Under The Influence #14: MSRY on “Subliminal Criminals” by Stray From The Path!

Formed in Long Island New York in 2001, American Hardcore Punks Stray From The Path released a trio of albums independently before signing to Sumerian Records and dropping six albums up to and including 2017’s “Only Death Is Real”. The previous album “Subliminal Criminals” which appeared in 2015, was to many the one that really landed the band on the map. Building on rapcore foundations previously hinted at with Rage Against The Machine inspirations while incorporating political and social themes into the lyrics, it’s as much of a thought provoking release as it is a high energy album to get you moving your dancing feet…

MSRY vocalist Kial Churcher comments: “We could name some of the obvious influences that we have under our belts: Cancer Bats, Everytime I Die, While She Sleeps & Counterparts to name a few, but there’s only ever been 1 band that all of us can collectively agree on that we love to death, and it might be a bit of a left-field choice from us, but it’s Stray From The Path’s ‘Subliminal Criminals’.

Let’s start with the artwork, like how much more hardcore can you get from a band then having the carcass of a dead animal on there. Usually that’s pretty much reserved for Death Metal and Black Metal bands, but that album cover just grips you straight away.

Now let’s get down to the meat of it, the music itself. Hardcore punk meets nu-metal influences make Stray From The Path one of the most unmistakable sounding bands out there and it shows on this album, with Drews vocals piercing through with venom on every track.

With tracks like D.I.E.P.I.G and Shots Fired being some of our personal favourites, they explore a more direct approach to social and political issues which is how we set about with our previous EP ‘Safety First’ and continue to inspire lyrics themes on our upcoming EP ‘Loss’.

Me and Keir actually have a saying during recording which is ‘What would Stray do?’ when we hit a brick wall with an idea, and we’d take ourselves away to listen to Stray From The Path albums and come back with something entirely different that makes the tracks work.”

MSRY will head out with Amongst Thieves in November in support of their upcoming new EP “Loss” which will appear 1st November with pre-orders here. It features “Still Breaks My Heart” which sees Cancer Bats frontman Liam Cormier make a guest appearance!

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