The Artwork That Should Not Be #4: “Metal Magic” by Pantera

In 1983 Pantera were a little known American band from Arlington Texas formed of the greatly missed Dimebag & Vinnie Paul Abbott alongside Rex Brown who had replaced Tommy D. Bradford a year earlier and then vocalist Terry Glaze. They played Glam Metal in those days and it wasn’t until late 1986 Philip H. Anselmo joined the band as they looked for a heavier, groove metal sound. The bands 1983 debut “Metal Magic” was inspired by the likes of Kiss and Van Halen while the cover art was drawn up by David Leatherman. Half genital free man, half panther, seemingly floating on a black cloud and holding a plastic dagger belonging to a 4 year old? Perhaps inspired by Conan The Barbarian or He-Man from a couple of years previously, it’s certainly one of the ugliest pieces of album artwork out there.

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