The Artwork That Should Not Be #11: “Rise From The Dead” by Society 1!

Society 1. An Industrial Metal band perhaps more famous for frontman Matt Zane breaking records for hanging from Meat hooks through his back during the bands sets than their actually music. Some have even gone as far as so say that the best thing to come out of Society 1 was guitarist Sin Quirin joining Ministry. Ouch. But we’re not here to talk about artists integrity. Or their musical style. Or if they’re style over substance. No. We’re here to talk about the artwork. 2017’s “Rise From The Dead” from the Los Angeles California quartet sports a cover that… Alright. We ain’t got a clue what’s going on. A dude putting his fist through a window? A tagged corpse on the floor of a mortuary? Some floor tiles. So… Yeah. Here’s the video for “No Control”. Maybe you’ll like it. Or not.

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