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Exclusive Interview: Inexorable talk “Immortal”!

Last month we reviewed the debut EP from vocalist Matt Alleger and multi instrumentalist Dustin Smith otherwise known as Inexorable as the duo took their bow with “Immortal“, an old School Death Metal demo tape style with a touch of Black Metal influence for good measure. We spoke to them about how their alchemy brought

Exclusive Interview: 20 Questions with David Pope from Siderian!

Christmas Day saw us introduce a new interview style and a bit of get to know you fun with Weaponry frontman Al Bristow that went down an absolute storm. So we’ve thrown some fuel onto the already raging inferno with a second along similar lines that this time sees Siderian frontman David Pope in the

Exclusive Interview: 20 Questions with Al Bristow from Weaponry!

Rounding off a year with Post-Hardcore heroes Weaponry that included us witnessing first hand their recording sessions for upcoming EP “Forever Nothing” with Producer Daly George at The Ranch Production House and a stand out set as part of Rabidfest in Oxford, we figured it was time to try a new interview style with a

Exclusive Interview: Varius talk “Concordance”!

When someone says Melodic Death Metal, Niagara Falls, Ontario isn’t necessary the first place you’d think of but Varius aren’t about to let that hold them back. The quartet dropped their sophomore EP “Concordance” not so long ago and in creating it gave each musician the role of producer for one cut which they themselves