Under The Influence #81: The Influences Behind “Damnation Is Eternal” by Mask Of Insanity!

Having been forged in the fires of Lelystad Netherlands in 2015, Mask of Insanity spent five years crafting their debut album “Damnation Is Eternal“ in Blackened Melodic Death Metal splendor. When we asked the band about the influences behind the record Gildor van Mourlik (bass, vocals), Vincent Klien (guitars) and Cor Vos (guitars) have us one each and they’re all classics.

Gildor: For me it has to be “The Sound of Perseverance” from Death. This is one of the most eye opening albums and experiences in my life. There is just something about the composition of that band that just clicked with me. It was everything that I didn’t know I needed, but now could not live without it.

Vincent: That would be Sonata Arctica with “Reckoning Night”. This album has such a great diversity, but yet the entire album remains one fluid listening experience. There isn’t anything in particular that stands out for me, but that’s because what each band member is doing here is just great.

Cor: For me it has to be “Blackwater Park” from Opeth. I was 13 when I first heard this band and I was blown away from the first song. This album has been on repeat so often for the last 18 year and Mikael’s songwriting and guitar playing is always something that I study. He makes me want to become a better composer and guitar player. It was quite difficult to choose this album actually, because I was very divided between this one and Human from Death!

Damnation Is Eternal” by Mask of Insanity is out now and available over at bandcamp

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