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Throwback: “Kick Out Time” by Dripback

In the summer of 2011 Siege of Amida Records let loose the debut EP “Inhaling the Ashes” from Londoners Dripback, recorded with renowned producer Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, Evile), the ferocious five piece mixing  elements of Hardcore, Death Metal, Punk and Grindcore and going off like a Molotov cocktail. Shows with Biohazard, Nasum

Throwback: “My Eyes Bleed” from The Final Sleep!

Ahead of next months release of “Vessels Of Grief” the sophomore album from The Final Sleep comes the 5th anniversary of their 2017 debut “I” and album that was very warmly received and ultimately let to the band, who feature in their ranks members of Arsis, Burning Human and Withstand being able to share stages

Throwback: “The Impaler” from The Acacia Strain!

Produced by Christopher “Zeuss” Harris and featuring guest vocal appearance from Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed), Bruce LePage (100 Demons) and Kyle Chard (Born Low), the summer of 2010 saw “Wormwood“, the fifth studio album from American Deathcore titans The Acacia Strain land like a punch in the guts and the product of the writing partnership between

Throwback: “Tat Twam Asi” by Earthtone9!

Brining the New Year in with some style we’re throwing back to 2000 and the critically acclaimed “Arc’tan’gent” by Earthtone9, an album voted in the top 20 of that year by Metal Hammer Magazine. They’ve been called everything from Post-Hardcore to Progressive Metal but who cares? The Nottingham Metallers sound as great now as they

Throwback: “Where the Slime Live” by Morbid Angel!

Back in 1995 Earache Records were a label on the very cutting edge of the razor blade of pioneering Extreme Metal, pushing the envelope of bands in both Grindcore and Death Metal genres and gaining much respect for doing so. Lead by riff lord Trey Azagthoth, American Death Thrash pioneers Morbid Angel dropped just their

Throwback: “From Rubble And Ruin” from Deamonstealer!

It seems almost unfathomable that after numerous accolades and achievements in 20 years in Metal, Demonstealer could still be very much at the top of his game but in new EP  “The Holocene Termination” which features an all star cast of guests, Sahil Makhija has very much surpassed himself. The multi instrumentalist and Technical Death

Throwback: “Vomit” by Saviour!

Perth Western Australian Melodic Hardcore six piece Saviour celebrated the 10th Anniversary of their debut album “Once We Were Lions” in July and so we couldn’t let 2021 escape without giving that a mention, especially seeing as in three days time the music video for single “Vomit” will be reaching the same milestone. Ironically our

Throwback: “Silence The Oppressors” from Impending Doom!

2005 might have seen the birth of Christian Deathcore collective Impending Doom in Riverside California but things didn’t really get heated until 2007 and the arrival via Face Down Records of their debut album “Nailed Dead Risen” was tracked, mixed and mastered by Christopher Eck at Eck studios in Corona, California. Referencing the crucifixion of

Throwback: “Hero” from Breakdown Of Sanity!

There can be no question that the return with promises of singles from time to time of Swiss Metalcore merchants Breakdown Of Sanity earlier this month served as a timely reminder of just how good the band actually are. Still having 114k monthly listeners on Spotify alone despite playing their last live show in December

Throwback: “Apocalypse” from Full Blown Chaos!

Well respected in the New York scene as a band who switch seamlessly between Hardcore and Metal, Full Blown Chaos are celebrating 21 years since their inception this year so now seems like a great time to talk about a band who still have more than 10k monthly listeners on Spotify despite not releasing anything