NEWS: Navian reset with “Luna”!

Having completed the recording of their as yet untitled debut album at Middle Farm Studios (Toska, Bury Tomorrow) back in October, it has been a long wait for the first single from it but Norwegian Instrumental Progressive Metallers Navian aren’t ones to let us down. So nearly seven months on, they’ve gone the extra mile and recorded a live in the studio rendition of “Luna” with some help from a few friends.

As the band states: “We wanted our upcoming single “Luna” to be the first exposed song from the album because we felt that it’s the one song that ties the whole thing together and represents many of the elements that go throughout the different tracks on the record. For this album, we wanted to experiment with bigger soundscapes and more dynamic sections in the songs, as well as heavier and low-tuned material. “Luna” felt like the right song to show the musical direction we have taken as a band for our debut album. Practicing on something really hard, something that feels like we’re never going to master, and to spend numerous hours to finally achieve it. That feeling of pure joy is indescribable. It’s something we all love. It could perhaps be compared to sports, and how the sense of achievement hits you when you make the most crucial score of the game.”

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