Track Review: “Modern Messiah” by Spoiler

“The single encapsulates the dangers of the development of technology, losing yourself and becoming beholden to that in which one creates. The questions are raised – what happens when AI becomes smarter than the human brain? Will the wrong people get their hands on such powerful technologies for personal or power gains, placing their priorities outside of the greater good?” ~ Spoiler

The inevitable return of vocalist Will Cattanach, guitarist Chris Blake, drummer Danny Keene and bassist Jack Turner, otherwise known as Spoiler with a fifth single to follow the announcement of their signing with Blood Blast Distribution, an imprint label of Nuclear Blast, was always on the cards following their first live shows which only served to enhance their already glowing reputation. From “Repress” and “Brighter” to “The Nihilist” and Slipknot cover “Everything Ends” the band have concocted a blend of Nu-Metalcore laced with both Death and Hardcore moments that not only get you in the mosh pit with their bounce and verve but also get you thinking about what lays beneath the lyrics. Mixed and mastered by Will Cattanach himself, “Modern Messiah” is labelled as the first of a run of singles for 2022 and on this evidence each one is firmly placed in the highly anticipated category. Eerie programming sets a science fiction like futuristic toned atmosphere while rumbling bass and pounding rhythms create the backdrop for crushing, angular staccato Deathcore riffs which break into DJent as the verse slaps you in the face. Cattanach’s vocal range impresses with unclean roars reaching hitherto unheard, bowel clenching lows but it’s the rap like almost spoken word in the final moments that really turns the head because it’s a totally unexpected left field move straight out of the late 90’s Nu-Metal playbook that is a real winner. Maybe it’s the KoRn inspired eerie intricate leads towards the end or the Fear Factory influenced programming but there is no doubt that Spoiler remain ones to watch with a future so bright it will burn and this, it’s pure fire [8.5/10]

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