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Throwback: “Blizzards, Buzzards, Bastards” by Scissorfight!

20 years ago Portsmouth New Hampshire Crust Punk leaning Stoner Metal quartet Scissorfight were getting themselves into a bloody mess at both Fort Apache and New Alliance Studios with Andrew Schneider and Craig Ross recording “Mantrapping for Sport and Profit“. An absolutely killer release, took them from national to international having made their name in

Throwback: “The Gift” by Five.Bolt.Main

If you watch the music video for “The Gift” by Nu-Metal act Five.Bolt.Main it may come across as a strong one but it becomes harder hitting when you find out it’s based on a true story. Flaw frontman Chris Volz formed the band in Louisville, Kentucky back in 2005 which spawned a single album of

Throwback: “From Here I Can See The Shore” from Dead Man In Reno!

Back when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth in 2003 Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States was where Dead Man In Reno formed and taking every opportunity, the quintet were eventually found by Candlelight Records and recorded their debut self titled album with Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me, The Contortionist) in 2006. A personal favourite, it sits

Throwback: “Dibace” by Anzeria!

Inspired by Ottoman and Egyptian music, guitarist Mehmet Erkut Atay from Istanbul Turkey based Symphonic Metallers Anzeria wrote and arranged “Dibace” in 2013, one of a the final songs the band released before going on hiatus. Returning in 2020 and taking their time, the core of the band rounded out by female vocalist Damla Kayıhan

Throwback: “Day 69” by Decapitated!

As “Organic Hallucinosis” from Polish Technical Death Metal Kings Decapitated has reached its 15th Anniversary, we’re going back to 2006 and “Day 69” from the album which was recorded a year earlier in August 2005 at Hertz Studio, Białystok, Poland. The only album to feature vocals from Adrian “Covan” Kowanek, who was seriously injured in

Throwback: “Nobody’s Real” by Powerman 5000!

Back in 1999 Powerman 5000 released their commercial break through album in “Tonight The Starts Revolt!” with huge singles “Nobody’s Real” and “When Worlds Collide” helping it achieve the success of over one million records sold Worldwide. Vocalist Michael Cummings aka Spider One had been somewhat under the shadow of his older brother Rob Zombie

Throwback: “Pretty Lush” by Glassjaw!

As “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence” by Glassjaw reaches it’s 21st Anniversary having been recorded at Indigo Ranch in Malibu California with Ross Robinson (KoRn, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit), it’s time we tipped our hats to the band and especially the axis of vocalist Daryl Palumbo and guitarist Justin Beck for effectively birthing

Throwback: “Grey Flap” by Pist.On!

Is going all the way back to 1996 and “Number One“, the debut album from Staten Island New York Alternative Metallers Pist.On for “Grey Flap” as controversial as it appeared to be 25 years ago? The album, recorded at Systems Two Recording in Brooklyn New York with Type-O-Negative keyboard player Josh Silver in the production

Throwback: “Forsaken and Forgotten” by Incarceration!

…with Hamburg Germany based Death Metallers Incarceration about to unleash hell in the form of their raw sounding 80’s demo tape worshipping EP “Empiricism” on 16th April, we’ve decided to head back to 2013 and “Forsaken and Forgotten” from their EP “Sacrifice” for todays throwback cut. A piece of classic old school Death Metal which