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Throwback: “Get Real” by Obey The Brave!

Following the news last week the Canadian Hardcore outfit Obey The Brave were calling time on their career after 8 years and four albums, three of which were released via Epitaph Records, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane to one of the bands finest moments. From their debut album “Young Blood” in

Throwback: “Rise & Oppose” by Diecast!

Whether Diecast are still active as a band remains in question, but there is video footage of the Boston Massachusetts Metalcore quintet recording back in 2016. Their last album was 2006’s “Internal Revolution” which sold over 80,000 copies via label Century Media. Not bad for a band who made their name with their sophomore album

Throwback: “Tribe” by Mad Capsule Markets!

Back in 1999 as Pitchshifter were riding high on the huge success of single “Genius” from their “” record and The Prodigy were bringing Metal riffs into Industrial tracks like “Breathe”, a band appeared seemingly out of nowhere blending Industrial noise and electronic beats with… Well a vast array of other influences. On “OSC-DIS (Oscillator in Distortion)

Throwback: “Fueled” by Anthrax!

Being the only one of the “Big Four” of Thrash from the East Coast, Anthrax always seemed at odds with the composition of the quartet, especially given the strength of Exodus and Testament as pretenders to the thrown, not to mention Overkill. Back in 1995, after the success of the bands first album with Armored Saint

Throwback: “Fields Of Disbelief” by Pissing Razors!

Some might say that Pissing Razors had their day during their original 1994-2004 stint and there was absolutely no need to reform in 2014. But then reforming and releasing just two tracks and playing a handful of shows in 2190 days might not count. Back in the day the band who were named after original

Throwback: “Korea” by Deftones!

19th August 2000 saw Sacramento Californian Alternative Metallers Deftones play Bizarre Fest in Weeze Germany, just a couple of months after their critically acclaimed third studio album “White Pony” was released. As the World celebrates the 20th Anniversary of arguably the bands most influential album, we’ve chosen “Korea” from it and that festival appearance as

Throwback: “Replica” by Fear Factory!

13th June marked the 25th Anniversary of “Demanufacture” by Fear Factory, a classic album both influential and seminal in the bands career. It was recorded at Bearsville Studios in New York with the legendary Colin Richardson, long time band collaborator Rhys Fulber and the band themselves each sharing production duties. A concept album that takes

Throwback: “Defined By Enemies” by Romeo Must Die!

After taking a break following Stampin’ Ground calling it a night, vocalist Adam “Bomb” Frakes-Sime decided he wanted to do the Metal thing again. He got in touch with guitarist Paul Fletcher and bassist Ben Frost who both wanted to return to the live arena before seeking out ex-Dishonour the Crown guitarist Aaron Darling and

Throwback: “Anthem for the Unemployable” by If Hope Dies!

Syracuse New York Metalcore quintet If Hope Dies slammed down the gauntlet with a trio of albums starting with 2002’s “Siege Equipment For Spiritual Decline” and ending with 2005’s “Life In Ruin“. That final record, produced by the legendary Jason Suecof at Audio Hammer Studios and released via Metal Blade Records is a demonstration of