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Track Review: “Take It Or Leave It” by Weaponry

Reading Post Hardcore heroes Weaponry have been cranking out their greatest hits during high octane live performances to fans all over the United Kingdom and leaving venues in sweaty messes as standard. After surpassing 25k Spotify streams for their debut EP “What Have We Done“, the build up to their next record is well under

Track Review: “Avdi Vide Tace” by Spawn of Psychosis

After an initial seven year run which began in 2010 and saw Spawn of Psychosis drop two albums and an EP in 2012’s “Freakshow Pandemic“, 2015’s “Ministry Of Transition” and 2017’s “Ano Diablo Vol: 1” which stitched together a Frankenstein’s Monster hybrid of Thrash, Industrial Metal and Punk while playing support slots for acts like

Track Review: “Modern Messiah” by Spoiler

“The single encapsulates the dangers of the development of technology, losing yourself and becoming beholden to that in which one creates. The questions are raised – what happens when AI becomes smarter than the human brain? Will the wrong people get their hands on such powerful technologies for personal or power gains, placing their priorities

Track Review: “My Name Is Glory” by Weaponry

“When everyone was stuck in lock-downs it meant people had a lot more time to complete tasks they had been putting off or try new hobbies they had always wanted to. I think there was a lot of pressure to use all this free time that we had. Everyone was learning how to make bread

Track Review: “Key and the Gate” by Gaia

Gearing up to release their debut full length in the later half of 2022 are Brighton based Progressive Metallers Gaia who in 2019 won the Metal 2 the Masses competition and played the Newblood Stage of Bloodstock, airing cuts from their self titled EP alongside the previously unreleased “The White Ship“. Taking influence musically from

Throwback: “Until I Feel Nothing” from Carnifex!

American Deathcore pioneers Carnifex have been ploughing a furrow into Planet Metal like crimson nails scratching faces and drawing blood since 2005 meaning that anniversary milestones are beginning to appear in their prized discography. It seems strange to be saying it but As I Lay Dying vocalist Tim Lambesis sat in the producers chair for

Track Review: “Reaper” by 3Mind Blight

If you’re familiar with the history of bands like King 810 then you’ll know about how they have a wide variety of offerings between acoustic bluesy material and hip-hop as well as their Metal side and while it infuriates the purists, for people who simply love music it works for them because as an artist

Track Review: “Stigma” by Kvilla

When you hail from a city renouned for Slam and Beatdown, landing a blow with a Blackened Hardcore sound could be considered going against the grain. But for Sean Ossoway (Vocals), Ryan Leigh (Guitar), Adam Peeroo (Bass & Samples), and Andrew Nestor (Drums) who formed Kvilla in 2019, it was the variety of influences rather

Track Review: “The Nihilist” by Spoiler

They say that three times a charm and for Essex based Nu-Metalcore quintet Spoiler, “The Nihilist” marks their third single behind “Brighter” and “Repressed“, a track adorned by cover at that paints them a shade darker than previously. Comprising seasoned musicians and former members of The Dropper’s Neck and a current member of Addison Lane, they will be

Track Review: “Imprisoned” by HUMINOID

Indonesian Metallic Hardcore six piece HUMINOID have been chipping away at the scene with a pair of 3 track EPs following their evolution from a Death Metal act in 2017 through numerous line up changes while staying very much at the more brutal end of the genre. Now comprising Luky Ibrahim (Vocals), Matthias Kaunang (Guitar),