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Listmania: 50 Of The Worst Album Covers Ever!

There was a time, back in day when going down to the local record store and flicking through the albums on the rack in the Metal section ment that a potentially decent album was easy to spot. For us, at the height of Roadrunner Records, their logo was the seal of approval and if that

The Artwork That Should Not Be #12: “Menace To Sobriety” by Ugly Kid Joe

1995 saw Isla Vista, Californian hard rockers Ugly Kid Joe release their second album “Menace To Sobriety”. Having gained huge commercial success with their cover of “Cats In The Cradle” by Harry Chapin, they headed to the studio with Producer GGGarth Palacio Del Rio, Santa Barbara and recorded arguably some of their heaviest material to date. The

The Artwork That Should Not Be #8: Self-titled from Wolf!

Fusing Power and Speed Metal subgenres and hailing from Orebro, Sweden are Wolf. Touring the globe since 1995 with everyone from Saxon to Trivium, their self-titled album dropped in April 1999 via Prosthestic Records after a trio of demos and a pair of singles. It was an all Swedish affair, recorded and mixed at The Abyss

The Artwork That Should Not Be #7: “Interspecies Bondage” by Nephrectomy

Taking their band name from the word for the surgical removal of a kidney, Nephrectomy hail from Denver, Colorado and specialise in Brutal Death Metal. Originally formed in 2008 as Twatrot before renaming in 2012 and specialising in lyrical themes of Gore, Perversion, Fetishism and even Zoophilia, they have some pretty extreme cover art in their back

The Artwork That Should Not Be #5: Megadeth Vs Cro-Mags!

Today we’re going to look at an artwork rip-off that’s as blatant as they come. Cro-Mags iconic hardcore punk album “The Age of Quarrel” is a highly influential masterpiece that practically invented the Crossover Thrash sound and is arguably one of the albums that eventually caused the upsurge in Metallic Hardcore bands. To talk of the

The Artwork That Should Not Be #4: “Metal Magic” by Pantera

In 1983 Pantera were a little known American band from Arlington Texas formed of the greatly missed Dimebag & Vinnie Paul Abbott alongside Rex Brown who had replaced Tommy D. Bradford a year earlier and then vocalist Terry Glaze. They played Glam Metal in those days and it wasn’t until late 1986 Philip H. Anselmo joined the