Under The Influence #41: Manalyth on ” The God Delusion” by A Night In Texas!

Back in 2015 A Night In Texas unleashed a Technical Deathcore album in “The God Delusion” which is a horror film soundtrack under a different name with vocalist Rheese Peters screaming and screeching like demonic hell spawn. A thirty minute edge of the seat affair loaded with blast beats from a well drilled percussion section and bass that you feel rather than hear under the crushing weight of the tsunami of sound, they even find space for Mark Poida of Aversions Crown to appear on “Heathen“. Obviously the lyrical themes don’t need any more focus given the album title but the instrumental work is so tight that you’d need a crowbar to prise the players apart.

Brandon from Manalyth comments: “An album that I would say has influenced my approach to our EP would probably be “The God Delusion” by A Night In Texas. When the album was being written, I wanted the EP to tell a story from beginning to end; something that the listeners can follow and enjoy. In ANIT’s The God Delusion, the album told a complete story of Satan breaking free from imprisonment, overthrowing God in the first song and in the final song he ruled over the earth with nothing to stand in his way. To this day that is one of my favourite albums simply because of how the lyrics were written and from that point on I wanted everything I write to tell a story.”

Blood Moon” by Manalyth is out now.

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