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Exclusive Interview: Demoralizer talk “This World is Suffering”!

A calendar month on from our 2nd January review of “This World Is Suffering” by Dutch Death Metal enthusiasts Demoralizer we had a conversation with guitarist Yuri de Wolf about his crimes, convictions and feelings on the sentence subsequently handed down to him in punishment. He is joined in the prison cell by vocalist Reinder

Exclusive Interview: Buriality talk writing and recording “Primogenitum”!

21 days after a mysterious, incurable disease spreads throughout the barren lands, a handful of survivors try to find sanctuary and naturally those survivors form a Groove Metal band from Madrid, Spain. After we caught up with bassist Juan Carlos “litos” Fernández from Buriality off the back of the bands EP “Primogenitum“, they insisted on giving

Exclusive Interview: Ephemera talk “Somewhere Between Order and Chaos”!

Yorkshire Hardcore quartet Ephemera have been generating a lot of noise of late and rattling a few cages with their sophomore EP “Somewhere Between Order and Chaos”. Mixed and mastered by Beauty School guitarist Grant Beeden Clayton and landing via Kingside Records in late December, it includes big single “Sick” with the band building on

Exclusive Interview: Moeror talk “All That We Seem”!

A harrowing tale, “All That We Seem” as an exploration of their Post-Metal influences from Greek Experimental Atmospheric Black Metal act Moeror as well as blending heavier synths to their sound. Paying tribute to their fallen brother X and kept between the remaining band members Giannis Anagnostou (Guitars, Vocals, Artwork), Kostis Prassas (Guitars, Synths, Vocals,