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Track Review: “Key and the Gate” by Gaia

Gearing up to release their debut full length in the later half of 2022 are Brighton based Progressive Metallers Gaia who in 2019 won the Metal 2 the Masses competition and played the Newblood Stage of Bloodstock, airing cuts from their self titled EP alongside the previously unreleased “The White Ship“. Taking influence musically from

Throwback: “Until I Feel Nothing” from Carnifex!

American Deathcore pioneers Carnifex have been ploughing a furrow into Planet Metal like crimson nails scratching faces and drawing blood since 2005 meaning that anniversary milestones are beginning to appear in their prized discography. It seems strange to be saying it but As I Lay Dying vocalist Tim Lambesis sat in the producers chair for

Track Review: “Reaper” by 3Mind Blight

If you’re familiar with the history of bands like King 810 then you’ll know about how they have a wide variety of offerings between acoustic bluesy material and hip-hop as well as their Metal side and while it infuriates the purists, for people who simply love music it works for them because as an artist

Track Review: “Stigma” by Kvilla

When you hail from a city renouned for Slam and Beatdown, landing a blow with a Blackened Hardcore sound could be considered going against the grain. But for Sean Ossoway (Vocals), Ryan Leigh (Guitar), Adam Peeroo (Bass & Samples), and Andrew Nestor (Drums) who formed Kvilla in 2019, it was the variety of influences rather

Track Review: “The Nihilist” by Spoiler

They say that three times a charm and for Essex based Nu-Metalcore quintet Spoiler, “The Nihilist” marks their third single behind “Brighter” and “Repressed“, a track adorned by cover at that paints them a shade darker than previously. Comprising seasoned musicians and former members of The Dropper’s Neck and a current member of Addison Lane, they will be

Track Review: “Imprisoned” by HUMINOID

Indonesian Metallic Hardcore six piece HUMINOID have been chipping away at the scene with a pair of 3 track EPs following their evolution from a Death Metal act in 2017 through numerous line up changes while staying very much at the more brutal end of the genre. Now comprising Luky Ibrahim (Vocals), Matthias Kaunang (Guitar),

Track Review: “Deez Nugget” by Apple Sauce

Describing themselves as a “Prog-Everything” band formed in 2016, Apple Sauce are a quintet who hail from Italy and have a lot to say. Their 2020 self titled debut album features a guest appearance from Ralph Salati of Destrage and has song titles as eclectic and eccentric as “Chocolate Chivalry” and “Miky Mouse Slaughterhouse“. Fortunately

Track Review: “Parasitic” from Beyond Extinction

Sometimes its really easy to know when you’re onto a good thing and with single “God Complex” from their January released bone crushing EP “The Fatal Flaws Of Humankind” hitting the better part of 24k of Spotify Streams, Beyond Extinction returning to Matt Williams at Soundlab studio (Collected, Hunting For Wolves) for production and recording

Track Review: “Forbidden Land” by Deathless

Have gone straight in at the deep end and recorded their debut album “The Prophecy” with no prior released material after forming in 2018, West Virginia Melodic Death Metallers Deathless have returned Like the four horsemen of the apocalypse with a new single “The Forbidden Land” some two years after the 2019 drop. Recorded remotely

Track Review: “Love With Fury” by Collected

Collected are a band who want to get themselves to the New Blood stage at Bloodstock or die trying, having walked out of Essex armed like El Mariachi with single “Walking Target” in their guitar case at their 2018 inception and haven’t looked back since. They had a great run and jump at it in