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Review: “Necrophaze: Antidote” by Wednesday 13

Any self respecting Wednesday 13 fan will tell you that the self proclaimed Duke of Spook has made a habit of releasing re-recordings, covers and b-sides over the course of a career going back as far as 1992 with his various projects. There have been some real highlights like 2008’s “Bloodwork” EP that should have

Interview: Sepultura on Party Time, Excellent!

For those unfamiliar, the frontwoman of Moldova’s finest Metal export Infected Rain Lena Scissorhands has been hosting a series of interviews on her YouTube channel Bananas under the Party Time Excellent!┬áslogan that was the mantra by Bill and Ted. The latest episode in that series sees her chat to Sepultura vocalist Derrick Green about all

Playthrough: “Autem” from Sepultura!

Continuing to show how good the Moises AI app is by allowing you to remove other instruments in order to play along, Sepultura drummer Eloy Casagrande has given us a playthrough video for “Autem” from the Brazilian Thrash Gods current album “Quadra” with a little help from Otavio Rossato and Estevam Romera who assisted with

Playthrough: Full Set from Thy Art Is Murder!

Whetting our appetite for their HUGE European tour trek with Malevolence, King 810, Alpha Wolf and Orbit Culture that starts in November is a full set of dedicated drum cam footage from Thy Art Is Murder drummer Jesse Beahler. Shot at the Meet Factory in Prague, Czech Republic on 13th February 2020, it’s more split

NEWS: Fear Factory debut “Disruptor”!

It’s been five years since the last Fear Factory record and after all the legal battles, back stabbing, s*** talking and disappearance from streaming services of “Archetype” and “Transgression“, we finally have a new-ish song. New in the sense that it was reworked based on a 2017 recording with new guitar and drum parts, not

NEW: Carnifex crush KoRn!

“Hate a sick mom with a f***d dad, Dealing with your life, dead bodies everywhere, You really want me to be a good son, Why you make me feel like no one?”   The influence of the Bakersfield Nu-Metallers KoRn is without question and after heavier renditions of their songs by the likes of Chelsea

Bootleg: “Low” from Testament!

Dedicated to Savatage guitarist Criss Oliva, who died while Testament was working on the album, “Low” is the 1994 released sixth studio album from the Californian Thrash Metal veterans which of course features Death and Obituary guitarist James Murphy. Fast forward to 2017 and the band were on Ronnie James Dio stage at Bloodstock Open