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Exclusive Interview: Averted talk “Silenced”!

Usually when it comes to the crunch of an interview you might find yourselves as the interviewer asking the questions with one or two members of a band providing their insight on the material that they have crafted together. Having taken some time out of their busy schedule however we’ve been graced by the presence

Exclusive Interview: From Eden To Exile talk “Age Of Fire”!

It’s been a long road for Northampton Groove Metallers From Eden To Exile. Having received critical acclaim from everywhere that was anywhere since the release of their debut “Modern Disdain” in 2017 (“Chunky beatdowns and commendable dexterity bubbling through”– Metal Hammer, “On debut album ‘Modern Disdain’ the 8 songs on offer are utterly relentless explosions

Exclusive Interview: Mark My Way talk “Thin The Herd”!

Following our review earlier this week of the debut full length album from Belgian Metallic Hardcore act Mark My Way (comprising drummer Gillian Coussens, bassist Rutger Vermeulen, vocalist Lennart Breine, guitarists Lennert De Clercq and Niek Van de Capelle) entitled “Thin The Herd” which was released just yesterday, we got speaking to them about the album,

Exclusive Interview: Jumpman talk Zelda, Converge and Pizza!

Watford Nintendocore duo Jumpman aka Eliot Foster on Lead vocals and guitar Tom Cole on guitar and synths, who like to blend hardcore punk, tech-metal and 8-bit chiptune synths recently dropped a creative double feature by the name of “Shame“. If you like fast and abrasive riffs with rapid fire metronomic artillery shell drum machine

Exclusive Interview: Iferann talk “Desecration” and more!

Earlier this month we reviewed “Desecration” from Edinburgh Thrash giants Iferann. Granted an audience with them, we asked a few burning questions we had left over from the review as well as about their influences and where they want to end up. Here’s what they had to say… if you’ve not had the pleasure, you

Exclusive Interview: Jigokü talk debut EP “Hate:Speech”!

Last week we reviewed the brilliant “Hate:Speech” by Jigokü and with a few questions in mind, we were lucky enough to be granted an audience with them for an exclusive interview. If you’re not familiar with their work then lets just say… the Budapest Hungary based quartet have been working with Harmed guitarist Gabor Toth

Exclusive Interview: Harvey Lake from Ruina on “Nemesis” and more!

After our heads got turned when we heard pre-release single “Sickness Forever” we decided to check out and subsequently review the debut EP from Ruina. That goes by the name “Nemesis” and follows the stand alone single “Bad Faith” from last year. As they’re just starting out and don’t have the longest of Bios, we