The Artwork That Should Not Be #6: “Fistful of Metal” by Anthrax!

Given some of the comments we’ve received on this piece we’re going to take a moment to talk about what it’s about. Anyone can get the grossest, bloodiest, goriest album art work and say “this is hideous” and shouldn’t exit. That’s not what this is about. It’s about Artwork that makes you look at it and think… “WTF?! That actually makes no sense!” Or “That’s weird!” Or “I’ve seen that somewhere before…” Sure, there will be some artwork that makes you want to vomit. But not every week.

Onto today’s example and “Fistful of Metal” from “Big Four” Thrash underdogs Anthrax. It’s an album that actually features our personal favourite Anthrax tune in “Deathrider”. The bands 1984 debut featuring the vocal talents of Neil Turbin and Danny Liker on bass. The New York Thrashers hired a friend of guitarist Dan Spitz, Kent Josphe to do the cover art, having come up with the bands logo. The artwork however… Alright so someone’s getting beaten up, and a fist wrapped in chain is punching through the back of the dudes head. Except for the fact that it looks like the assilant has two right hands… And wouldn’t it make more sense if the album was called “Mouthful of Metal”? Er… Ok then.

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