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Throwback: “The Profit Of Doom” by Type O Negative

The fifteenth anniversary of “Dead Again” by Type O Negative, the seventh and final of the American Gothic Metal acts deadly sins before the tragic death of frontman Peter Steele in 2010, is something worth celebrating. The ten track affair runs to 78 minutes and includes a tribute to Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott in

Throwback: “Urban Discipline” from Biohazard!

Well, well, well… three wholes in the ground. With their 35th Anniversary on the horizon, 2023 will see the return to the live arena of the classic line up of guitarist vocalist Billy Gradziadei, guitarist Bobby Hambel, drummer Danny Schuler and bassist vocalist Evan Seinfeld otherwise known as Brooklyn New York Hardcore legends Biohazard. They’re teasing

Throwback: “Ain’t Live Grand” by Atreyu

It’s seems hard to believe that “Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses” by Atreyu has reached its 20th Anniversary as the American Metalcore act celebrate with a vinyl release but… the sands of time slip through the fingers with greater speed the older you get. It’s the only record to feature bassist Chris Thomson and saw

Throwback: “Moon Child” by Valleys!

They say that sooner or later all good things must come to an end so breaking with tradition we pay tribute to North Carolina residents Valleys as they call time on their career in Metalcore and go their separate ways. As a band they never had it easy and often luck was as as thin

Throwback: “Medieval” from Diecast!

It’s with heavy hearts that we dedicate today throwback moment to the memory of Diecast vocalist Paul Stoddard. After nearly two decades in the Boston Massachusetts Metalcore act which began in 2003 when he replaced original frontman Colin Schleifer, the news he passed away on Monday 24th October from Pulmonary Hypertension is an absolute tragedy.

Throwback: “Unholy Cult” from Immolation!

The 20th Anniversary of “Unholy Cult“, the fifth album from American Death Metal pioneers Immolation should not go unnoticed, despite the success of the bands new album “Acts Of God” appearing via Napalm Records in February. The final album to feature the skills of Alex Hernandez behind the kit as well as being the first

Throwback: “The Purist Strain Of Hate” from Thy Art Is Murder!

Back when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth Australian Deathcore brutes Thy Art Is Murder entered Machine Shop Studios in Belleville New Jersey with Will Putney (Knocked Loose, Body Count, Fit For An Autopsy) for five days of pre-production before drum tracking followed by the laying down of the material that would become their sophomore album “Hate“.

Throwback: “You’re Better Off Dead!” from Children Of Bodom!

Twenty years ago last month the first single from the almighty “Hate Crew Deathroll” from Finnish Melodic Death Metal act Children Of Bodom landed in “You’re Better Of Dead!“. Looking back in it now the album title immediately brought to mind the manoeuvre which Alligators use to kill and dismember their prey while the track

Throwback: “Disciple” from Slayer!

While we await the first material from the long spoken of new project of former Slayer guitarist Kerry King and drummer Paul Bostaph, it’s time to celebrate 21 years of “God Hates Us All“. Recorded over a three month period at Bryan Adams The Warehouse Studio in Vancouver we’ve selected the obvious choice in Grammy