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Albums Reviewed by Submission for 2020!

July 2020

“The Godless EPs: Act I: Hollow” by Hanged Man
“Isochron” by Denominate
“On Human Devolution” by Deathcraeft
“Into Chaos” by From The Ruins
“Embodiment of The Divine” by Buried Realm
“Connection Lost” by Catalysis
“Tunnels” by Worship
“Mirror Black” by Necrophobic
“Veil Of Imagination” by Wilderun
“Blood Is Blood” by On Hollow Ground
“Morality” by Exclave
“Katharsis” by Mustasuo
“Skyless” by Within Ceres
“Host Rider” by Zebadiah Crowe
“EOS” by The Bones Of God
“Ascend To The Throne” by Saints Of Death
“Dissipating Eternity” by The Outliers
“Pilgrims” by Starscape
“Beyond the Fog” by Warschach
“Triduum” by Hieros
“The Art of War” by Chapfallen
“Devotion to Infinity” by Vesuvian
“Tales Of The White Eye” by Limos

June 2020

“Cannibal” by Bury Tomorrow
“Space/Time Carnivorium” by BOFO KWO
“Astral” by Lost Conduit
“Push The Button” by Dead Tree Seeds
“The Unholy One” by Kill The Idealist
“Theia” by Kalahari
“Awakening” by Draemora
“You’ll See Me Up There” by Thirty Nights Of Violence
“2020 Flex” by Speed
“Principle of Light Speed Invariance” by Violent Magic Orchestra
“Free from the Fridge” by Head In A Jar
“Self Titled” by Ossario
“Disintegration” by Behold The Void
“Through The Sulphur Eyes” by Plague Weaver
“The Ultimate Multiverse” by Chaos Over Cosmos
“Continua” by Nemesium
“7 Deadly Sins” by The Alpha Structure
“The Black Ritual” by Cryptonight
“Broken Casket” by Wake The Blind
“Bring Me Suffering” by Chasing Ghosts
“Self Titled” by Ormskirk
“The Omega Man” by Divine Weep
“Through Endless Darkness” by Solemnity
“Lasting Resentment” by Corrosion
“Self Titled” by Tides Collide

May 2020

“Nomads” by Held In Secret
“Making Out With My Death” by Junkowl
“Fracture” by Bleed From Within
“Volcano One” EP by Drakh
“Averse to the Universe” EP by Hex Wound
“Anthrobscene” by Deified
“Self Titled” by Dyatlove
“Reign Of Terror” EP by Vesicarum
“Sagacity” by TreaTmenT
All Hail The Decayby Deathing
White Rabbit” EP by Dweller
The Shock Doctrine” by Cope
Path To Immortality” by Voices Of Ruin
“Druid Winds & The Fall of the Celtic Gods” by Dratna
“Self​-​Destruct. Survive. Thrive!” by MĀRA
“Undead” EP by H8teball
“Defying Extinction” EP by The Great Lie
“Some Kind of Vampire” EP by Valravne
“Eternal Hustle” EP by Fortunes
“Clouded Minds & Silver Lines” by Sertraline
Self Titled” EP by Cucaracha
What A Wonderful World” EP by Smile
Pushing Through Somber Depths” by Exist Among
“Cerecloth” by Naglfar
Towers Of Dark Pantheon” by Theosophy
“Self Titled” by Omniarch
“Misinformed” EP by Toothless
Judgement” by TerraDown

April 2020

V” by Havok
“Self Titled” by Sores
“Neanderthal Tales” by Chaka
You Were Born To Die A Sinful Lamb” EP by Pisspoor
“Born Suffer Die” EP by Sacred Sin
“Age Of Fire” EP by From Eden To Exile
“The Great Dying” EP by Nadir
“Life In The City” by Demise Of The Crown
“Pitchfork Justice” by Shatter Brain
“What We Saw Before The Darkness” EP by Jumpman
“Cause of Pain” by On Sight
“The Other Side” EP by Malevolence
“Current Towards End” EP by Downcross
“We Die As We Live” by Suffer No Fools
“Agenda Reveal” EP by KVX
“A Short Trip Home” by Nonvector
“The Great Fall” by Helion
“Extreme Extinction” by Mass Murder
“Thin The Herd” by Mark My Way
“Making Noise, Living Fast” by HellgardeN
“Wild Fire” EP by Die Another Day
“Loop Of Yesterdays” by Azusa
“Extreme Extinction” by Mass Murder
“I Am Abyss” by Theophagist

March 2020

“Dread Within” by Vault
“Desecration” EP by Ifreann
“Warren Of Necrosis” EP by Black Rabbit
“That Which Wets the Saccharine Palate” by Yaldabaoth
“No Eden” EP by Constrict
“Kill The Bliss” by Benevolent Like Quietus
“Mass // Minus” EP by Deem Index
“Time To Die” EP by Smell of Decay
“Fractures” by Dakesis
“Blessed With Less Than Nothing” EP by Dripback
“Ghost Stories I” by Red Tongue Ghost
Demons or Someone Else” by Montecharge
God Of Dead Roots” by Sicarius
Guardian Of The Fire” by Raider
Sleepwalker” by Old Bones
“Self titled” EP by Sentre

February 2020

“Self Titled” by Soul Dragger
“Between Life” EP by Typecaste
“Blood Moon” EP by Manalyth
“Let It Takes Its Course” by Orthodox
“Power Through Terror” by Great American Ghost
“Simulation” EP by Dirty Casuals
“Chrysalis” by Alogon
“To Disappear and to be Nothing” by Witnesses
“Vicious Existence” by Choice To Make
“Possession Done” EP by Funeral Cult
“Thou Shalt Drown In The Blood Of Thy Children” by Spankraght
“Self Titled” EP by Hilltops Are For Dreamers
“Legion: The Fall” by The Contradiction
“The Vengeance Trilogy” EP by Messiah
“Left For Dead” by Homicide
“The Birth Of Hate” by Chronicles Of Hate
“Hate: Speech” EP by Jigokü
“Sliced To Perfection” by Blåådpalt
“A Lunar Rose” by Saviour
“Walls Of Sorrow” by Infirmum
“So Repeat This Line” by Raze

January 2020

“The Mind Awakes” by Second Brain
“Belong” by L’Homme Absurde
“Almost The End” by Only Attitude Counts
“Tales To Horrify” EP by Opposition Party
“Hold This Mortal Coil” by Sonus Mortis
“Severance Of Serenity” by Nephylim
“Inter Vivos” by Dead End Finland
“Lost Connection” EP from Chalice
“Trail Of The Fallen” by Sometimes We Make Music
“A Reptilian Dystopia” EP by Frogg
“Day Terrors” by Sleepwraith
“II” by Snorlax
“Judgement Day” EP from Krvsade
“Inside Insanity” EP by BS Bone
“Drowning Regret & Lungs Filled With Water” by Atena
“Self Titled” EP by Groblin And The Ballistics
“Survivor’s Guilt” EP by Anywhere But Home
“Primal” EP by Pale Path
“Red Sky” EP by NADA


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