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Bootleg: Hatebreed in Syracuse New York!

The side stage audio may not be the best but here’s a very young looking Hatebreed at Hungry Charlie’s in Syracuse New York on 22nd June 1997, when the recording equipment to do this well wasn’t exactly palm of your hand. It has been freshly brought into the digital realm for your viewing pleasure with

Playthrough: “Sworn Oath” from Sepultura!

Dedicated drum cam footage of Sepultura sticksman Eloy Casagrande performing “Sworn Oath” in Dublin Ireland on 15th March 2018, from his personal archive has surfaced. The song appears in original form on the bands fourteenth studio album “Machine Messiah” which has reached its fourth anniversary milestone. Sadly as yet there is no UK date on

Riff Police! Pull Over! #137: Rammstein Vs Kataklysm!

In 2021 French Canadian Death Metal act Kataklysm will celebrate 30 years together with vocalist Maurizio Iacono and guitarist Jean-François Dagenais as the only original members of the quartet, although to be fair, bassist Stephane Barbe has been standing to their left on stage since 1998. Produced by Dagenais “In the Arms of Devastation” is

Playthrough: “Slaves Of Pain” by Sepultura!

Following the welcome news earlier that this week that Nuclear Blast will be releasing a full album of some of the collaborations of the Sepultura “Quadra” series at some point in the not to distant future, drummer Eloy Casagrande has returned to “Slaves Of Pain” for a playthough of his own. The audio was recorded

Interview: “Quadra” Q&A part #29 from Sepultura!

“Slaves of Pain” with DragonForce bassist Frédéric Leclercq and Marcello Pompeu from Korzus? It can only be episode #29 of the Sepultura “Quadra” series. This week sees the band doing a fan Q&A before that song as the continue to rack up the performances with friends, peers and fans in impressive style.

NEWS: Devil Sold His Soul announce signing to Nuclear Blast!

It seems like the tail end of 2020 still has a few surprises left to give. One of those surprises is 9th April 2021 will see a new album from Devil Sold His Soul entitled “Loss” released via the biggest Metal label on the Planet in Nuclear Blast. The announcement has come with a single

NEWS: Sylosis premier “Worship Decay”!

After recent album “Cycle Of Suffering” lost out on a tour trek due to the Great Plague of 2020 and with Architects now once again firing on all cylinders, being honest, the last thing we expected from Sylosis was a new song. But here it is, Merry Christmas from mastermind Josh Middleton, going by the

Interview: “Quadra” Q&A part #28 from Sepultura!

The 28th episode of the now bi-weekly “Quadra” interview series from Brazilian Thrash Gods Sepultura sees the band joined by Matt Heafy of Trivium for a rehearsal style rendition of “Slave New World“, which the Florida Metallers covered a few years back and must go down as not only a treat for our ears but

NEWS: Italian Metallers pay tribute to In Flames!

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of “Clayman” by Gothenburg Sweden Melodic Death Metallers In Flames six Italian Metal vocalists have joined forces to record a truly unique cover. Those vocalists are Ciro Silvano from JumpsScare, Francesco Xella of Hellucination, Jel Doublerice from Despite Exile, Eddy Scissorhands of ROT, Miriam Granatiello from Nebulae and Rocco