Track Review: “Believe” by Sore Teeth

It’s safe to say that Hampshire Hardcore crew Sore Teeth have been around the block a few times. Formed in the Autumn of 2016 with a Hardcore Punk style that had hints of 80s Crossover Thrash in the vein of Cro-Mags the trio of drummer James Ashford, bassist Chris Welch and vocalist and guitarist Ross Walker have slowly and steadily evolved their sound the the point where their last record, July 2021’s “This Is Our Core” sounding like Nails playing Biohazard covers. Things have since evolved again behind the scenes with Walker becoming a full time studio guru who has produced, recorded, mixed and mastered for a wide range of bands including Gutlocker, My Latest Failure and Weaponry of late. That has in turn opened a new chapter for Sore Teeth as they are joined for the first time in the studio by second guitarist Chris Gilday, a man who has been witnessed adding leads and solos to the bands older material in the live arena since they broke out of the plague riddled penitentiary…

While “This Is Our Core” could be perceived as being a punishing record at times, it was lifted by the sheer class of “Salvation“, a modern concrete slab of Hardcore with a classic riff and scalding vocals from Walker that set the benchmark for not only Sore Teeth but for the heavier side of Hardcore from the UK scene. Naturally going from a trio to a four piece with the addition of a second guitarist in Gilday opens up the bands options for more riff slinging and if there was expectation of what new material from Sore Teeth might sound like then it might have been for a solo, but it pays to expect the unexpected. Instead, new cut “Believe” finds Sore Teeth creating a natural extension and continuation of the “This Is Our Core” sound with an 80 second burst of visceral Hardcore rhythmic pummelling with an intro riff that sounds like it belongs to a “Hail Destroyer” era Cancer Bats demo and the same fist pumping, chant-able, stripped back lyrical approach that has found Walker abusing his larynx to the point of decimation in recent times. The mantra of this one is simple. “I don’t want to, I don’t need to, Believe in all that I do, I can do what I do” is pure fire from the throat, tearing through the ear drums like molten glass that hardens only to shatter with the seismic  repetition of the rhythms which riggle into the brain stem and refuse to let go. “Believe” may not be the first round knockout that we might have expected. It’s more like the feel good come back fight victory from a bare knuckle boxer that leaves you wanting the next to happen real soon [7.5/10]

Believe” by Sore Teeth is out now and available over at bandcamp. Find out more about Ross Walker Productions here.

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