Under The Influence #87: Beyond Extinction on “The Sea of Tragic Beasts” by Fit For an Autopsy!

It’s impossible to talk about the Fit For An Autopsy without talking about guitarist Will Putney who is as well known for his presence in the band as he is for his work in the producing, mixing and mastering game at his own Graphic Nature studios but we’re going to put in a pin in that aspect for a minute. Formed in 2008 in Jersey City, New Jersey, Fit For An Autopsy have been one of the finest Deathcore bands to walk the Earth over the past 13 years with 2017’s “The Great Collapse” being one of the defining records of the genre and a personal favorite and huge single “Black Mammoth” landing the better part of 5 million Spotify streams since its release. But the thing about Pat Sheridan’s band is that they don’t stand still despite having some sizeable gaps between records and with “The Sea Of Tragic Beasts” they did the unthinkable. They outdid themselves and forged a dense, dark slab of intensity with a powerful crushing weight. But don’t just take our word for it.

I’m Jasper, the vocalist for Beyond Extinction, and I’m writing about an album which influenced me greatly in my writing and lyrics for our latest EP ‘The Fatal Flaws of Humankind’. I’ve always been a bit of a sucker for a meaty deathcore album and ‘The Sea of Tragic Beasts’ by Fit For an Autopsy (Released 2019 via Nuclear Blast) is the first FFAA album which turned me into a proper fan. It’s the first album I’ve heard in which the heaviest parts are probably not the breakdowns. The incredible use of different ‘tools of heaviness’, as I like to put it, is what makes this album hugely influential for me. The band don’t just use typical elements to be heavy, the combination of repeating riffs with Joe’s incredible vocals and lyrics almost hypnotized me into being absorbed into these songs. This power to pull you into feeling the whole song is no better shown in track 4 ‘Mirrors’, combining a haunting melody at the start with Joe’s strong vocals, juxtaposed before relentless riffs. Not to mention the powerhouse on drums which is Josean Orta. The lyricism and metaphorical language influenced my writing, and the whole album made me realise a whole new side of how to be heavy. Seeing them perform some of these songs in January 2020 definitely pushed me towards it more after how awesome FFAA were live. The sea of Tragic Beasts is a real exploration into deathcore

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