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NEWS: Drum practice with Demonstealer!

A sneak peak into the writing process of upcoming material, Mumbai India based multi instrumentalist Sahil Makhija, otherwise known as Demonstealer has given us a video clip of himself drumming, in raw and unedited form. Having just realised EP “And This Too Shall Pass“, he’s also shared Jazz Fusion drummer Gino Banks and bassist Mohini

NEWS: Demonstealer continue to record new material!

We’ve already seen footage of Jazz Fusion drummer Gino Banks putting his skills to the test and recording on an upcoming Demonstealer track and now it’s the turn of bassist Mohini Dey to showcase her bass talents with some footage of her recording on the very same track. The project itself is the solo beast

NEWS: Forged In Black meet Christmas Space Men?

Of all the songs you could choose, curiously Forged In Black have chosen to take “A Spaceman Came Travelling” by Chris De Burgh and turn the song into a Wolverine by injecting adamantium into its very soul. The result has been accompanied by a video to bring some Yuletide joy spun from steel threads drawn from