascinating, enthralling and captivating piece of work, the sophomore album “Blood & Spirit” from Ukrainian quartet Nonsun beggars belief with a grace and dark beauty that creates a cinematic soundscape of Post-Metal that also has doses of Drone, Sludge and Doom. We had the pleasure of a conversation with multi instrumentalist Goatooth and bass

Exclusive Interview: Incriya talk “Nothingness”!

Who are Incriyra? In their own words: “Incriya is a Finnish metal band formed in 2021. Their music portrays a broad spectrum of colors, where deep contrasts are knit together. Combining heavier elements of modern progressive metal and djent with intriguing grooves and beautiful atmospheres gives their sound a unique flavor. Though their sound has absorbed

Exclusive Interview: Mustasuo talk new album “Hiljaisuus”!

A month after it’s release, we talk to Mustasuo mastermind Antti Saarilampi (guitar, vocals, song writing) about his bands new album “Hiljaisuus”, a Blackened Crust Punk blitzkrieg that knows no boundaries or borders. You released “Hiljaisuus” on 1st April, April fools day. How did you come to choose the date for the release and how

Exclusive Interview: 21 Questions with… Doc Hammer!

When they’re not drinking margaritas and sunning themselves by the pool, Doc Hammer are creating the kind of Hardcore Punk that dreams are made of. If you’re dream is to sell out a series of dive bars around the San Diego area. So after their latest (and greatest) offering “Paradise“, we caught up with the