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Exclusive Interview: Huminoid talk “Self Titled” EP!

Hailing from Manado in Indonesia, Huminoid are a six piece who caught our ears with their debut EP “All Hell Broke Loose” in October last year, a three track effort that served as the bands first wrecking ball strike at the World of Metallic Hardcore having opening transcended to the genre having started out as

Exclusive Interview: The Cartographer talk “Mind Atlas”!

Last week saw the return of Derby Tech-Metallers The Cartographer with their sophomore EP “Mind Atlas”. We say ‘return‘ but they had never really been away; they just found a few stumbling blocks along the path from creating their debut “Human Error” to creating “Mind Atlas” but giving them their due, it has been worth

Exclusive Interview: As We Suffer talk “The Fallen Pillars”!

Canadians As We Suffer may have begun life as a cover band but as they evolved into writing their own music, they focused on a more metal-infused skate punk vibe with major influence stemming from Pennywise, Strung Out, and NOFX before shapeshifting even further with a Metalcore leaning along the lines of early Killswitch Engage

Exclusive Interview: Penny Coffin talk writing and recording!

Last week saw the release of “ΤΕΦΡΑ” (pronounced “Tefra” and meaning human ashes, in Greek), the debut EP from Scottish and Greek Death Metal trio Penny Coffin to much fanfare, from us at least as not only did we review the beast but we also interviewed the creators of Frankenstein’s’ Monster as well – and

Exclusive Interview: Akkadian talk writing and recording!

Following the release of their single “Agenda” we have ear marked Cambridge Metallers Akkadian as not only ones to watch but also as future Tech-Fest and Bloodstock performers, their meaty riffs crossing over Metal sub-genres with consummate ease. Formed in 2018 in Cambridge but not the types to get involved in any kind of boat

Exclusive Interview: Penny Coffin talk “ΤΕΦΡΑ”!

The notorious homeless shelters of Victorian London is where Scottish and Greek Death Metal trio Penny Coffin take their name and in their debut EP “ΤΕΦΡΑ” (pronounced “Tefra” and meaning human ashes, in Greek) they have crossed our palms with silver. Formed during the Great Plague Daniel Paton (guitars and vocals), Joseph Edward Kelly (guitars,

Exclusive Interview: May The Tempest talk “Rise To Remain”!

Last month German Metalcore act May The Tempest unleashed “Rise To Remain” after leaving a trail of breadcrumbs in single form with “Bitter Taste” (Summer 2016) “Different” (February 2020), “Ghost” (March 2020), and “Nowhere” (August 2020) laying the foundations for it following their 2015 debut EP “Siren“. Their DIY work ethic lead to the new album

Exclusive Interview: Termina talk “Dysphoria”

One of the biggest and best surprises that 2021 has had to offer so far is the debut album “Dysphoria” from Termina, an outfit which sees YouTuber, guitarist and producer Nik Nocturnal paired up with vocalist Andy Cizek of Makari, WVNDER and Monuments fame. Cross multiple sub-genres of Metal like Superheroes performing death defying leaps