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NEWS: ThisCityIsOurs announce new album “Coma”!

It may be six months away but with their new single “Coma“, recent Arising Empire signings ThisCityIsOurs have announced at their sophomore album of the same name will be appearing via the label on 22nd October! The follow up to the well received “Low” is already available for pre-order here as on the single streams and

Playthrough: “Eyes Wide Shut” from Novelists!

“Mr. Tango has, uh, spoken very eloquently. I wish I could be as forgiving. But I can’t, because… this whole thing… f***ing sucks! I mean, this is the biggest pile of s*** I’ve ever..” ~ Kurt Russell, Tango & Cash Our resistance to calling Novelists by their new legally imposed moniker Novelists FR remains firmly

Playthrough: “Violent” from TheCityIsOurs!

Another band embracing a new era with a new vocalist as well as inking a deal with a major label are TheCityIsOurs who of course let the cat out of the bag with single “Violent” via Arising Empire last month. That new vocalist is Oli Duncanson, who replaced Sam Stolliday following his departure last year

Bootleg: “Under Your Tattoos” from Annisokay!

German Metalcore powerhouse Annisokay completed their first ever live streamed show this past weekend and from it they have shared “Under Your Tattoos”. It has served as the album release party for the bands recent Arising Empire drop “Aurora” which is set for a rescheduled European tour minus dates on Skull Island in February 2022. Before

NEWS: TheCityIsOurs get violent with Arising Empire!

There simply had to be new material from TheCityIsOurs ahead of their run with Chuggaboom and For I Am King in support of Our Hollow Our Home which cross Europe in September and perhaps the first of a few offerings has now appeared in “Violent“. We say perhaps because the band have been dropping a

NEWS: Novelists go Cyberpunk 2077 with “Terrorist”!

Whether they were unhappy with the reception of their last album “C’est La Vie” remains unknown but French DJentlemen Novelists have seemingly reinvented their sound and with heavy New single “Terrorist” echoed that of their older material with a flawlessly juicy solo in the mix. It follows “Lost Cause“, a cut that had a similarly

NEWS: Cro-Mags endure “Life On Earth”!

Ahead of the 9th April physical release of their EP “2020” via new label home Arising Empire,  Crossover pioneers Cro-Mags have premiered an music video for “Life On Earth“, a track that stands out with a distinctive Ministry vibe to it. If you missed it, it’s been out digitally since December with six tracks over

NEWS: To Kill Achilles head into the black…

…the success of Dundee Scotland Alternative Metallers To Kill Achilles has been nothing short of awe inspiring and having inked a deal with Arising Empire for the emotional journey that is “Something To Remember Me By“, it has been getting all the promotional power the label can give. The latest single is “Black Marble” and