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NEWS: Casket Robbery take us back to 2022?

Ahead of their US tour with Gorgatron and Voraath that commences on 21st June, the first new material since 2022 album “Rituals Of Death” has appeared from Midwest Death machine Casket Robbery. Titled “The Lacryphagist” the single is once again mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson (Psycroptic, The Agonist) and is soaked in the bands

NEWS: Gorgatron strike three with “Absorbency”!

Purveyors of Death Metal since 2006, Fargo North Dakota natives Gorgatron are preparing to reap what they have sown on 21st June. That will be the date that their fourth album “Sentience Revoked” surfaces via Redefining Darkness Records and Blood Blast Distribution with “Absorbency” the third single. If their 2022 EP “Agony Reborn” is anything

NEWS: Despite Exile refuse to sparkle and fade!

Having announced their signing with Blood Blast Distribution in March, Italian Post-Deathcore champions Despite Exile have premiered a new cut in “Fading Trace” that will be added to the pile for shows on June as they open for Counterparts in Milan and Verona. The specialists in heaviness with melodies continue to take that DIY or

NEWS: Gorgatron confirm album #4 for the summer!

It’s official. 21st June will see the fourth album “Sentience Revoked” from North Dakota Death Metal act Gorgatron arrive via Blood Blast Distribution. Limited to just 300 copies on 12″ vinyl in either black or gold, to tempt you into an all important pre-orders they’ve chosen “Blatant De-Evolution” as a brutal second single. So if

NEWS: Gorgatron premier “Conduit of Pain”!

Continuing the momentum they created with their 2022 EP “Agony Reborn” which was released via Nuclear Blast imprint label Blood Blast Distribution, 21st June will see North Dakota Death Metal five piece Gorgatron unveil their fourth album “Sentience Revoked“. That news comes with an obligatory single in “Conduit of Pain“, one of nine to make

NEWS: Karybdis wear the reaper’s cloak…

You can always back London Melodic Death Metallers Karybdis to make good on a threat or a promise and sixteen years after they first got in a room together they have shared a new single titled “The Reaper And The Revenant”. Their first new material since EP “Order And Chaos“, it appears via Blood Blast

NEWS: Denihilist vent their grievances!

Having announced their return after five years in the wilderness in September 2022 with “Deathcore Letter” Deyton Ohio Deathcore collective Denihilist haven’t looked back. Perpetual forward motion has been maintained with the band inking a deal with Blood Blast Distribution and now they hit a third home run since that return with “Grief“. They’ll be

NEWS: The Absence eat carbonite?

A second single “Communion Carbonized” from the upcoming self titled album from Tampa Florida Death Metal trio The Absence has arisen from the black depths to join Han Solo in Jabba The Huts prison barge. Star Wars. Who doesn’t love it? The record is the band’s sixth in all and will appear via Listenable Insanity

NEWS: The Absence put their evil eye on you?

While Jeramie Kling was jetting around the World as part of Venom Inc a follow up album to 2021’s “Coffinized” from one of his other projects in The Absence seemed unlikely especially with Inhuman Condition going so well. However the tide has changed and with the wind blowing fresh stench in our direction, solace can

Review: “The Misery Sessions” by VileGloom

One of those bands who are seemingly shrouded in mystery simply because they let their music do the talking, VileGloom have been on our radar as a growing concern since their 2019’s debut EP “Distrust” saw them announce themselves as Downtempo Nu-Deathcore heavy hitters. At that time, the group consisted of vocalist Julien Johnson, guitarist