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Under The Influence #86: Solarhead on “Aeolian” by The Ocean

Founded by guitarist and songwriter Robin Staps in Berlin Germany back in the year 2000, The Ocean (sometimes referred to as The Ocean Collective) and a Progressive Metal quintet who draw influences from other sub genres into their sound, including Sludge, Post, Avant-garde and Extreme Metal. They signed with Metal Blade Records in 2005 and

Under The Influence #85: Catharist on “Colony” by In Flames!

1999 saw the release of the fourth studio record “Colony” from Gothenburg Sweden Melodic Death Metal quintet In Flames, an album which is the first of an eleven year run for what many fans consider the bands classic lineup. Alongside Dark Tranquillity and At The Gates, the Swedes were pioneers in the genre and helped

Under The Influence #83: Crostpaths on “Hybrid Theory” by Linkin Park!

There can’t be many people on Planet Metal who don’t know who Linkin Park are. Back in October 2000 they unveiled their debut record “Hybrid Theory“, which spawned four huge singles in “One Step Closer“, “In the End“, “Crawling” and “Papercut“, all of which helped deliver the Californian Nu-Metal act to the Global stage. Lyrically

Under The Influence #82: Wyrmhaven on “Iowa” by Slipknot!

The 20th Anniversary of the sophomore album from Slipknot seems a highly appropriate time to talk about the record that takes its name from the bands home state of “Iowa“. Produced by Slipknot and Ross Robinson (Limp Bizkit, KoRn, Sepultura) and widely considered to be heavier, darker and more technical than their major label debut