NEWS: Navian share 3rd single “Apricity”!

Ahead of their 19th November Indie Recordings releasing debut album “Cosmos”, Norwegian prog trio Navian (who are inspired by bands like PliniIntervals, and Polyphia) have shared a third single in “Apricity” via all the usual outlets. The highly anticipated instrumental record will be following their stunning debut EP “Reset” as Navian build on their music with more technical melodies, interesting rhythms, big soundscapes and groovy hooks.

As the band states: “What makes ‘Apricity’ stand out on the record is its feel of melancholy, the sense of longing and atmospheric vibe combined with the odd-timed and low-tuned heavy sections. With this track we wanted to create a space for the listener to dream themselves away in, before being dragged right back into the heavy patterns giving them the feel of being struck by a meteor. Practicing on something really hard, something that feels like we’re never going to master, and to spend numerous hours to finally achieve it. That feeling of pure joy is indescribable. It’s something we all love. It could perhaps be compared to sports, and how the sense of achievement hits you when you make the most crucial score of the game.”

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