NEWS: Polar swim with the fishes…

Having rebuilt the band from the ground up as the last man standing in 2023, Polar vocalist Adam Woodford can look at his surroundings with pride. The new line up have written and recorded sixth studio album titled “Five Arrows” with producer Jack Murphy at Crystal Sound Studios, a record which goes deep into the subject of the destructive power of change and from that unleashed a second single in “Swimming with Sharks“. They’re out in Europe too…

26.06.24 (DE) Bochum – Die Trompete*
27.06.24 (DE) Leipzig – Moritzbastei*
28.06.24 (CZ) Mighty Sounds Festival
29.06.24 (DE) Dresden – Chemiefabrik
30.06.24 (DE) Frankfurt – Das Bett*

Adam Woodford: “The lyrical concept of this song came to me early on after the band went through its lineup change. It was a very low and weak moment for me and the band – honestly there was a shared view of hoping that the band wouldn’t survive, and continuation had left the band wide open to be torn apart. It was such a raw and deep feeling for me, and I wanted to convey this lyrically in a song. I used the imagery that the band was an injured person in the abyss of the ocean being pursued by sharks as they can smell my blood waiting for its time to attack. The song has a feel of desperation and the determination to survive before you are swallowed whole

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