Track Review: “Shijima” by Another Now!

Infusing Progressive Tech-Metal with Deathcore vocals and the injecting it back with clean melodics, Eindhoven, Netherlands is home to a 5 piece known as Another Now. Having released a debut single pairing of “Lotus” and “Echos” earlier this year, the band are back with this new cut entitled “Shijima”. The band describe themselves as having a “fresh blend of styles, a relentless tornado of punching riffs and abrupt left turns, combined with strong atmosphere and melodies”

For our money they’re the kind of band we should be seeing on the bill at UK Tech-Fest or Euro Blast! They’ve got a sound that will lend itself to fans who like balance in their music. The heavier end of Another Now is some bone crushing Deathcore vocals of the back of some DJent inspired Tech-Metal riffage that fans of bands like After The Burial should be all over. The key is that the Melodic elements aren’t taken too far and the clean vocals aren’t cheesy. The next release from them should be essential listening!

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