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Review: “Death To All Tyrants” by Nihilist Death Cult

When it comes to mouth watering prospects, on paper at least, “Death To All Tyrants” by Nihilist Death Cult is the equivalent of a wagyu beef. An outfit formed in 2018 by Nick Sagias on bass and vocals (Tribe of Pazuzu, Soulstorm, Overthrow, ex-Pestilence) and his brother John Sagias on drums (Soulstorm, Abyss) along with

NEWS: It’s Friday night for Cancer Bats…

The fourth single “Friday Night” from the new album “Psychic Jailbreak” from the new line up of Canadian Hardcore Punks Cancer Bats finds them joined by Amy Walpole of Witch Fever for no less than two verses and the chorus. The band have vinyl editions of the eleven track affair set for release on 11th

Review: “Self Titled” by State Of You

Inspired by a mutual desire to write some straight up songs to expel personal demons as well as wanting to provoke discussion about the issues of this World, State Of You are a band comprised of former members of Polar, Tessa Jones, Hildamay, Seasonal and Outcry Collective who simply want to be heard. Recorded with producer

NEWS: Cancer Bats celebrate Friday Night with Witch Fever!

A fourth single in “Friday Night” has been chosen by Canadian Hardcore Punks Cancer Bats from their new album “Psychic Jailbreak” which has vinyl pressings set for 28th October. Intriguingly the single isn’t the album version of the cut but one that has been revisited with guest vocals from Amy Walpole of Witch Fever.

Bootleg: Vein.fm at Camden Underworld!

There aren’t many bands who can carry off back to back nights at the same venue but while this World maybe about to ruin them, Vein.fm are in the process of playing London’s iconic Camden Underworld in triplicate, a feat only bettered by Canadian Hardcore Punks Cancer Bats for the 10th Anniversary of “Hail Destroyer“.

NEWS: Cancer Bats all September long sugar!

After their sets at this year’s incarnation of Slam Dunk Festival proved that the Cancer Bats new line up has what it takes to deliver the spark that moves, the Canadian Hardcore Punks have announced they will be playing almost every single venue in the United Kingdom in a marathon of a September tour. Aside

NEWS: Cancer Bats radiate sonic power!

Having looked like they were on the ropes with the departure of guitarist Scott Middleton (to focus on his family, health, and to pursue personal interests in recording, mixing and mastering music out of his own studio) Canadian Hardcore Punks Cancer Bats have risen to the challenge and unveiled a new album in “Psychic Jailbreak”

NEWS: It’s bong rips and death trips for Cancer Bats!

Twelve years after “Bears, Mayors, Scraps & Bones” from Canadian Hardcore Punks Cancer Bats brought us such classics as “Black Metal Bicycle“, “Snake Mountain” and of course that Beastie Boys cover the band have shared a second single from in an upcoming new album with the band now comprised of vocalist Liam Cormier and drummer Mike

NEWS: Cancer Bats return with “Psychic Jailbreak”!

A combination of line up changes and the Global Pandemic situation have meant that for Canadian Hardcore Punks Cancer Bats it’s been a long time since any new material got released, not counting their reimagined EPs of course. The wait however is over as on 15th April the band will release a brand new album