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Exclusive Interview: Anzeria talk “Holy Defy”!

Returning after six years in the wilderness, Symphonic Metal act Anzeria from Istanbul Turkey unveiled a new album in “Holy Defy” earlier this week. An impressive piece of work that not only showcases the bands talents but that also has a bit more bite that some more traditional acts in the genre, it has plenty to offer

Exclusive Interview: Ruina on Writing and Recording!

As March fast approaches and the promise of new material from Ruina, we caught up with main man Harvey Lake to chat about how he writes and records music for the band. Knowing no boundaries and loving to experiment, debut EP “Nemesis” was strictly Metallic Hardcore in a similar vein to early Deez Nuts. Since

Exclusive Interview: This Is Turin talk “T.U.R.I.N”!

Cheshire based Blackened Technical Death Metallers This Is Turin have been mainstays of the Underground Metal scene for as long as we can remember and with their latest EP they’ve invested not only their hearts and souls but also had the courage to ask CJ McMahon of Thy Art Is Murder to make a guest

Exclusive Interview: Spoiler talk Writing and Recording!

At the end of October 2020 we were greeted by a the doorbell to be punched full in the face by Essex based Nu-Metalcore merchants Spoiler armed with the knuckleduster of a debut single that is “Repress“. After some banter, an exclusive interview and a pair impressive playthrough videos, they returned in February for a

Exclusive Interview: Filthy Crook talk “Love Eternally”!

Having caught our ear with their Groove Metal fueled debut “From Filth To Filth“, the return of Finnish quintet Filthy Crook so soon was a little bit unexpected but with a new vocalist front and center and a concept EP called “Live Eternally” revolving around love, some of which is seriously unhealthy, they were on

Exclusive Interview: Lam talk “Liber K”!

There is a certain amount of what you might call madness that goes into making a piece of more avant-garde Metal. Coming up with ideas that push boundaries and make you question what you’re listening to, while being hooked, like a white knuckle ride that you simply can’t get off. A group of musicians who

Exclusive Interview: Kwato talk “Ass To Mars”

Recorded at Warmaudio Decines in October 2020 by French Crossover Thrash act Cedric Delmas (guitars), Theo Rampont (drums), Nicolas Sonnier (vocals) aka Kwato, debut EP “Ass To Mars” landed on our laps like half a steaming hot cup of fresh coffee. We leapt to our feet, two stepped around the room and then sat down

Exclusive Interview: Escarion talk Seven Deadly Sins!

There are concept albums and then there are great concept albums and with “Pillars of Faith“, Melbourne Australian based Escarion have delivered a jaw dropping piece of work, an investigation of the human psyche, contrasted with the idea of the ‘The Seven Deadly Sins‘. For us, their sophomore record happens to be the album of