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Interview: Kataklysm talk “Goliath” with Heavy New York!

Kataklysm vocalist Maurizio Iacono is the man in the electric chair for a fresh interview with Heavy New York and not for the first time. The Canadian Death Metal legend is there to discuss album “Goliath” from last summer as well as reflecting on the current state of the Death Metal scene… isn’t it about

NEWS: Another disaster from Exodus?

One of a whole host of things that have never made much sense to us is why bands choose to relive their so called golden years and release a live album recorded more than two decades ago rather than one from their most recent tour. But never the less Thrash Metal overlords Exodus have decided

NEWS: Bleed From Within… Just killing time…

The boys are back in town as Glaswegian Metalcore Kings Bleed From Within have premiered a music video for “Killing Time“. Obviously not a cover of the Nu-Metal cut from (hed)p.e., the track instead appears on the Nuclear Blast released deluxe version of album “Shrine” and is laced with groove. In a couple of weeks

NEWS: Melancolia take the path of dread?

Australian Blackened Deathcore operatives Melancolia have returned to pick the carcass of their Nuclear Blast released album “HissThroughRottenTeeth” clean with a music video for “Dread Will Follow“. If you missed it, the record is something of a concept release, dragging those who listen on a journey alongside a fallen deity, cast down from a godly

Throwback: “Empyreal” from Sylosis!

Hindsight is a wonderful thing because while the second album “Edge Of The Earth” by Sylosis was surrounded by controversy when it dropped thirteen years ago, it’s appearance lead to events which made it all worthwhile. After all, if vocalist Jamie Graham hadn’t been pushed out so that lead guitarist Josh Middleton could  perform vocals,

Bootleg: “Poison For The Lost” from Sylosis!

A first headlining tour in eight years is just around the corner for Sylosis and so they have shared another cut recorded at the London stop of their tour with Malevolence in “Poison For The Lost“. It is of course another that takes pride of place on their new album “A Sign Of Things To

NEWS: Gatecreeper announce “Dark Superstition” European Tour!

Featuring the singles “Caught In The Threads” and “The Black Curtain“, 17th May will see the arrival of “Dark Superstition” from American Death Metal beasts Gatecreeper via Nuclear Blast. So inevitably the band have a European headlining tour in the offering with support from 200 Stab Wounds and Enforced. The run will open with four

NEWS: Aborted rot like the living dead?

Lyrically inspired by George A. Romero’s 1968 masterpiece “Night Of The Living Dead“, Belgian Death Metal masters Aborted have offered up a music video for “Condemned To Rot” which features a guest vocal appearance from Francesco Paoli of Fleshgod Apocalypse. That’s one of ten to appear on their twelfth studio album titled “Vault Of Horrors“,

Interview: Dani Filth plays 10 questions with Metal Shop!

Currently recording a new album which the band claim has vibes of 1996’s “Dusk… and Her Embrace” and 2000’s “Midian” and will mark the recording debuts of guitarist Donny Burbage and keyboardist Zoe Marie Federoff, Cradle Of Filth let mastermind Dani Filth off the leach to speak play 10 questions with Metal Shop. It took

NEWS: Gatecreeper announce “Dark Superstition”!

Ghostly orange with white splatter. Purple swirl with green splatter. Plain old black. These are the vinyl variants on offer from American Death Metal frontrunners Gatecreeper here for their 17th May via Nuclear Blast releasing new album “Dark Superstition“. Directed by Max Moore the band have premiered “The Black Curtain” from that… and no Stevie