Track Review: “D34D2M3” by Spoiler

This is a song about betrayal. The closest people to you make you feel protected but those are the same people that hurt you most” ~ Spoiler

It’s no secret that since they burst onto the scene and initiated first contact [obligatory Alien reference there, nice ~ Ed] with us, we’ve reviewed each single that Essex Nu-Metalcore aggressors Spoiler have waterfall released since 2020 and brought you a run of exclusive interviews with them. Two years on single number eight finds them in rude health, signed to Nuclear Blast imprint label Blood Blast Distribution and with a wealth of shows under their collective belts having broken out of lockdown like a crack commando unit escaping from a maximum security prison. “D34D2M3” is a fourth and final burnt offering for 2022…

After the darkness of “Carousel” which showcased another side of Spoiler, “D34D2M3” turns up the heat in dramatic fashion going straight Nu-Deathcore and perhaps even taking some influence from the likes of Dealer orĀ  Parisian subgenre pioneersĀ Ten56. The vocal range from Will Cattanach incredible as he flows from rap screams to unhinged cleans to shrill savagery in single death defying, gravity ignoring leaps between talk buildings. Brutally catchy with enough DJent bounce to break down walls, this one has sinister edged groove for days and hooks for weeks. Spoiler take something that would be a pit starter and elevate it with arsonistic tendencies with powerhouse percussive battery underpinned by programming, the brutal roar the brings it to a close designed to reduce venues to rubble. Somehow, despite the odds, Spoiler have outdone themselves once more and the results are both dark and devistating [9/10]

Spoiler have announced that they will be taking to the stage at Southwest Heavy at The Cobblestones in Bridgewater over the weekend of 29th & 30th April 2023, an event which is yet to unveil a pair of headlining bands…

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