Under The Influence #26: Navian on “The Way Forward” by Intervals!

Intervals is a Canadian Progressive Metal band formed in Toronto, Ontario Canada as the vessel for the work of mastermind Aaron Marshall and has featured the talents of Mike Semesky (Raunchy, ex-The HAARP Machine), Lukas Guyader (Monarchy, ex-Memoirs, ex-The HAARP Machine) and Anup Sastry (Marty Friedman, ex-Monuments, ex-Jeff Loomis, ex-Skyharbor) in the past. Having been both an instrumental band and a band with a vocalist at various points in their career, Intervals 2017 album “The Way Forward” was the second album after the band returned to their instrumental roots with 2015’s “The Shape of Colour”. Intervals brand of Progressive Metal is groovy and upbeat, feel-good and technical with an increasing number of notes before the riff turn around in a formula that at times looks like a chemical equation. It’s an album that is strangely motivational in its flow and a wonderful technicolor tapping extravaganza!

Navian Comment “When hard hitting instrumental music becomes catchy and singable. Intervals is the artist name of the guitarist and songwriter Aaron Marshal from Toronto Canada. The guys is not just an inspiration for us musically but how he does music business as well. They way he has been able to build up the name with great music and hard work as an independent artist is really impressive. When we started to write our debut EP, ‘’Reset’’ we started with our hard hitting song “Multiplayer” and without knowing it we were already getting inspired by the first track from the album called ‘’Touch and Go’’. The sound that Aaron provides especially with his modern tight guitar sound and implementation of synths is truly great. When we finished recording our EP, we were looking for someone to do the mix and master work for us and our first thought was to check out who did ‘’The Way Forward’’. We quickly found out it was none other than Simon Grove which had been working with other guys that inspired us like Plini and Owane. Luckily for us he was interested in working with us and really brought an extra dimension to our EP. Notable work to check out: The Way Forward (Album) and single “I’m Awake” from the “The Shape of Colour” (Song)

Reset” by Navian is out now! “The Way Forward” by Intervals is available here.

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