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Track Review: “Carousel” by Spoiler

“This is a track of grief and loss, a tragic story portrayed from the view point of a mother who lost her young child. Carousel is the analogy to represent the cycles of grief which any victim of loss will go through. From upset, to anger, depression through to denial – Carousel is a feeling

Track Review: “Hyphae Reign” by Existentia

Twelve months after their debut EP “Calculating Failure” surfaced from the black depths, Philadelphia Pennsylvanian Technical Death Metal Plague born trio Existentia have returned, armed for the apocalypse with a new single titled “Hyphae Reign“. In between times they’ve shared stages with Cognitive, Hath and Aversed to name but a few, sharpening their blades in

Track Review: “Bad Dreams” by My Latest Failure

Sometimes you have to ask yourself if there is ever going to be a right time to do something and then make the decision to bite the bullet and get it done. That’s essentially the situation that Hardcore injected trio My Latest Failure found themselves in with the first song they ever wrote in “Bad

Track Review: “Beyond The Pale” from Spoiler

“This is a track that speaks out for those impacted by abuse, and spits it’s anger, upset and pain through every word. We envisage becoming that monster within ourselves but as the protagonist, in a want for retribution and dark cold blooded revenge. Sometimes a guilty verdict just isn’t enough.” ~ Chris Blake (Guitarist /

Track Review: “Dog Eat Dog” by Fox Lake

“Dog Eat Dog is the combination of everything we want this band to be known for. It’s energetic, catchy, aggressive, thick, accessible, and incomparable. We wrote the bones of this song years ago, and it was one of the first songs that stuck out when we came back to the studio to start work on

Track Review: “The Narrow” ft. Josh Davies of Monasteries from Suffer!

After a pair of techtonic plate shifting EPs in 2019’s “Slerm” and 2020’s “Heavy Silence” Wolverhampton Beatdown Deathcore enthusiasts Suffer have set the date of 1st July for a highly anticipated debut full length album “The Sorrow we Sow, The Hatred we Know“. Produced by Myroslav Borys (Last Hounds, Confessions Of A Traitor) at Jigsaw

Track Review: “Walk Into The Flames” by Matricide

Hailing from Tel Aviv in the heart of the Middle East, Matricide are Groove Metal act who take their name from the Latin for “Mother Murder” in reference to mankind’s destruction of Planet Earth, ruining natural beauty in a quest for resources. Formed in 2004 they dropped a well received debut EP “We Are Alive”

Track Review: “Take It Or Leave It” by Weaponry

Reading Post Hardcore heroes Weaponry have been cranking out their greatest hits during high octane live performances to fans all over the United Kingdom and leaving venues in sweaty messes as standard. After surpassing 25k Spotify streams for their debut EP “What Have We Done“, the build up to their next record is well under

Track Review: “Avdi Vide Tace” by Spawn of Psychosis

After an initial seven year run which began in 2010 and saw Spawn of Psychosis drop two albums and an EP in 2012’s “Freakshow Pandemic“, 2015’s “Ministry Of Transition” and 2017’s “Ano Diablo Vol: 1” which stitched together a Frankenstein’s Monster hybrid of Thrash, Industrial Metal and Punk while playing support slots for acts like

Track Review: “Modern Messiah” by Spoiler

“The single encapsulates the dangers of the development of technology, losing yourself and becoming beholden to that in which one creates. The questions are raised – what happens when AI becomes smarter than the human brain? Will the wrong people get their hands on such powerful technologies for personal or power gains, placing their priorities