Under The Influence #86: Solarhead on “Aeolian” by The Ocean

Founded by guitarist and songwriter Robin Staps in Berlin Germany back in the year 2000, The Ocean (sometimes referred to as The Ocean Collective) and a Progressive Metal quintet who draw influences from other sub genres into their sound, including Sludge, Post, Avant-garde and Extreme Metal. They signed with Metal Blade Records in 2005 and released their sophomore album “Aeolian” through the major label, originally intended to be the second part of debut “Fluxion” as a double album with a beauty and the beast style one brutal extreme half and one more melodic with five guest vocalists in addition to the bands mainstay pairing.

Solarhead vocalist Jason Emry: “I can’t think of an album more life-altering for me than “Aeolian” by The Ocean. I first saw The Ocean in a video performing “Queen of the Food Chain” and was instantly mesmerized by their energy and, as an aspiring vocalist, the various styles on Aeolian immediately clicked. I started practicing along in my car until I developed the foundations of my early techniques.

Funny story about The Ocean, after discovering them I got in touch with Robin Staps about their website at the time and actually webmastered for the band for a couple years. Built some really fancy flash portals and everything. During that time I auditioned for a few tracks and got some of my vocals onto “Precambrian” track 3 “Paleoachean”. Have a listen for yourself. You can hear I’m green af! (there is another vocalist on that track with me) This was actually before I ever joined a live band, so I guess technically The Ocean was my first band, even though I’ve never met the guys in person.

Personal experience aside, Aeolian is an amazing, heavy record that never lets up and never gets boring. Highly recommended. And Meta is a beast!

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