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Exclusive Interview: Hilltops Are For Dreamers talk “In Disbelief”!

After the release of their sublime debut album that blends influences from post-hardcore with acoustic blues melodies, progressive structuring, heavy riffing, a dash of black metal and all the while exploring electronic and cinematic paths (if you have to hear it to comprehend that, we fully understand), it was never a question of if, but

Exclusive Interview: Catalyst talk writing and recording!

They say that one good turn deserves another, so while we try not to get dizzy after one too many 360’s here’s our second interview with guitarist Philip Pedraza and vocalist Jeroen Van Ranst from Belgian Progressive Melodic Death Metallers Catalyst. This time around we shift from talk of their February released six track EP “Catalyst

Exclusive Interview: Obscurcis Romancia talk “The Bringer Of Light”!

Wandering the wilderness, lost and fearing death we stumbled upon Obscurcis Romancia, a Symphonic Black Metal act from Longueuil, Quebec, Canada who paint in lyrical themes of Black Romance, Darkness, Anxiety, Depression and Suffering conjoined to flamboyant and virtuoso musicianship and yet have released material with decade long absences over the past 25 years. Following

Exclusive Interview: Catalyst talk “Catalyst II” and new drummer!

Some might call it a stop gap record but in “Catalyst II” Belgian Progressive Melodic Death Metallers Catalyst have compiled all of their six previously released singles into one gift that keeps giving while wrapping up an era of the band and giving us physical release to celebrate. We had the pleasure of a conversation with vocalist Jeroen

Exclusive Interview: 20 Questions with… Solarhead!

“The Mourning Bride“, a poem by William Congreve from 1697 contains the phrase “music has charms to sooth a savage breast”, one often mistakenly quoted as Shakespearian and famously reworked unintentionally by The Offspring to “music soothes even the savage beast” which in this Metal life seems far more appropriate. If we are the savage beast then

Exclusive Interview: 21 Questions with… Jon Arnold from Promethean Reign!

After their successful resurrection at November’s incarnation of Rabidfest, Oxford natives Promethean Reign have new material set for release on 25th March in the form of two track single “Eat The Rich”. Recorded at Studio7, Green Room Studios, Oxfordshire and mixed by the band themselves it marks their first recording with new guitarist Kai Boyce who

Exclusive Interview: The Final Sleep talk “Vessels Of Grief”!

Last month saw the release of “Vessels Of Grief” from The Final Sleep, a band with a huge reputation following their critically acclaimed debut “I” back in 2017 while also featuring in their ranks founding members of Arsis, Burning Human and Withstand. Returning to Brett Portzer (Author & Punisher, Arsis, Skinless, Recon) to Master and