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Playthrough: “Schoolyard” from Navian!

Inspired by the sounds of classic Nintendo, Oslo Norway Progressive Metal trio Navian have let their drummer record a playthrough video for “Schoolyard” from their impressive little EP “Reset“. Why you ask? Because unless it’s a playthrough, no one ever takes photographs of the drummer…

Under The Influence #26: Navian on “The Way Forward” by Intervals!

Intervals is a Canadian Progressive Metal band formed in Toronto, Ontario Canada as the vessel for the work of mastermind Aaron Marshall and has featured the talents of Mike Semesky (Raunchy, ex-The HAARP Machine), Lukas Guyader (Monarchy, ex-Memoirs, ex-The HAARP Machine) and Anup Sastry (Marty Friedman, ex-Monuments, ex-Jeff Loomis, ex-Skyharbor) in the past. Having been

Playthrough: “Schoolyard” from Navian!

One of those releases that takes you by surprise, “Reset” by Navian is a thing of intricate video game inspired beautiful soundscapes that belong on the next Nintendo adventure. So here’s a bass playthrough of “Schoolyard” from the Oslo Norway residents. Check out our review of the EP if you’ve got a few minutes.

Review: “Reset” EP by Navian

An instrumental trio from Oslo Norway, Martin, Ola and Alex are inspired by the likes of Animals As Leaders and Covet┬áto create their own Technical Melodies and hooks for Navian. Oh and they love Nintendo. If that wasn’t obvious from the title of opening track “Multiplayer” then it should be obvious from the funky bright