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Albums & EPs Reviewed by Submission for 2024!


“FRVR / CRSD” EP by Ashes of Perishing


“Dualism” by Millhaven
“No Liberty” by Disarmageddon
“The Point of No Return” by Northern Genocide
“Ascension Of The Entombed” EP by Overthrow
“Immortal Pain” EP by Worst Doubt
“Auditory Hallucinations” EP by Parasite Disciple
“Dark Paradise” by Anubis
“Haatspraak” EP by Wrang
“Homo Homini Lupus” by Keres
“Beyond Our Imagination” EP by Alase
“Galois Paradox” by Fragment Soul
“Fátum” by Damnation
“The Tragedy of Being Human” EP by Hilltops Are For Dreamers
“The Traitor” by Nulled
“Maybe In Another Life” by Bloom
“ETNA” by Volucrine
“Shadow” EP by Secrets of Mariana
“Tides Of Decay” EP by Garden Of Stone
“Decay” EP by Debt Collector
“Wastelands” by Stellar Remains
“Tomorrow Will Be Better?” by All This Filth
“Left In Shards” by EXA
“Semitae Mentis” by Spiritual Deception
“Voice After Silence” by Gates Open
“Mass Extinction” EP by Keep The Promise
“Lost In The Open” EP by This It Ends
“Self Titled” by Night Slasher
“Infernal Dawn” by Sinistrum
“Veils Of Transcendence” by Obscura Qalma


“The Savant on Ketamine” by I don’t do drugs, I am drugs
“Absence” by Bloodshot
“Asunder” by Draghoria
“The Wound” by The Distance
“Chimaira” by Stone Horns
“The Fear” by Asylum Road
“Phantazein” by Cognizance
“Destruction is All We Know” by Almost Dead
“Magna Mater” by Kalt Vindur
“I Am The Night” by Wizard Death
“Anathema“ by Town Destroyer
“King Of The Rats” by Disrupt The Cycle
“Revolutionist” by Drip Fed Empire
“Altered Realities” by Sovereign
“Dead Mother Moon” by Upon Stone
“To Bare the Weight of Death” by Andracca
“Cerebral Purgatory” by Resin Tomb
“Polarity” EP by Night Thieves
“Digital Pollution” EP by Wasp Mother
“No Solution, No Salvation” by Methedrine
“The Dying Planet Weeps” by Engulf
“The Foam Of Despair” by Mourning Dawn
“Will, Until Beauty” by Cariosus
“Breathing Through The Wound” by Splitknuckle
“Dark Secrets of the Soul” by Drown In Sulphur
“Faith In Vain” by Rough Justice
“No Country For the Young” EP by Good Cop
“Restos” EP by Karnak Seti
“Candela” by Svdestada
“Premonión” by Rabia Pérez

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