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Exclusive Interview: Vanitas look back at the past year #2!

2023 was an incredible year for Cinematic DJent pioneers Vanitas for so many reasons, from four very well received waterfall released singles to sharing some larger stages and a run to the Metal 2 The Masses final for a chance to play Bloodstock. The second part of a creature double feature of interviews with them

Exclusive Interview: Splitknuckle talk “Breathing Through The Wound”!

After more than a decade of aggression Essex Metallic Hardcore crew Splitknuckle entered Fuzzbrain Studios in Walthamstow with Ben Spence to work on their sophomore album “Breathing Through The Wound“ and the results of that partnership speak for themselves. Spence encouraged the band to get creative and indulge themselves in an exploration of the darker side

Exclusive Interview: Drown In Sulphur talk “Dark Secrets of the Soul”!

A highly anticipated record “Dark Secrets of the Soul” from Italian Blackened Deathcore collective Drown In Sulphur has already surpassed 260k of Spotify streams having only been released on 12th January via Scarlet Records. Admittedly those statistics are skewed by the pre-release singles but even so the numbers feel like the announcement of the opening

Exclusive Inteview: Vanitas look back at the past year part #1!

It may sound like a cliché but rising like a phoenix from the ashes of Verb The Noun and Aramantus with a mutual love of vast spanning JRPG soundtracks Vanitas coined their own genre with their sound when they appeared on the scene in 2022. After releasing their self titled debut EP the Birmingham based Cinematic DJent

Exclusive Interview: Rough Justice talk “Faith In Vain”!

Sheffield Hardcore heroes Rough Justice finally released their long awaited (and highly anticipated) debut album “Faith In Vain” on 12th January and it’s an absolute blast. They have a February tour with Malevolence and Pain of Truth on the horizon but were generous enough to take some time out from their busy rehearsal schedule to

Exclusive Interview: Writhe talk writing and recording “In Filth”!

Citing influences in Lorna Shore and Humanity’s Last Breath, United Kingdom Progressive Deathcore collective Writhe have created a debut EP titled “In Filth” which places them on the edge the territory of those beasts. A cautionary tale of a sentient AI’s transformation into a Lovecraftian entity of unfathomable horror, the concept record is one to turn bone