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Track Review: “Grey Morality” from Vanitas

After the success they had in 2023 you could be forgiven for thinking that rising Cinematic DJent pioneers Vanitas would rest on their laurels and shoehorn in as many shows as humanly possible before returning the the studio. Instead however the Birmingham based quintet have other ideas and are showing no signs of slowing down, keen

Track Review: “A Martyr’s Fortune” by Disrupt The Cycle

It has been a long and winding left hand path that has taken Wayne Hudspath from playing a vital role as the vocalist in both Nightshade and subsequently As They Sleep to being a multi instrumentalist that is writing and recording high quality Melodic Death Metal in his own right. Having released a debut EP

Track Review: “Loading Failure” by Jigokü

After almost a year of social media silence, the return of Hungarian Industrial Metallers Jigokü with a brand new single with very little build up is a very interesting roll of the dice. Born from the ashes of Forbidden Noise the band formed as a trio with the addition of Dávid Szekeres (ex-Godgiven) programming drum

Track Review: “I’m Here” by Vanitas

In celebration of the release of Sonic Dream Team, Vanitas have chosen to cover “I’m Here” from the Sonic Frontiers soundtrack, paying homage to their love of video games and the JRPG soundtracks that lead them coin the term cinematic DJent. The genre pioneers have been steadily building their momentum with the waterfall release of

Track Review: “Monarch” by Uragh!

Hailing from Dublin Ireland and citing influences as wide ranging as Gojira, Sepultura and Cynic, Progressive Metal outfit Uragh burst onto the scene in February 2023 and progressed all the way to the final of the Metal 2 the Masses competition for a chance to play the New Blood stage at Bloodstock. Narrowly missing out

Track Review: “The Payoff” by Gutlocker

After the success of July 2022’s debut album “To Be Alive” you might have thought that Woking Groove Metal four piece Gutlocker might have sat on their laurels a little and milked it for all it was worth… but having played pretty much every dive bar, drive in, bolt hole and basement as well as

Track Review: “False Gods” by Tribe Of Ghosts

“With FALSE GODS, we wanted to create something that would simultaneously seduce and disturb. We wanted to play on the idea that not only do a ruling class acquire suffering for power, but they are aroused by it. Using the trojan horse of a pop-song structure, we want the listener to wrestle with their morality

Track Review: “Secrets” by Vanitas

It’s an open secret that we’ve been loving the work of Midlands Cinematic DJent collective Vanitas since we first clamped ears on them circa May 2022. They’re genre pioneers who have inspired with technical riffs, big orchestral soundscapes and soaring vocals, not to mention turning their influences from vast-spanning JRPG soundtracks into something which has

Rabidfest 2023: “HIVE” by Tribe Of Ghosts (Track Review)

What better way to continue the build up to November’s fifth anniversary incarnation of Rabidfest than with a track review for the latest single by Tribe of Ghosts? At the end of April we did likewise with their last single “Sunburner (Deny The Rot)” and have since done likewise for cuts from Imperium and Monasteries