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Under The Influence #17: Alienator on “Houdini” by Melvins!

“Houdini” marked the major label debut for Melvins in 1993 with Atlantic Records taking advantage of the fan base they had built up with their previous Boner Records independent release “Lysol” the year before. Commercially their biggest success and arguably their most accessible release, it is also an album that has a backstory associated with

Under The Influence #16: Kodama on “L’enfant Sauvage” by Gojira!

Major label debut and fifth studio album “L’enfant Sauvage” (or “The Wild Child”) from French Progressive Death Metallers Gojiria appeared in 2012 to Global critical acclaim. Inspired by the Fran├žois Truffaut film of the same name, the story of Victor of Aveyron, who grew up in the forrest and is more of a wild animal

Under The Influence #13: Weaponry on “Around The Fur” by Deftones!

Certified Gold in July 1999 and Platinum in 2011, Sacramento California quartet Deftones second album “Around The Fur” was a highly anticipated release. The band had been together since 1988 and so the album effectively marked a decade together and that time shows in the quality of the material. Featuring DJ Frank Delgado on 5

Under The Influence #9: Dratna on “First Spell” by Gehenna!

Appearing first on Head Not Found Records and then on Damnation Records a year later, “First Spell” is the second EP from Norwegian Black Metallers Gehenna. Originally appearing in 1994 and then re-appearing as an album in 2008 with an additional 9 songs, it’s one that only main man Sanrabb, credited with Bass, Guitars, Keyboards