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Throwback: “Fueled” by Anthrax!

Being the only one of the “Big Four” of Thrash from the East Coast, Anthrax always seemed at odds with the composition of the quartet, especially given the strength of Exodus and Testament as pretenders to the thrown, not to mention Overkill.¬†Back in 1995, after the success of the bands first album with Armored Saint

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins! FIGHT! Earth Crisis #2!

The importance of Syracuse New York Hardcore Punks Earth Crisis should not be underestimated in the context of the current generation of bands out there on Planet Metal. Since 1989, over their journey of six studio records they have developed a sound which is considered a crucial developer and influence for both the Metalcore genre

Throwback: “Fields Of Disbelief” by Pissing Razors!

Some might say that Pissing Razors had their day during their original 1994-2004 stint and there was absolutely no need to reform in 2014. But then reforming and releasing just two tracks and playing a handful of shows in 2190 days might not count. Back in the day the band who were named after original

NEWS: HellgardeN return with “Evolution or Destruction”!

Booze fueled Groove Metallers from Brazil inspired by Pantera otherwise known as HellgardeN have returned to “Making Noise Living Fast” for a music video Directed and Edited by Guilherme Dorini for “Evolution or Destruction“. Shot in classy black and white and featuring numerous news reel snippets of total annihilation, it’s a fantastic way to start

Review: “Self Titled” by Lamb Of God

The return of Richmond Virginia’s Lamb Of God with their first album of new material in five years and their first with new drummer Art Cruz (ex-Winds of Plague, ex-Prong) as a replacement for Chris Adler has been one many have been foaming at the mouth in anticipation for. The recording was delayed by the

NEWS: En Minor debut “Blue” via Season of Mist!

It seems that Philip H. Anselmo has been busy behind the scenes. Following yesterday’s news of a new album on 4th September entitled “When The Cold Hard Truth Has Worn It’s Miserable Welcome Out” from his project En Minor, Season of Mist have shared track “Blue” while revealing details including Superjoint Ritual members Stephen Taylor

NEWS: HellgardeN see ghostly figures…

When you’re possessed by the noise of Pantera after Whiskey, Weed and Slayer it’s goddamn electric. So you form a band called HellgardeN and record an album by the name “Making Noise, Living Fast“. Throwing everything but caution to the wind, the Brazilian Metallers have dropped a lyric video for one of the albums finer

Review: “Fracture” by Bleed From Within

Returning after a five year absence with 2018’s “Era“, Glaswegian Groove Metal quintet Bleed From Within incorporated some DJent and Technical elements into their rejuvenated sound and delivered something both jaw dropping and phenomenal. We didn’t expect them to become the touring force that they were over the touring cycle but none the less they

Throwback: “Nothing Remains” by Chimaira!

After the huge success of their sophomore studio album “The Impossibility Of Reason“, Cleveland Ohio Metallers Chimaira returned to the studio in 2004 for their one and only album with Kevin Talley known for his work with Dying Fetus and Misery Index gracing the drum stool. A bruiser of an album with longer, heavier tracks

Riff Police! Pull Over! #105: GroundCulture Vs Prong!

Often a band becomes known for that one record that stands head and shoulders above the rest, not necessarily because it was better than any other and sometimes just because it got more attention, radio picked up a song or it got an impressive music video or it was just the right place at the