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NEWS: Inhuman Condition become the monster!

Florida Death Metal veterans Inhuman Condition, a collection of musicians who you may know from their work in Venom Inc, Ex-Deo, The Absence, Deicide, Obituary, Death, Massacre and Six Feet Under, have unleashed a third bone shattering single, “I’m Now The Monster” accompanied by the turbulent video below from their highly anticipated sophomore album “Fearsick“.

NEWS: Deathbringer search for an oasis in the desert?

“Nailed to the cross of my beliefs Stabbed in my eternal wound of sorrow How I wish to turn my existence into life I see them; the ones I used to call humans. Non humans / Anti beings Show me the one they used to call God Before I will show them IT. No Father

NEWS: Inhuman Condition premier “The Mold Testament”!

Spawning from chaos, Inhuman Condition came to life with all guns blazing in the fall of 2020. With an album and a half of material from what was to be a new Massacre album, Jeramie Kling (vocals, drums – Venom Inc, Ex Deo, The Absence) and Taylor Nordberg (guitars – Deicide, The Absence) joined up

NEWS: Deathbringer sign to Unique Leader Records with Inevitability!

Hailing from Grodno, Belarus and formed by guitarist Artyom Serdyuk 20 years ago, the signing of Deathbringer to Unique Leader Records has been announced with new single “Inevitability“. It looks to be the second single from a forthcoming new album following 1st June 2021 single “Per Aspera” that could have been as long as 6

Playthrough: “Autumn” from Mother Of All!

A Technical Melodic Death Metal project of drummer Martin Haumann (Timechild, ex-Afsky, ex-Myrkur) that saw him joined by Steve Di Giorgio (Testament, ex-Death, Sadus) on fretless bass and Frederik Jensen on guitars, Mother of All released their debut album, ‘Age of Solipsist‘ in June via Black Lion Records. Now the band have premiered a playthrough

NEWS: Mordkaul pay their respects to Death!

30 years ago, the classic and hugely influential album “Human” from the legendary Death was released and so in tribute to the band and their much missed mastermind Chuck Shuldiner, Belgian Melodic Death Metal act Mordkaul have joined forces with Diva Satanica of Nervosa for a cover of “Lack of Comprehension“. It marks the bands first

Review: “Age of the Solipsist” by Mother of All

Formed in 2013, Mother of All is a one man project, the brainchild of Martin Haumann who you may know better as the drummer of Myrkur and Afsky to name but a few. Incorporating melodic and Progressive elements into Death Metal with the highly praised EP ”Secular Assault” in somewhat varied and eclectic that explore

Review: “From The Ashes” by Coiled Around Thy Spine

Having played their parts in Gotland, Eyes of Hydra, Winter Lament, Unforced, Art Of Darkness, Dying Awkward Angel and Six-Point Lead Turin Italy based duo and seasoned musicians Sergio Costa (guitars, bass) and Daniele Rosso (vocals) started a Melodic Death Metal project together in Coiled Around Thy Spine which impressed with debut offering “Shades” in

Playthrough: “We Don’t Agree” from Mother Of All!

Accompanied by artwork created by American graphic artist, Travis Smith (Opeth, Nevermore, King Diamond) the upcoming Mother of All album “Age of the Solipsist” was mixed by Hannes Grossmann (ex-Necrophagist, ex-Obscura, Alkaloid) at Mordor Sounds and marks one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2021. The Progressive Melodic Death Metal band who feature legendary bassist Steve Di Giorgio (Testament, ex-Death) alongside drummer