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Bootleg: “Dead Wrong” from Cancer Bats!

It’s amazing what you might find going through a stack of dusty hard drives that haven’t been touched in years. Canadian Hardcore Punks Cancer Bats have shared footage they found in exactly that way in the form of “Dead Wrong” recorded for Brunch TV. It was filmed at The Underground in Cologne Germany in 2010

Review: “Making Out With My Death” by Junkowl

Formed in 2017 and known for creating a unique blend of Groove Metal, Stoner and Hardcore that is matched with a high energy ‘in your face’ live performance akin to Buffalo New York residents Everytime I Die and even fellow Canadians Cancer Bats, Montreal’s Junkowl have come a long way in three years. It was

Bootleg: “Bricks And Mortar” from Cancer Bats!

Canadian Hardcore Punks Cancer Bats appeared at the Heavy Music Awards last year and lit up the O2 Forum in Kentish Town London with their blistering set. Culled from that, here’s “Bricks And Mortar” in multi cam style. This year’s incarnation of the award ceremony has been put back for obvious reasons so everyone is

Listmania: Cancer Bats Top #5 Hardcore Records!

One of the most nomadic bands around have to be Canadian Hardcore Punks Cancer Bats. They’ve played everywhere and anywhere in the World from huge festival stages to dive bars, because they simply love playing. Finally able to pin frontman Liam Cormier down for a few minutes, Banger TV persuaded him to spill his guts

Bootleg: Cancer Bats in Glasgow!

What more could you ask for? Cancer Bats playing The Classic Grand in Glasgow on Thursday 21st November 2019 whilst out on tour with Sick of it All, Comeback Kid & Grove Street Families? Pro-Shot by the heroic three musketeers that are David Tan, Kathryn McBride & Johnny Fowler, it’s absolute class. Will the Canadian

Bootleg: Cancer Bats at Bloodstock!

Last year saw Canadian Hardcore Punks Cancer Bats take on the World once again with surprise release “The Spark That Moves” after the 10th Anniversary shows for their seminal album “Hail Destroyer“. As teased earlier in the week, here’s their full set from last year’s incarnation of Bloodstock. Will this year’s event live up to

Bootleg: “Hail Destroyer” from Cancer Bats!

So Oxford Hardcore Punks and HUGE Cancer Bats fans MSRY went on hiatus a couple weeks back, much to our disbelief. Their trio of EPs had each been a step up from the last and frankly we thought they were on the verge of greatness. Hopefully they’ll be back before we know it. They covered

Under The Influence #27: Enquire Within on “Scars” by Soil!

Starting out in Chicago Illinois in 1997, Soil had to wait four years before their fans could sink their teeth into their major label debut album “Scars“. Heavily influenced by the Grunge era and the likes of Alice In Chains and also classic Rock, they were seen by J Records as being the next Staind

Bootleg: “Lucifer’s Rocking Chair” from Cancer Bats!

The increasing success of the Heavy Music Awards has lead to some bigger names performing at the annual event as it picks up a head of steam. This year’s incarnation saw Canadian Hardcore Punks Cancer Bats take to the stage and culled from their set, here’s “Lucifer’s Rocking Chair“!  The surprise released “The Spark That