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NEWS: Stray From The Path continue to watch?

Filmed during their August and September North American tour with The Devil Wears Prada and Dying Wish, “Euthanasia” from Stray From The Path has received a little more promotion with a music video for “Neighborhood Watch“. Does it need it? Well maybe not but are we complaining? Hell no! When are they going to commit

Review: “Euthanasia” by Stray From The Path

It seems unreal that “Euthanasia” is the eleventh studio album from Long Island New York heavy hitters Stray From The Path, even if this is actually only the third with the their current line up. Indeed, only guitarist Thomas Williams remains from the first line up that started out in 2001 before vocalist Andrew “Drew

NEWS: Stray From The Path point out the need…

Celebrating the release day of their new album “Euthanasia” in time honoured tradition with a music video directed by bassist Anthony Altamura for the opening cut “Needful Things” are none other than Stray From The Path. The band are as politically charged as ever with this one, asking the key questions about how the systems

Playthrough: “III” from Stray From The Path!

Serial Twitcher, creator of The Downbeat Podcast, former Architects drum tech and current Stray From The Path drummer Craig Reynolds has chosen the bands recent single “III” for a one take, sample, edit and quantize free playthrough video, cut from his Twitch stream. It’s not flawless and it’s not perfect but it has all the soul

NEWS: Stray From The Path take “III” straight to video!

Having premiered an audio stream for the cut last week subliminal criminals Stray From The Path have resisted the temptation to premier another new track from their 9th September releasing new album “Euthanasia” and instead opted to give us a full blown music video for “III“. The band have opted for a straight to video

NEWS: Stray From The Path join forces with Will Putney!

The previously hinted at new album from Stray From The Path will officially drop on 9th September via UNFD and feature a guest vocal appearance from Jesse Barnett of Stick To Your Guns fame on one called “Bread & Roses“. Turntable action from Benno Levine will also grace one called “Ladder Work” on the Will

Bootleg: Stray From The Path in Lakewood Ohio!

Is it possible to choose between “Subliminal Criminals” “Death Is Only Real” and “Internal Atomics” as to which is better? in 2019, MSRY frontman Kial Churcher picked the first of that trio for our Under The Influence series and he made some damn fine points on why he loves that record. For us, “Internal Atomics”

Review: “Internal Atomics” by Stray From The Path

If there was any doubt in the mind that Long Island New York Alternative Hardcore quartet Stray From The Path would deliver anything other than an album of Politically and Socially aware tracks of groove laiden riffs with a nod to Rage Against The Machine, then let us dispell that myth now. There is no

NEWS: Stray From The Path December UK Shows!

Not only have Stray From The Path announced their move from Sumerian Records to UNFD. Not only have they announced a live album comprising of tracks compiled from their recent European Tour with While She Sleeps that will appear on vinyl on 12th July and digitally on 17th May with pre-orders available here. Oh no. They’ve