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NEWS: Postmortem Promises search for a Claret Sky!

It’s safe to say you should expect the tectonic plates to rumble under foot as Postmortem Promises are joined by Luke Griffin of Acrania, Human Error and Shush fame for “Claret Sky“. The new single comes in the wake of the announcement that Joe Bills, known for his work in Human Error and Venom Prison will be

NEWS: Spoiler joined by Aaron Ketley for one last dance?

“Late nights and bright lights, Cold sweats and health threats, Bed ridden weeks and ecstatic peaks, Cerebral hell a broken shell, These thoughts that dwell, You can not quell, And eventually you’ll f***ing fail… And like lithium, I found my equilibrium, Embrace delirium, And find my equilibrium…”

NEWS: Postmortem Promises return with “Soil Tongue”!

Over a decade after their last release and six months after a pair of shows which confirmed their return, Essex Deathcore act Postmortem Promises have unveiled “Soil Tongue“. Sparing no expense the band have brought in Mike Greenwood from Canadian heavyweights AngelMaker for a guest vocal appearance and are promising much more to come. What

Listmania: New Years Day Honours List 2022!

Just before Gingerbread John McClane gets put back in his box for another year, it’s time said thank you to a few people for another fantastic year of Metal Noise. Breaking out of the lockdown of what we’ve affectionately called the plague years live shows were in full effect and we were able to bring

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Singles of 2022!

Chapter #3 of Listmania Awards season and a conundrum presents itself like a beast from the black lagoon. In a modern world where the waterfall release strategy is prevalent how do we give you a list of our top #5 singles of 2022? There are so many to choose from, it’s like being a five

Track Review: “Carousel” by Spoiler

“This is a track of grief and loss, a tragic story portrayed from the view point of a mother who lost her young child. Carousel is the analogy to represent the cycles of grief which any victim of loss will go through. From upset, to anger, depression through to denial – Carousel is a feeling

Exclusive Interview: Spoiler talk “Beyond The Pale”!

10 days after Essex hybrid beasts Spoiler returned with “Beyond The Pale“, their sixth single since joining forces in 2020, we spoke to vocalist Will Cattanach about everything from programming to making music videos and what the future may hold. Given the past has held five singles that seamlessly blend elements of Metalcore, Deathcore and

Track Review: “Beyond The Pale” from Spoiler

“This is a track that speaks out for those impacted by abuse, and spits it’s anger, upset and pain through every word. We envisage becoming that monster within ourselves but as the protagonist, in a want for retribution and dark cold blooded revenge. Sometimes a guilty verdict just isn’t enough.” ~ Chris Blake (Guitarist /