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Interview: The HAARP Machine talk Gym City!?!

It’s been a couple of months since the last time The Haarp Machine Mastermind Al Mu’min shared an update on the progress of his project as he’s become a multi-instrumentalist and learned vocal skills. It turns out that he’s changed his day job and career so he’s now a fitness instructor and become something of

NEWS: The Haarp Machine return with another vocal cover…

After a short intermission, another vocal cover has appeared from The Haarp Machine Mastermind Al Mu’min that demonstrates a marked improvement in his vocal capabilities since his early performances. This time out he’s chosen “Like A Stone” by Audioslave in tribute to the much missed and dearly departed Chris Cornell. Now that he’s taken on

NEWS: The Haarp Machine cover Karnivool!

It is definitely going to be interesting when the second album from The Haarp Machine drops, that’s for sure. Now that Al Mu’min has taken on vocal duties as well as guitars and bass, he’s been keen to share his capabilities and show how far he’s come along vocally with a series covers. Having already

Interview: The HAARP Machine talk to Berried Alive!

After last week’s interview with Angel Vivaldi, The HAARP Machine mastermind Al Mu’min has turned to Berried Alive. He talks to Charles Cadwell about his project and the lifestyle brand he runs with his wife Kaylie, offering serious depth and insight. Al Mu’min has been working on his vocal technique of late having released a

Playthrough: The Haarp Machine release KsE vocal cover!

As The Haarp Machine progresses its transition into its new form with mastermind Al Mu’min now becoming a multi instrumentalist and vocalist, he has released a partial vocal cover of “The Arms Of Sorrow” by Killswitch Engage. It’s an interesting choice as the power of Howard Jones is something that is going to be hard

Interview: The HAARP Machine Chattin’ Breeze #2!

Episode #3 of Chattin’ Breeze from The HAARP Machine mastermind Al Mu’min, he chats in depth and at length with Angel Vivaldi, about his past, present and future, offering a fascinating insight into the mind of the multi instrumentalist. What’s also interesting about it is that the direction that Al Mu’min seems to be taking

Interview: The HAARP Machine talk revolution!

The drip feed of information from The HAARP Machine mastermind Al Mu’min has continued today, two weeks after the appearance of single “The Elder“, that sees him take his fist step into handling vocal duties. In this latest thought share, Al Mu’min talks about his thoughts following the failure of the bands crowdfunding campaign and

Interview: The HAARP Machine Chattin’Breeze #2!

The second of the “Chattin’ Breeze” podcasts from The HAARP Machine has surfaced, this time out with video. Multi instrumentalist mastermind Al Mu’min talks to drummer Travis Orbin (ex-Sky Eats Airplane ex-Periphey and currently in Darkest Hour) about all manor of things, including his work on their new song “The Elder“.

Playthrough: “The Elder” from The HAARP Machine!

Just six days after the surprise release of new single “The Elder” from The HAARP Machine, who are now essentially a solo project with mastermind Al Mu’min is essentially continuing the project as a multi instrumentalist, Darkest Hour drummer Travis Orbin (ex-Sky Eats Airplane, ex-Periphery) who pays on the the track has shared a video of

NEWS: The HAARP Machine surprise release “The Elder”!

Anyone who listened to the podcast a couple of weeks back will know that The HAARP Machine mastermind Al Mu’min is essentially continuing the project as a multi instrumentalist, taking on vocal duties himself. So for this surprise new single entitled “The Elder“, the credits make for intriguing reading. Darkest Hour drummer Travis Orbin (ex-Sky